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Our paper is about Lowering the minimum age of criminal liability of a child offender from (15 ) fifteen

years of age to (9) nine years of age; Repealing of Section 6 of Republic Act No. 9344 .
In the Philippines, children are protected by the supreme law of the land, the Constitution provides that
the State recognizes the vital role of the youth in nation-building and shall promote and protect their
well-being. Under our law the age of criminal responsibility is 15 years of age meaning that no children
age 15 and below will be prosecuted to any crime they have committed. However this age is not
reflective of todays situation. It should be lower to nine years (9) of age because at the present time,
there are factors that affect a childs capacity to understand what a crime is and to be aware of its
implication. The children of today are more knowledgeable of the things that surround them because
RA 9344
Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 was enacted for the promotion of the welfare of a CICLs, it
extend to one who is over (21) years, so long as they committed the crime when they were still a child.
Section 6 rose the age of absolute criminal irresponsibility from 9 to 15. It is our contention that it should
be repealed, since its enactment, crimes involving minors have increased. The present minimum age
of 15 years is not in accord with the reality nowadays. Minors are more matured and their perspectives
in life have greatly improved as compared to minors 10 years ago.
We have summarize why there is a need to repeal the law RA 9344
High number of Children in conflict with the law
Apparent from the day to day news that a large number of crime offenders belongs to the age
group which are considered to be minors. A data from the DSWD shows that from year 2001 to 2010,
there were close to 64,000 CICLS that were served by the government.
Another record shows that from just one district in a city there is recorded of about 52 CICLs
monthly, many of them engaged in property-related crimes and are repeat offenders. The increase of
the child offender is frightening in spite of the protection given to children.
Also because of law minors are getting bolder and braver in committing crimes because they
know that they will not be punished for their acts but will only be turned over to DSWD.. Reports this
past years indicated the boldness of the kids to commit crime such as Batang Hamog incidents.
To prevent Criminal Syndicate to use children as tools to commit felony
Criminal syndicate took advantage of the exemption of minor by recruiting and using children in
their illegal activities. A lot of children are involved in serious crimes and are being used by syndicates
because cases would be weak if filed against them.
Some of the reported news incidents provided that syndicates are behind the child beggars and
using children to deliver drugs. This kind of activity is harmful because the syndicates illegal activities
are being veiled by the exemption of child offenders. The children is a high target for people to use
them in performing illegal activities.
Children exposure to media and technology leads them to understand implications of breaking
Media and technology influence the children, they also make them mature faster. Survey shows
that internet and media led children to mature much faster than in previous generation. They attributed
this accelerated maturity, to, the vast amount of information available online and social networks,
because of this children were able to discern things happening around them.