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Will you explain through examples the positive effects of

belief in Allah on man's life?

The century in which we live promises humanity happiness with all of its material and
spiritual opportunities it presents. However, it cannot be said that the people of this century
are happy and that matter makes people happy despite the things presented as a solution to
the quest of happiness and despite all of the opportunities they have. The most important
indication of this is the frequent spiritual crises and suicide incidents. Interestingly enough,
they are seen more in the countries that are called developed countries and that have a high
level of material welfare.
There are some elements that threaten the regular flow of human life.They originate either
from the people themselves/their inner world or others/the outside world. The
deterioration of the spiritual and bodily health, the depression caused by being unable to
satisfy one's desires, being vulnerable to the effect of deviated beliefs and ideals are among
the causes of crises that originate from the inner world.
To believe in Allah, to rely on and trust in Him, to fear Him are the strongest
dynamics that affect man's life positively. In addition, belief in the fact that angels
record all of the deeds that we do, that they will be revealed in the hereafter and that we will
be rewarded or punished based on them serves as the most important factor to prevent us
from falling into unwanted situations and from bad deeds.
Belief brings about love of life, the feeling of affiliation to life in man. A believing person
views life and beings nicely; he believes that life is a grace of Allah; what is more, he sees his
social and natural environment as Allah's works of art and himself as a complementary part
of them. Therefore, he regards it his duty to continue his life until he dies and struggles to
One of the most important spiritual foundations that regulate life in an Islamic community
is belief. Allah's orders and prohibitions are heeded by a believing person.
A person who believes in Allah gets rid of loneliness; he knows that he is
always under His endless mercy, knowledge, wisdom, protection and
observation. He always takes refuge in Him, asks help from Him and is helped by Him.
He keeps his acts under control, turns toward good and perfect deeds, and keeps away from
bad deeds.

A person who believes in Allah knows that the reigns of everything are in His
hands, that the treasures of everything are with Him and that everything is
settled by His order and permission.He trusts only in Him and adheres only to Him.
He expects help from Him. He is not afraid of any beings; he does not surrender to anyone;
he does not ask favors from anyone. Thus, belief frees man from being a slave of material
things. It makes man gain honor.
Man is a weak being with endless needs. He wants to live forever. He has to believe in
a being with limited power and generosity that will meet these needs and fulfill these
desires. Otherwise, he cannot get rid of troubles and rampage.
A person who believes in Allah is regarded to have believed in all of His
attributes. Each attribute of Allah has some aspects that are related to our life. Therefore,
to believe in every attribute and name of Allah gives a believer different happiness and
For instance, a person who believes in the attribute of "baqa" (everlastingness) will think
that he will be baqi (everlasting) and eternal, he will not be afraid of death and he will not
have any worries that he will be eliminated.
A person who is oppressed adheres to Allah's name "Adil" (Just) and he knows that he will
be rewarded in return for the oppression he has suffered and that the oppressor will be
Similarly, it is possible to see the effects of Allah's names and attributes in each phase of our
As a matter of fact, the spiritual horizon of man who believes in Allah and who adheres to
Him with love is as wide as the universe; his peace and joy is always as fresh and immortal
as Paradise. The light of belief shines in his eyes; truth, love and joy come out of his words.
High ethics, solemnity and correctness in decisions are seen in his acts and movements. He
regards all men as brothers in terms of creation and views them through the eyes of grace
and mercy. He is compassionate and helps others without expecting any rewards from
them. He appeases the sad and embraces the orphans. He is in good terms with the universe
and what is in it. He looks like an acquaintance. No incident can scare or terrify him. He can
challenge the universe with the power of belief in his heart. He makes use of and tastes the
bounties granted by Allah to him in accordance with His will.

A person who believes in Allah is not afraid of death. For, he does not regard death
as a pit of nonexistence but as the entrance to the real life and endless bliss. He sees himself
as a guest in this world. He eats, drinks and lives peacefully in accordance with the
permission of Allah, who is the owner of this guesthouse. When his visit ends, he leaves this
guesthouse peacefully and goes to his eternal place. A person who believes in Allah and
adheres to Him with love gets rid of the terrible agonies and pains caused by lack of belief.
A person who believes in Allah does not harm himself and anybody else.The
belief that Allah always sees him even in places where there is no law and the fear that
bad deeds will not go unpunished prevents him from doing bad deeds. Let alone doing bad
deeds, he tries to do everyone favors as much as he can. He fills his spirit with good
thoughts, attains high ethics and dismisses the evil feelings in him. To believe in Allah and
to adhere to Him makes man attain real freedom. For, man who knows that everything was
created by Allah becomes a slave to Allah, not to other creatures. He fears the Creator, not
the creatures. He trusts in and relies on only Allah; he asks help from Him and takes refuge
in Him. He does not become a slave to another slave. He does not beg anything from
anybody and does not flatter anybody.
A person who believes in Allah believes that life is a test and that the troubles he
encounters are parts of this test; he makes it part of his character to face the troubles, to
show patience when he suffers from painful situations and to struggle against the difficulties
of life. For, they are the most important signs of believing and trusting in Allah fully.
In addition, belief gives man a very important feeling of contentment and
enables him to establish a frosty relationship with worldly goods. By developing the feeling
of being content with few things, belief motivates man to feel contented when his needs are
met at minimum level if they are not met at maximum level. Thus, it prevents man from
going into depression.
If we know and love Allah, we will be happy and peaceful, which will make Allah
love us. Thus, we will be relaxed and feel peaceful. Allah states the following in the Quran:
For, without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.
(ar-Rad, 13/28)
We love all people and creatures created by Allah due to our love of Him. In return, people
will love and respect us.

Love of Allah that fills our hearts always leads us to do good deeds. A person who
believes in Allah thinks that there is a Being that always guards and protects
him. He thinks that he will be held responsible for what he does and that he will be
reckoned one day. This thought will keep him away from bad deeds. He will not break
anybody's heart. He will approach everybody with love. He wants for himself what he wants
for others. He becomes a benevolent, honest, tolerant and merciful person. He knows his
responsibilities and acts accordingly. Everybody loves a person who has such feelings and
thoughts. This love makes them peaceful and happy.
There are both happy, joyful, merry moments and uneasy moments in man's life. It is Allah
who gives man happiness; it is also Allah who will free him from troubles and worries. A
person who believes in Allah knows that it is Allah who will free him from the troubles he
suffers and feels peaceful. He does not feel lonely. He lives in security. Allah states the
following in the Quran:
And for those who fear Allah, He (ever) prepares a way out - And He provides
for him from (sources) he never could imagine. And if anyone puts his trust in
Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish His
purpose: verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion.(at-Talaq,
Belief also has an aspect that eliminates the feeling of loneliness in man. A
person who makes friends with Allah thanks to belief applies him by taking refuge in him
when he is in trouble. In fact, is Allah not the only powerful being that will help man and
that is dominant over everything, and is His lodge not the only place of shelter where one
can take refuge? By eliminatingthe feeling of loneliness, belief protects man against stress,
depression and committing suicide.
Righteous deeds and worship are a movement that starts when belief settles in the
heart and a fruit of belief; they nurture the belief in the heart. Doing favors and worshipping
makes man peaceful and relaxed; they eliminate the troubles in his inner world and prevent
him from falling into depression. In addition, righteous goods prevent man from doing bad
deeds and falling into evil. As a matter of fact, Allah states the following in the Quran:
For, Prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds.(al-Ankabut, 29/45)
Therefore, righteous deeds strengthen belief on the one hand; they give man peace by
preventing him from falling into evil on the other hand. Thus, they exert a double sided