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Cuban coffee

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use 4 tbls for 6cup moka pot
use sugar
1/4cup of sugar 3c moka
1/3cup """"" 6c

Finally! I found way to make great coffee with no metallic taste!, May 26, 2012
By K. Klostermann (Wisconsin) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker (K
After finding a recipe that works, this is now my 2nd favorite coffee maker and
both cost less than $30!!!
What didn't work well...
After using my tried and true measurements that I use to make great coffee with
my Aeropress and coming up with poor results (20 grams of water / 1 gram of coff
ee) which resulted in about...
-300 grams of water into the base of the Bialetti and
-15 grams of coffee into the filter.
Eventually I gave up on using this product, because the results were not as good
as the same process with the Aeropress.
I use the inverted method with my Aeropress, rarely do I ever just add water and
press. Most times with the inverted method, only 50-75% of the water needed for
the 20:1 ratio fits into the Aeropress (normally I use 350 grams of water / 17.
5 grams of coffee) I press then this, then dilute the concentrate with the remai
ning water.
What I found works great in comparison...
-Add 175 grams of water into the base of the Bialetti
-Add 17.5 grams of coffee into the filter
While this is brewing
-Boil a good amount of water (more than 175 grams to be safe). When the water ha
s finished boiling..
-Add 175 grams of boiling water into your cup
-Finally when the Bialetti has finished, add the concentrate into the water to d
ilute, then stir.
You should end up with around 330-340 grams of delicious coffee as a small porti
on of the original 175 grams will stay in the Bialetti.
Hope this helps others find a method that works well. Everyone has different tas
tes so play around with the measurements and find out the strength that you like
the most. The key is being able to measure the weight of the water/coffee, so t
hat you can repeat the recipe that you like every time. Help other customers fin
d the most helpful reviews
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------------Only for coffee lovers!!, October 19, 2011

By K. Sakai (Ellensburg, WA) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Bialetti 6799 Moka Express 3-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker (K
This has been the best discovery of my life. The coffee this little thing made w
as the best coffee I have ever tasted. I doubt I will ever go back to Seattle's
Best or Starbucks again for the rest of my life. I even bought a Keurig (the K-C
up things)!! I will only let my husband drink coffee made from this & when I hav
e children, this will be the first coffee they taste.
Now, I was reading a Bonn Appetite Magazine & found a little golden article abou
t how to brew the BEST coffee. I don't know who wrote it, but Erin McCarthy of G
imme! Coffee in New York gave this awesome tip that I use a few times a day:
"1. Pour hot water into the base to just below the pressure valve. Preheating pr
events the collecting chamber from getting too hot and burning the coffee.
2. Fill the basket with ground coffee, ideally espresso roast. The grind should
be finer than drip coffee but coarser than espresso so it doesn't clog the pot.
3.Level the grounds in the basket, place inside the base of the pot, and screw o
n the collecting chamber: A tight seal is key to prevent hot coffee form leaking
4. With the lid open, place the pot over medium-low heat. Once the coffee is flo
wing in a steady stream, remove the pot from the heat and close the lid.
5. Wrap the base with a damp, cold kitchen towel to stop the extraction. This ma
kes for a sweeter, richer flavor. Pour and enjoy."
(N/A. "Moka Pot Manual." Bon Appetite May 2011: 28. Print)
For me, it takes roughly around 10-13 min to finally brew. So it does take a lit
tle patience. But it's totally worth it. Yum!!!
-----*EDIT*----- (22OCT11)
--------------------------------------------------------Keith says:
June 30, 2009 at 3:18 pm I have enjoyed reading the comments from this article b
ut, having spent many many hours, with some help from my Sicilian friends, tryin
g to perfect a good Moka coffee I thought I might add the following comments. Ex
cuse me for my somewhat lengthy post!
Coffee roast
Try and persuade your local coffee roaster to make a REALLY dark roast from his/
her Moka blend. It should be a shiny, oily black colour on its surface (the shin
e may appear only after a few days). If you crack the bean open, it should be bl
ack or almost black on the inside.
I have been lucky enough to find a very, very friendly local roaster. However, e
ven if you do manage to luckily find a roaster as friendly and malleable as mine
, it may require some coaxing and perseverance before you get him to make such a
dark roast as the above, as non-Italian coffee roasters are often not used to s
uch dark Italian roasts. But this is the roast you will need for a genuine Itali

