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It is not well known that the shape of coffee dripper greatly controls the taste of coffee.
Coffee is a complex drink that is variously related and completes various factors.
There are a lot of pay attention, we never seriously think about the new tool so far.
- "Donut Dripper" is coffee extraction apparatus that is passed the porcelain of a
reverse -conic trapezoid through the hole in the receiving part of the donut type,
place directly on the coffee server and the cup.
- It aimed at "Refreshing drinking taste not heavy, but firmly thick".
- Because we think that the dripper is not the tool but also the function
(beauty, thinness, and elegance) as tableware.
Dripper, it manufactures it from MINO pottery (white porcelain) in Japan.
Robustness has improved at the same time, too.
Moreover, the line of the bottom is expressed and it is expressed
indirectly that a rounded corner.
- The receiving part uses a hard Maple wood.
It makes it to finish of no painting that makes the best use of the material feeling
of purity. Moreover, it is indirectly expressed that the steady simple,
sturdy coffee enters from the material and the processing.
- Secret - Angle, Hole, and Terraced.

The amount of the powder of coffee thickened the layer of the coffee made in Dripper
even if it was the same.

The hole is wide opened.
We do not want to have adjusted the extraction speed by the size and the number
of holes. As a result, the speed became natural with the coffee and paper filter.

There is no problem though it is thought that there is a person who thinks that it
becomes coffee without a thin taste if it is such large too because it thickens the layer
putting the angle.
3. ZIGZAG (Terraced).

The terraced were made on an inside the wall.

The hot water that went along without the layer of coffee passing on the wall of
porcelain and dropped was prevented.
As a result, paper filter is held, it goes along on the wall, the flowing hot water is
pushed to paper filter, and there is an effect of returning it.
Donut Dripper that gives "Relief".
Being sharpened condition of porcelain and form of Dripper.
And, a warm nuance of the tree that supports Dripper makes the act
"It is as for coffee" a very happy event.
And, the taste of the coffee liquid extracted in above all.
It became a taste as Mr. Nakabayashi who had developed intended it.
'Refreshing drinking feeling, not heavily, but it is firmly thick'

- How to USE
How to fold the filter paper. (Used #2 or #4 Paper filter).

1. It breaks off the paper filter while referring to how to fold the instruction on one
and it sets it in Donut Dripper.
2. 12g. of smallgrind of coffee powder for one, makes 120CC of coffee.
This Dripper is 1 3 cup of coffee can be made.
3. Be gentle in the image that permeates from the inside through the whole while
drawing small circle and is extended, and slowly.
It is stopped to pour when the powder begins to swell.
Steams 30-35 second.
It can enjoy the change in the smell.
4. The half of the extraction amount : the poured speed .... slowly in the image that
extract all delicious Toro elements of coffee.
The half of the remainder : in the image that brings the speed of the extraction
forward a little, and thins the extracted liquid.
5. Dripper is removed from the server even if there is a hot water in Dripper when
coffee can be extracted up to the amount.
- In order to avoid the bitter taste, do not finish extracting it, please.