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Biome Travel Brochure

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CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Writing - Each section in the Almost all sections Most sections of Less than half of
Organization brochure has a clear of the brochure have the brochure have the sections of
beginning, middle, and a clear beginning, a clear beginning, the brochure
end. middle and end. middle and end. have a clear
middle and end.
Graphics/ Graphics go well with Graphics go well Graphics go well Graphics do not
Pictures the text and they enhance with the text, but with the text, but go with the
the appeal of the biome there are so many there are too few accompanying
or support the that they distract and they do not text or appear to
explanations about why from the text or only support the be randomly
the biome would be a a few provide explanations about chosen.
great place to visit. There support for the why the biome
is a good mix of text and explanations about would be a great
graphics. why the biome place to visit.
would be a great
place to visit.
Content - All facts in the brochure 99-90% of the facts 89-80% of the Fewer than 80%
Accuracy are accurate. in the brochure are facts in the of the facts in the
accurate. brochure are brochure are
accurate. accurate.

Attractiveness The brochure has The brochure has The brochure has The brochure's
& Organization exceptionally attractive attractive formatting well-organized formatting and
formatting and well- and well-organized information. organization of
organized information. information. material are
confusing to the
Attention The cover of the The cover has a hook The cover has an The cover is not
Grabber brochure has a strong or attention grabber interesting interesting AND
hook or attention grabber that is connected to introduction but is not relevant to
that is connected to the the assigned biome, the connection to the assigned
assigned biome. This but it is weak, the assigned biome.
could be a strong rambling or biome is not clear.
statement, a relevant inappropriate for the
quotation, statistic, a audience.
compelling graphic, or
question addressed to the
Evidence and Includes 5 or more Includes at least 4 Includes at least 3 Includes at least
Examples pieces of evidence (facts, pieces of evidence pieces of evidence 2 pieces of
statistics, examples) that (facts, statistics, (facts, statistics, evidence (facts,
are specific, relevant and examples) that are examples) that are statistics,
provide clear specific, relevant and specific, relevant examples) that
explanations that show provide clear and provide clear are specific,
why assigned biome explanations that explanations that relevant and
would be the best place show why assigned show why provide clear
to visit. biome would be the assigned biome explanations that
best place to visit. would be the best show why
place to visit. assigned biome
would be the best
place to visit.
Sequencing Arguments and support Arguments and A few of the Many of the
are provided in a logical support are provided support details or support details or
order that makes it easy in a fairly logical arguments are not arguments are
and interesting to follow order that makes it in an expected or not in an
the author's train of reasonably easy to logical order, expected or
thought. follow the author's distracting the logical order,
train of thought. reader and making distracting the
the essay seem a reader and
little confusing. making the essay
seem very
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