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Data Processing

ArcMap was the application used in processing the base map of the Philippines data
with Cities and Municipalities, Barangay boundaries and streets from PHIL GIS and
the Police Stations coordinates given by the CCPO. The tools used in processing the
data is from the Data Management Tools (a collection of tools that are used to
manage feature classes, data sets, layers, and raster data structures). To start we
used the copy features tool (a tool in GIS which copies features from the input
feature class to a new feature class) to copy the boundaries of Cebu City from Cebu
province base map data. At this point, we now have a Cebu city feature class
without the Cebu city barangay boundaries and streets. The next step was to
provide the barangay boundaries and streets of Cebu city which was done using Clip
tool (a tool in GIS that extracts a portion of a raster data set) wherein we extracted
the streets and barangay boundaries of Cebu City from the Cebu Province base
map. At this point, we now have a Cebu city feature class with barangay boundaries
and streets. With this feature dataset we can now plot the coordinates of every
police station in Cebu city. To plot the points of each police station, we created a
new feature class. In this new feature class, we used the create feature from the
editor toolbar to plot the coordinates given by the CCPO using the absolute X, Y
function. At this point we now have a Cebu city feature class with barangay
boundaries, streets and Police Station points. After that we delineated the
jurisdiction of every police station. To delineate the jurisdiction of a police station we
highlighted the barangays that are under its jurisdiction in the Cebu city feature
class attribute table and performed a merge function from editor toolbar. We
performed this tasked 11 times for the 11 police stations. At this point we now have
a Cebu City feature class with barangays, streets, police station points and a
delineated jurisdiction of every Police stations.

Data output
After the coordinates of each police stations were plotted and the jurisdiction if
every police stations were delineated, we created 12 layouts which is comprised of
11 police stations jurisdiction map and 1 Cebu city map. In the 11 police stations
layout we added more details such as scale bar, title, north arrow, legend, locator
map of Cebu city, station head of police and contact number. For the Cebu city map
layout, we added details such as title, scale bar, north arrow, legend and locator
map of Cebu Province. We also created a table listing the stations with its
corresponding barangay.