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Deep programming


to: A Method For Optimizing HCPU Functions

Psychic Initialization Sequence

Jungle • Eye closure optional, but recommended.
• Center attention at the following locations for the space of one complete breath cycle:
Island Head Æ Left Shoulder Æ Right Shoulder Æ Chest Æ Left Hip Æ Right Hip Æ Perineum Æ Navel

Login Sequence
A. User identity : Who am I?
B. Password phrasing : What do I want?

Programming Sequence
1. IKE : Attuning - select ... Reality Mode. Be Aware.
2. KALA : Releasing - clear ... PEMS Channels. Be Free.
3. MAKIA : Focusing - clarify ... Priority Objectives. Be Focused.
4. MANAWA : Sensitizing - switch on ... EVAK Receptors. Be Here.
5. ALOHA : Harmonizing - link to ... Pleasure Factors. Be Happy.
6. MANA : Energizing - increase ... TOA Levels. Be Confident.
7. PONO : Vitalizing - launch ... EVAK Codes with QoT Modules. Be Active.

Feedback loop returns to (1). Adjust sequence states as necessary.

Terminate sequence by centering attention on environmental input for one or more complete
breaths and moving the physical body within that environment.

Reference Data

HCPU Functions
HCPU refers to Human Central Processing Unit. And has three parts:
1. OS (aka Kane) : fundamental input/output resource.
2. ROM/RWM (aka Ku) : read only memory (built-in) and read-write memory (acquired).
3. RAM (aka Lono) : short-term memory, used for analysis and programming.

Reality Modes
1. Scientific / Objective - everything is separate
2. Psychic / Subjective - everything is connected
3. Shamanic / Symbolic - everything is a reflection
4. Mystic / Holistic - everything is one

PEMS Channels
PEMS are access channels for Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual experiences.
PEMS channels may be clogged by the following Interference Codes:
• FUDS - Fear / Unhappiness / Doubt / Stress.
• RAGs - Resentments / Angers / Guilts.
• LOCs - Limitations / Obsessions / Compulsions.
• CRAP - Criticism / Resistance / Apathy / Powerlessness.

Many technique, exercise and therapy applications exist for clearing PEMS channels, some of which
may have to be run outside of the programming sequence.
EVAK Codes Patterns
Priority Objectives Priority Objectives comprise the immediate, tangible goals of the current
programming sequence. These may be identical to, or a refinement of, the
password phrasing.
EVAK Receptors These are the mental and physical channels for Emotional, Visual, Auditory and
Kinesthetic input.
Pleasure Factors Pleasure Factors comprise the PEMS benefits of achieving the Priority Objectives.

TOA Levels
TOA Levels refer to dynamic states of the Triad of Attitudes:
1. Self Esteem
2. Self Confidence
3. Positive Expectation.

Increasing these also increases the probability of successful programming.

EVAK Codes
EVAK refers to Emotional, Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic
EVAK codes are activated during program sequencing and post-programming maintenance.
EVAK codes are used to install new PEMS behaviors or to upgrade old ones.
EVAK codes may be used in combination to reinforce each other.

EVAK Patterns
Emotional Desire
Visual Mental Rehearsal
Memory Recall
Symbolic Imagery
Auditory Affirmative Verbal
Directive Verbal
Blessing Verbal
Kinesthetic Directed Breathing
Positive Posture
Physical Rehearsal

QoT Modules
QoT refers to the Quartet of Tools known as WIFM: Words – Images – Feelings – Movement
These are the only tools that HCPUs have available for making internal changes.

Copyright by Serge King 1998

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Other Locations There is a very ancient Hawaiian legend which tells of Kanehunamoku, the
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The Intuitive Jungle

Deep Programming
Huna Waena Meditation

Working With The Elements

Menehune Lagoon, a place where you can use your own intuition to get
answers to your questions.
Jeanne Warrington's site featuring "Absolutely Everything You Need To
Discover Your Own Psychic Powers." (1 of 3)25-4-2010 12:40:43

Psychic Worlds, the center for psychic development, subtle energy research and social or geographical mysteries

The Subtle Energy Lagoon

The Amazing Manabloc


The Eye of Kanaloa, an ancient Hawaiian symbol full of meaning and
healing energy.
The Message From Water, a site that will blow your mind, as will the book
it features. While many people have experimented with influencing water
by thought, there have never been any visible results as exciting as these.
Astrology for the Soul, a great site for learning about the subtle energies of
astrology and reviewing what you think you know.
Celestial Dynamics, featuring a beautiful cosmic calendar which looks
difficult to understand, but which seems to radiate a strong energy field of
its own.
The Ancient Egyptian's Rods, a Russian site featuring information on, and
sales of, energy rods and wands.
Crystal Awareness Institute, a rich source of information on crystals,
crystallotherapy, crystal skulls, and crystal workshops by DaEl Walker, a
master in the field.

The Mystery Spots


A Vermont Stone Chamber
The Companions of Cheops

Hawaiian Sacred Sites, photos of, information about, and directions to the
most accessible sacred places in the Islands.
An Incredible Find, underwater temples off the coast of Japan.
A Legend Validated, photos of pyramids in China (I think they resemble
those of the Mound Builders).
Sacred Sites Galore, a super-site by Martin Gray based on his personal
experiences around the world, plus plenty of links.
Invisible Temple", a very well-done site that includes information on ley
lines, subtle energies, sacred measurements, and much more. (2 of 3)25-4-2010 12:40:43

Psychic Worlds, the center for psychic development, subtle energy research and social or geographical mysteries

Strange Encounters

Flying Rods in Hawaii

Jose Escamilla's Rod Site, with lots of rod shots from around the world.
Flying Bugs Theory, a very lucid and highly plausible presentation of a
theory that "flying rods" are actually flying bugs distorted by motion blur.

The Trading Post

Tools for research and development.
Click on the link for information and ordering.
The Huna Power Coin: an Urban Shaman Toolkit.
The Amazing Managizer: a powerful energy device the size of a credit card.
Hawaiian Shaman Stones: a set of seven casting stones.
Eye of Kanaloa Poster: an ancient design that radiates energy.
Eye of Kanaloa Pendant: for healing and psychic development, 14k gold-
plated with cord.
Earth Energies: a book by Serge Kahili King that deals with subtle energy

Copyright by Serge King 2006

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