an Moka coffee
Grinder machine
Whilst I absolutely agree on everything else with Tom, on this one point I have
to disagree. For really good fresh coffee you will definitely need a good coffee
mill. But DON T get one of those cheap grinder/blenders. Go for a quality burr gr
inder. Personally, I invested almost 300 Eur (420 USD) for a Rancilio Rocky Dose
rless (SD) machine. But it was worth every cent!
However, you will need to find a method to remove the residue of coffee grind fr
om the exit hole as quite a bit sticks in there. With a 1-cup pot, more than hal
f the quantity (?3g) remains stuck in this area. This doesn t matter if you are maki
ng large quantities, but for smaller quantities the proportion is enough to adve
rsely affect the flavour rancid coffee from the previous day s grind mixed up with
the fresh coffee.
My method was to permanently remove the plastic chute, catch the coffee grinds i
n a cup and use a small piece of balsa-like wood (65 mm long by 8mm wide by 2.5
mm thick) to scoop out the residue. This method is very effective.
Choose the finest grind you can obtain without it acquiring a bitter taste. The
moment it begins to taste a little bitter, it is too fine a grind. This is a que
stion of trial and error and will also need to be regularly readjusted downwards
as your burrs wear.
Water quantity
Now this will surprise many people. I have found that the water level should be
somewhat less than the level of the safety valve. This really does improve the f
lavour of the coffee. The safety valve level is 50 ml (cc) per cup, e.g. 300 ml
of water for a 6-cup pot. But I have found that it is better to use 40 ml and NO
T 50 ml of water per cup, e.g. 240 ml of water for a 6-cup pot. You don t believe
me? Compare both methods and taste the result!
While brewing??
Leave the lid open. Yes, true! I don t know why but all Sicilians do this. Put an
upside-down teaspoon over the funnel to stop the coffee spitting all over your k
Brewing time
Take the pot off the gas at the exact moment it starts bubbling. Earlier, and yo
u don t get that tang to the taste. Later, and the taste turns bitter and nasty.
Cleaning the pot
Tom is 150% right!! Rinse your Moka pot with water only!
Any person, whoever you are and however knowledgeable you might claim to be, who
chooses to clean your pot any other way is ignoring what ALL native Italians wi
ll tell you (as well as incidentally what the manufacturer Bialetti states polit
ely but plainly on its instruction leaflet) and therefore, not wishing to mince
my words, is just plain WRONG!
Grind quantity
Exact quantity of coffee grind is of critical importance. I use a traditional se
t of scales (the only TRULY accurate method of weighing that I know of). For fin
er measurements, I find that one of MY paper clips weighs about 0.4g (I even hav
e chopped a paper clip in half to make a 0.2g weight for even finer measurements
). However the weight of your paper clip will presumably vary according to the m
My current preferred quantities:
1-cup pot: 5g

