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Streetsville Village Times Article- February/March 2016

Over the next 30 years, the GTHAs population will increase by approximately 4 million people, which
will impact traffic volumes and traffic congestion throughout the region and across the city. The City,
along with the Federal and Provincial Governments is making important investments in public transit
infrastructure to mitigate traffic congestion and provide residents with more efficient public transit
options, such as the new Mississauga Transitway.
The Mississauga Transitway is served by MiWay and GO Transit and is the first dedicated bus
corridor to be built within the GTHA. When fully complete, the 18km Transitway will feature 12
stations beginning at Winston Churchill Boulevard in the west and ending at Renforth Drive in the
east, making it faster and easier for commuters to travel to across Mississauga and the GTHA.
The Transitway will feature 25 buses per hour that will serve riders during the weekday rush hours at
the City Centre, Dixie, and Renforth stations and will save you almost 15-18 minutes of commute time
when traveling from the Winston Churchill station in west Mississauga to the Renforth station in east
Mississauga. The Transitway offers reliable, rapid, and convenient east-west travel, as well as northsouth connections at stations and easier connections to surrounding municipalities.
The City is also working with the Region of Peel and the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) to
implement a $14.8 million state-of-the-art advanced transportation management system, which will
better manage traffic volumes and congestion. The new system uses the latest technology and will
actively monitor travel conditions, influence the operation of traffic signals, disseminate information,
and interact with other transportation agencies to decrease traffic congestion. The new system will
feature the following upgrades:

Replacing the existing Fastracs traffic control system with a new system and hardware
Upgrading traffic signal communications from an analog network to the Citys fibre network,
Wi-Fi, and cellular technology
Constructing a physical traffic management centre where Traffic Staff will monitor and respond
to traffic conditions; the centre will be located at 3185 Mavis Road
An intelligent transportation system, which uses smart technologies such as traffic monitoring
cameras to provide the ability to detect and manage traffic incidents on roadways

Lastly, if you are a senior (age 65+) and you are looking for a great, environmentally friendly way to
get around the City that will save you time and money, look no further than MiWay, the Citys public
transit service. MiWay is offering a special one dollar cash fare for seniors. This pilot program began
last June and has been extended into 2016. The one dollar cash fare for seniors is valid on MiWay
during off-peak hours as follows:

Weekdays from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Weekdays after 7 p.m.
Anytime on weekends or holidays

For more information about the Mississauga Transitway and the One Dollar Cash Fare, please visit and As always, if you need assistance with
municipal matters, please dont hesitate to contact my office at 905-896-5011 or