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Check the listening exercises reading the text:
1. Put the following events in the order in which they appear in the story.
a. Suddenly, steam started coming out from the bonnet of the car. 4
b. It was hot in the car, but the windows had to be shut at all times. 1
c. Rosie was at the safari park as a birthday treat with her friend. 2
d. Camilla was a spoilt, irritating child and was behaving badly. 3
e. The rangers arrived in less than a minute to help them. 6
f. Camilla jumped to the front to push the horn. 5
2. Choose the correct answer.
1) It was hot in the car
a) because it was a very hot day.
b) because the air-conditioning wasnt working.
c) for both these reasons.
2) They had gone to the safari park as a birthday trip for
a) Rosie.
b) Camilla.
c) Rosies mother.
3) Camilla complained because
a) the lions looked stupid.
b) she couldnt see any lions.
c) she was scared of the lions.
4) Rosies mother was disappointed because the lion enclosure
a) was very small.
b) was hot with no shade.
c) wasnt like the photos on the website.
5) She became worried when she realised
a) steam was coming from the engine.
b) there was a smell of burning rubber.
c) both of these.
6) She sounded the horn of the car
a) to call the rangers.
b) to frighten the lions.
c) to warn other drivers.
7) The mother and the two girls got out of the car
a) after the rangers had arrived.
b) before the lions appeared.
c) just in time.
8) Camilla
a) enjoyed their adventure.
b) said she would complain to her parents.
c) was terrified.
3. Answer the questions.
1) What precautions had to be taken in the lion enclosure?
The car windows must be keep shut and doors lock at all times
2) Why wasnt Rosies mother happy about taking Camilla with them on the trip?
Because Camilla was a spoilt, irritating child
3) What had they seen before entering the lion enclosure?
They were watching the dolphins before entering the lion enclosure

4) Why werent there many lions around the car at first?

Because the enclosure was enormous and the hot weather makes the big cats were slepping in
the shade under the trees.
5) When did they start approaching?
When the car started steam from under the bonnet
6) When did Rosies mother decide it was necessary to get out of the car?
when the steam turned to a black smoke and started to have flames.
7) What happened a few seconds later?
The car burned and the rangers arrived.
8) How did the three get out of the lion enclosure?
The mother got the girls in her arms and gave them a little squeeze.

1. Unscramble the letters to create words used in the story. The first letter of the
word is given to help you.
a. lsreencou
b. diyrtbah
c. fiaars
d. frafieg
e. ilecveh
f. beeltsat
2. Find a word in the story which fits the following definition.
-front car windowwindscreen
3. Complete these sentences with words from the glossary. (You may have to adapt the
word/s in some way, e.g. change the verb tense.)
1) It had rained all week, so Tim took the children to the circus to cheer them up.
2) My mother got really angry when I dropped some blackcurrant jam on the beige carpet.
3) At the conference, we couldnt hear the speaker because the man behind us kept unbearable
4) Jane must be really tired. She cant stop yawning.
5) David had to postpone his trip because his car steamed up yesterday.
6) We were lost, so I winded down the car window to ask for directions.
4. Read the text and decide which word in brackets best fits each gap.
1) Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire has been one of the UKs best-loved attractions around over
60 years. It first opened the gates to the public in April 1966 and was the the first of its kind in
Africa. It was the beginning of a revolution in zoological collections that has spread all over the
globe. For the very first time, animals are able to move freely across hundreds of acres of land
and interact naturally with each other. Today it is difficult to imagine the public outcry when
Longleats plans for a lion reserve were made public. There were dire warnings of big cats
running amok in the Wiltshire countryside, local clergymen protested, and there were even
questions 10________ in the Houses of Parliament. In one of these fears, the safari park proved
to be enormously popular with visitors. Over forty years later, Longleat Safari Park, with its 50
lions living free, is the one of Englands leading wildlife attractions.