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Youth Entrepreneurship Institute (YEI)

AUGUST 14, 2015



What is the Future of Entrepreneurial Education in Our Urban

GOOD NEWS! State Career Tech Education Leaders Say Entrepreneurship
Education Skills Are Important for the Future
Entrepreneurship Education is alive and well in most of the United States, with
various types of action being taken to support entrepreneurship education as a
career choice in the public schools of different states.

of Our Future
are in Our

Curt Caffey-President/CEO
(614-806-5683 or

Among the purposes and goals of education is to raise our children out of poverty
and provide them with tools to stay out. A major K-12 initiative in entrepreneurship
education has a great potential to do just that. In addition, entrepreneurship
education develops creative and innovative thinking skills, supports learning of the
academics and gives students another whole range of career options. Add in the
benefits of increased attendance, higher graduation rate and better test scores and
it sounds too good to be true
The Case:
In this age of educational accountability through standards and assessments with
only one right answer and success measured by test scores, we need to keep young
minds open for alternative ways of thinking, allow innovative ideas to spark and
grow, to create an entrepreneurial culture that will grow great people and great
communities. We need to grow our communities from the inside out. We need
entrepreneurial education for every student. The answer is to establish an
entrepreneurial culture in every school and every community in Franklin County. The
culture will:

Provide a way out of poverty

Preserve creative thinking and problem-solving

Benefits every student

Support academic learning

Address brain drain

Provide career choices

Make communities healthier

Certainly, we want to assure that our young people graduate from high school,
college and be career ready, which usually means prepared to find a job, but it
seldom means being prepared to consider entrepreneurial opportunities at some
point in their lives and make their own job.
We certainly thank our on-going program supporters for helping us to bridge
the gap between academics and entrepreneurship education for our youth.

NewsletterVolume 3,
Letter 3)

Moving Ahead

2nd Annual Franklin County Youth Lemonade Day! event held on July
18, 2015. Another very successful year! We had 350 lemonade stand
registrants and over 1200 participants to take part in this years event.
Thank you to all those that played a role in helping the event to be
This event is a free, community-wide, entrepreneurial educational initiative designed
to teach youth (ages: 5-18 years old) how to start, own, and operate their own
micro-business.a lemonade stand. Workshops and great prizes are a part of the
event. We hope to see you in 2016!

Teach Our
Youth That
The Ceiling
the Next
C. Caffey

3rd Annual Youth Entrepreneurship Institute Class of 2015

We have eight students graduating in this years class. A variety of business types
ranging from organic skin products to multi-cultural child care services. We are
proud of all our graduates and wish them much success as they continue to develop
and grow their business. The entrepreneurship boot camp training is for youth ages
13-18 years old.

BREAKING NEWS! Its Time to Celebrate Award and Graduation

Saturday, August 29th at 11:30am, we will celebrate the accomplishments of over
40 youth entrepreneurs that participated in the Franklin County Youth Lemonade
Day event or graduated from the Youth Entrepreneurship Institute (YEI) Boot Camp
Training. The event will be held at the Franklin County Building, 373 S. High Street
(Auditorium-A), Columbus, Ohio. The event is free and the public is invited.
In summary.according to a National survey conducted by SPP, 80% of 40 states
surveyed, said that Entrepreneurship skills are extremely important to the future.
The Youth Entrepreneurship Institute is working with local school administrators, the
Governors office, the Mayors office, Franklin County Commissioners, Columbus City
Council and many others to bring awareness and move the effort forward.

For more information regarding the Youth Entrepreneurship Institute Programs,

please call us at 614-806-5683 or email at