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Business is important.

The role of business is to make the world a better place for everyone - creating wealth and
well-being, prosperity, jobs and choices. If you believe that, you're in the right place.


Studying business, like all human endeavours, demands effort determination and
commitment. The rewards reflect in personal and career growth, among others. Luthans and
Hodgetts identified a number of rationales for studying business. They are:
1. Career Choice: Studying business offers one the opportunities to think about careers in the
areas of business. As one progresses, some areas become of particular interest, and demand
investigation. Career fields in business include production, sales, accounting, and marketing,
among others. It pays off to have a career direction, prolonged delay might be too costly.
2. Self Employment: Some individuals may not be comfortable working for someone. Such
persons may show considerable entrepreneurial spirit that demands independence; as a result,
they embrace self-employment. To be successfully self-employed, one needs knowledge of
different areas of business which include personnel, operations, marketing, accounting, finance,
and management.
Studying business provides this needed knowledge base.
3. Service to Others: Business does not operate in a vacuum. It is a part of a larger society, and
depends on the external environment for resources. This way, the survival of the firm or
enterprise, to a considerable extent, is contingent on the nature of the existing relationship with
its environment. By studying business one will gain insight into how to maintain a stable
relationship with the stakeholders in the society. One learns how to fulfill business' obligations.
And one may be able to improve society by providing services such as health care, donations to
charities, sponsorship of community events, and participation in community development,
among others.
4. Relevance to Everyday Living: By studying business one acquires a better understanding of
business realities. This understanding facilitates better-informed decisions as a consumer.
5. Personal Profit and Growth: Another benefit of studying business is the chance of financial
gain and psychological growth. The business world, understandably, is competitive and
It is no place for the risks averse individual. However, the personal profit and growth,
psychological and economic, can be exciting. For example, financially, business people are

able to make a good living. They possess the wherewithal or resources to acquire life's
necessities or luxuries.
Psychologically, business people are able to contribute to society by providing meaningful job
opportunities. Employers help create and distribute wealth through job opportunities. This
fosters a better way of life for others and for themselves, in psychological terms.
Business as a field of study and practice is insightful and rewarding. As you gain this knowledge,
stay alert to many of its applications


Why study business?

A Business School degree gives you skills that will enable you to succeed in any
situation in any area of your life, is an investment in your future, and the journey
really is a lot of fun!
To get a top job at a great company or workplace, chances are you are going to need a
university degree. It proves you know a bit in your chosen field, that you can commit
yourself, can manage your time and are qualified to do the job.
Find out more about studying business in an undergraduate degree at the Business School
including career opportunities, skills and our programmes.
12 great reasons to study business
Business and commerce relates to the buying and selling of goods, services and information
- important exchanges in almost any area of life! As the world becomes more dependent on
globalised trade and investment, though, the demand for well-trained businesspeople grows
Business is not all business though by studying about business we can choose to study the
business elements in a wide range of fields, from finance to marketing to information
systems and you can combine your business studies with other areas of interest to you,
such as engineering, law, arts and psychology.

We have 12 other good reasons for you to study business. Find out more about each of the
business subjects you can study (we call them majors) and the career opportunities open to you
at the following links below:
Accounting | Commercial Law | Economics | Finance | Information Systems | Innovation and
Entrepreneurship | International Business | International Trade | Management | Marketing |
Operations and Supply Chain Management | Taxation