3-cup pot: 12g

6-cup pot: 21g
Do you, like me, have a problem with a nasty tar-like taste when brewing with la
rge quantities of coffee grind? Well, try this tip which I learnt from two Sicil
ian friends.
With anything larger than a 1-cup pot, aereate the coffee grind in the coffee po
t tank by pricking/punching with a small tool like a pointed handle end of a tea
spoon. It will loosen and therefore render the coffee grinds more porous (while
paradoxically reducing their volume). This aerating is one of two tricks I use f
or getting rid of that nasty tar-like taste
And here is the second trick: With all pots larger than the 1-cup pot, I find it
necessary to put the flame at the maximum level without exceeding the edge of t
he boiler.
Those are my two tricks. Do you know another method? If so, please, please let m
e know. I ll be REALLY interested.
Sicilian coffee is delicious! So what is their secret? Easy-peasy! They add suga
r to their coffee. Yes, true! All Sicilians do this, without exception. Personal
ly, I add a level teaspoonful of brown cane sugar per cup and add this in the up
per part of the pot before putting it on the gas. Stir when it has brewed.
----------------------------------------------------------------carter says:
December 12, 2011 at 3:54 pm THERE IS AN EVEN BETTER WAY!!!!!!!!!
1. boil the water separately.
2. grind the coffee with a burr grinder to about the same as drip. i personally
like it about medium fine.
3. pour the hot, just boiled, water into the bottom, up to just below the valve.
4. insert basket.
5. fill basket with fresh ground coffee. don t tamp.
6. screw on the top section. use a dish towel to keep from burning yourself with
the now hot base.
7. put on medium stove.
8. keep the top open and watch the coffee come out. it comes out almost immediat
9. when the stream of coffee starts to turn honey gold color, close top, remove
from heat, and then run cold water over the bottom to stop the process.
10. pour into cup.
11. enjoy the absolute best stove top espresso you have ever had.
notes: preboiling the water allows the coffee to brew instantly when put on the
stove, vs. cooking the fresh ground coffee for five minutes while waiting for it
to boil. stopping the process at the honey gold color, keeps just the best part
of the coffee for drinking. the last bit while it sputters is nastily bitter.
ok then. enjoy.

1. 2 our blen 19g - 190ml - generic coffee taste
4. png 15 g - 12click - 300 ml - watery coffee

gm our blend got 80ml no ap filter

gm french got 90ml no ap filter
bustello - got 100ml - ap filter not sure....
french roast - got 120 ml coffee very good. with ap filter...

more grds more pressure more coffee ...ap filter also helps ...
pressure can be inc by
* more grds
* ap filter
* finer grounds
but finer grd + ap filter can cause issues of water spurting puck form re
ally hard...

---------------------------------MAMAS MOKAPOT - use cold water only when brew basket is full ~ 15grms - if u use
like 10grams(leo coffee) and cold water - LUKE WARM COFFEE COMES OUT - if brew
basket is less than 15grms use HOT WATER
filter kapee
*cold water - 15grams 165water - MED HEAT - - 6 mts start - brew time 2.30 mts very strong coffee and very very good
*hot water - 15grms -165grms - MED HEAT - gives a muddied brew as not enough ti
me to form puck - - water up in 1 mt or so ...brew time very short only like 2 m
ts - not that good....
* mamas moka - cold water - 10grams leo coffee - 100ml water -MEDIUM - - WORST
AMerican drip coffee
* with hot water - MED LOW - - 12grms - 200grams - - coffee comes out immediatel
y - brew time less than 1.30mts - got back 150grms - good coffee
* with cold water - 12grms - produces luke warm coffee
new findings(mamas moka):
*cold water - MED heat - 15grms - 230grms - water out in 5mts - brewed for 3mts
- heat red to MED LO after 1.5 mts - NO BURNT TASTE - grind setting was at 8 - m
ay be setting can be reduced to 6 for more extraction - mixed with 70 grms water
* COLD water - 13grms - MED - 230grms water - water up in 8mts - brewed for 3 mt
s - heat can be turned down to MED LO - FIRST CLASS COFFEE
*Hot water - MED HEAT - same as above - water out in 1mt - heat down to MED LO brewed for 2.15 mts - lot of burnt notes

filter kapee
*cold water 165ml water 12grms coffee- same dose as above - " " - MED HEAT -8 mt
s start - 1.50mts brew time - back 117grams coffee - water left in cabin
was 27grams - water taken up grounds - 21grams - very very hard puck
*hot water - can use MED LOW
American style
* my moka - hot water - 12 grms - MED LOW - 200grms - bt 1.30 - good coffee - t
urned down to MED LO Lo after coffee comes out