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Research Topic Proposal Form

Student Name:
Intake Number
Proposed Project Title (10-15 words):

Student Number:
Module Title

Proposed Research Area (Please indicate the module from which the topic is taken):
Proposed Research Topic:

Proposed Research Question:

Rationale for Choosing this Topic and Question (about 300 words):

Preliminary List of References (Academic Textbooks and Journal Articles):

Please list at least ten suitable academic references


Research Topic Proposal Form

Student Name:
Michael Lee
Student Number:
Intake Number
Module Title
Proposed Project Title (10-15 words):
Impact of a Performance Management System on Staff Motivation.


Proposed Research Area (Please indicate the module from which the topic is taken):
Human resource management module
Proposed Research Topic:
Performance management
Proposed Research Question:
How did the introduction of a performance management system impact staff
motivation at ABC Company?
Rationale for Choosing this Topic and Question:
Performance management is a key management tool which can effectively motivate
staff in the right conditions. Often there are problems with its implantation as
acknowledged in the literature. There appears to be little research done on the use
of performance management in higher education in this country also.
From a professional perspective, I am a HR specialist and plan to continue to purse

my career in HR I am currently on the Performance Management and

Implementation Review committee for my department at UCD. I will have to
complete a report on its review in twelve months time as part of this role and it will be
useful to have investigated the topic.
The topic is directly related to my programme of study and the module of Human
Resource Management. It will give me a practical insight into the theory of the topic
of Performance Management and an insight into how you might use it in applied

Preliminary List of References:

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