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Cost Related Risk Factors

Time Related Risk Factors

Quality Related Factors

Quality Related Factors .

Owner delays (lack of payment/delayed progress ) viii. Government Acts and regulation xvi. Difficulties/delays in availability of materials. Differing site conditions iv. Exceptional in element weather xii. Constructability of design xiii. Errors or omissions revealed during construction xi. Contract and award method vi. Design changes vi. Contract award method xv. Bureaucratic problems xvi. Errors or omission revealed during construction xxi. Site access/right of ways v. Differing site conditions vii. Constructability of design iii. Safety and Accidents xix. Financial failure xiii. Quality control and assurance ix. Delay in design/redesign over budget xi. Catastrophes i. Safety and accidents xix. Owner and contractor experience x. equipment and labour xvii. Government Acts and regulations xii. Exchange rate fluctuation/devaluation iv. Bureaucratic problem xviii. Quality control and assurance ii. Permits and approvals iii. Inflation iii. Third party delay and default xvii. Delay in availability of material equipment and labour vii. Construction defect xviii. Construction defect ix. Owner and contractor experience v. Warranty of facility performance xiv. Financial failure xx. Owner and contractor experience v. Catastrophes i. Changes in quantity/scope of work ii. Inadequate specifications xiv. Charges in quantity/scope of work ii. Inadequate specification vi. Constructability of design viii.i. Contract and award method . Inadequate specifications xv. Owner delays (lack of payment) x. Construction defect iv.

Differing site condition ix. Errors or omission revealed during construction x.vii. Warranty of facility performance viii. Catastrophes .

Contract F. Contractor J. Construction G. Safety/Environment H. Politics/Government/Society D. Natural Phenomenon B. Client . Job Site K. Industrial Characteristics E.A. Designer I. Economics/finance C.

Errors or omissions 31.Design changes 26.Constructability of design 29.Safety 20.Level of design completion 32. Financial failure – any party (lack of payment) 5.Quality control and assurance 17.Establishment of a project cost 28.Site access/right of way . Government Acts and regulations 8.Contractor’s experience 37.Designer and Builder selection 24. Catastrophes (fire. Inflation 4.Warranty of facility performance 36. earthquake.Unidentified utilities 15.Permits and approval 27.Indemnification and hold harmless 13.Contract and award method 33.Accidents 19.Charge order (change in scope of work/quality) 25.Design and Builder selection 22.Owner’s experience 23. Exchange rate fluctuation/devaluation 6. Bureaucracy 9.Third party litigation 11.1.Delay in Design 34. Tax rate charge 7.Delayed payment (delay progress payments) 21.Environmental risks 18.Unforeseen site conditions 14. Weather conditions 2. Labour disputes 10.Inadequate specifications 35.Redesign if over budget 30. windstorm) 3.Contract and award method 12.Construction defects (inadequate quality of works and need for correction) 16.

Heavy Rainfall Earthquake Natural Phenomenon Strong winds Fire Increased Material cost Exchange rate fluctuation Economic / Finance Difficulty of financing Low market Demand Strong Competitor Change of laws War/revolution/riot Corruption Politics/ Society Language barrier Lobby Rigid bureaucracy Monopolized bidding Industrial charasteristics Labour union Unequal contractual provisions Dispute among entities Unjust arbitrator Contract Inadequate insurance coverage Defect warranty Misjudged cost estimation New technology implementation Too high quality standard Faulty job field survey Construction Inadequate construction planning Inadequate procurement planning Incompetent planning Incompetent management Job site Incompetent coordinator Environment damage/pollution Accident-related loss Safety/Environment Traffic or work hour restriction Third party’s objection Feasibility study Unreasonable demand Reference by subcontractors Relation with the third party Late payment Client Reliance on architect /consultant Jobsite superintendent being incompetent Financial problem/bankruptcy Difficulty in choosing business dealer Constructability Vague drawing specifications Incomplete construction area Designer Incompetent supervision skills Frequent design change Lack of fair stance .

Contractor Stringent contractual terms Deficit contracting Short of manpower or experience Higher cost than bid taking Short of capital/equipment Local jobsite particularity Shortage in machine tools and workers mobilization due to clashes of several projects Low safety awareness Erroneous allocation of human resource Lack of trustworthy support by subcontractor Low working morale High personnel mobility .

no.S. Changes in quantity/scope of work 4 5 Unforcene site conditions 6 Site access/right of ways 7 Design changes 8 Delay in availability of material equipment and labour 9 Owner delays (lack of payment/delayed progress ) 10 Construction defect 11 Owner and contractor experience 12 Delay in design/redesign over budget 13 Exceptional in element weather 14 Constructability of design 15 Inadequate specifications 16 Contract award method 17 Government Acts and regulation 18 Third party delay and default 19 Bureaucratic problem 20 Safety and Accidents 21 Financial failure 22 Errors or omission revealed during construction 23 Catastrophes 24 25 26 27 28 29 . Risks 1 Delay in obtaining permits and approvals 2 Delay in availability of material equipment and labour 3 i.

Affect Tine & Cost Impact on cost Impact on Time .