Life means balance

I have seen people talking about this is wrong and this is right people saying , blaming each other , correcting each other, and then I just wonder if what they are doing is needed ,is there any point in doing that just fighting for one opinion and forgetting about the other one , its just your opinion for any thing that it is right and it mite be the right thing for you to do but for sure its not right for some one else for sure it is taking some thing for some where as what ever in this world which you get it comes from some other place and when ever some thing goes from our life its in a way dearth for us and as per my understanding DEATH is wrong and what ever is wrong its in a way wrong for us, people don’t understand this that neither death is bad or wrong and nor what we think is wrong is bad. I have this wonderful friend and she is having some health problem and she believes in a kind of healing technique which has to do more with the spirit, channeling ones energy letting it go in the direction where there is a blockage, as what ever is ill in us is because of some kind of blockage in our system, well I don’t know much about this technique but when I was thinking some thing came in my mind ,spirit is not body neither is the decease , if the decease has came from an outer source then it cant be called an out come of any blockage in the system because of any blockage in the flow of energy. And if she is not going for modern health techniques and making any kind of preferences based on the past experiences then she is making a mistakes might be the existence is telling us look beyond all the wonderful things, experiences which she has already seen might be the existence is telling her not to be with one but to see one in all , might be Buddha himself gave her this health issue to make her see things are always changing, as life as it is , is changing and what was the wrong way till yesterday has now become the right way now. It’s an old story; if you want you can call it truth as there is not much difference because what ever as we take a truth will become story one day or we can say just in a single day, well this story is about Buddha when he was out in the jungle and doing intense meditation practices for attaining enlightenment on the shore of a river just letting it all go as the flowing river dissolve it all in the river he heard a musician a real master talking to one of his disciples, he was telling him if u let the string too lose or too tight the music will not be magical it will not have any fragrance, for us it might have been just a simple sentence , simple statement but for him it was the time of realization, was time for the discovery of the middle way path. If you lose it too much it will be too relaxed to create any sound , just like us when we become too relaxed about any karma, any thing , work in our life we can never really feel the heart beat of it, if you have the ears you can listen to the heart bead of every thing as it’s the circular nature of every thing which basically we understand as heart beat and when we become aware so that we can feel the circle we also become the feeling itself and then music is there then its not too lose. When Buddha heard it time stopped for him as his mind stopped as mind and time are the same and time can only move when mind is there, haven’t you noticed it when your with an old friend time passes so quickly and you don’t even realize, in the same way time can also stop and on that very day time stopped if you let it too tight then just like Buddha while he was

doing vigorous meditation practices in the jungle the music will be lost. Going in the jungle is not the way to reach the truth, the way to reach God, to love, to feel the love of the existence. It’s just like moving from right to left, from home to jungle, from being a practical person to a philosopher or from being a philosopher to anti philosopher. But in any case there will be no music; it’s the middle way when needed its jungle when needed its home, when needed exoteric sciences and when needed esoteric. And believe me its not the strings which makes us blissful but the music it’s the health which makes us alive not the method. © Copyright 2008 by Samvit Audichya

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