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Date: 12th March, 2008

Dear Dr. :
Subject: Request for Research Project during May to July 2008
I am a student of 3rd year pursuing my Bachelor of Technology degree at
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, India. I am majoring in
Electronics and Communication Engineering with Specialization in Wireless
Communication. Presently, my C.G.P.A. (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is
8.363 and S.G.P.A. (Semester Grade Point Average) is 8.963 on a scale of 10.
I have completed various projects on Digital Image Processing along with
Automation & Control robotics. Currently I am working on video processing. I am
highly proficient in working on MATLAB and want to contribute further to the field
of Computer Vision. I have also got a publication under Dr. Amlendu Patnaik on
“Patch Antenna Design using P.S.O.” and further I am writing a paper on “Real
Time Human Face Tracking System” which was a prize winning project I made.
As an undergraduate of the top technical institution of the country, I have truly
realized the importance of practical work experience in the development and
refinement of one’s logical and mental framework and this is reflected by my past
three years record in IIT Roorkee. Thus, I would like to pursue a Research
Project under your guidance or be a part of your ongoing research work during
the period of May-July 2008. My Academic Interests lie in the following areas:
Communication Systems, Computer Networks, Antenna Design, Signal
Processing, and Computer Vision.
My credentials include:
 A Grade Point Average of 8.363 on a scale of 10, with a Semester
Grade Point Average (S.G.P.A.) of 8.963, highest in my branch in the
last semester.
 My project on “Real Time Human Face Tracking System” was aired on a
NDTV, a national television channel on a show called “The Next Big
 Aptitude and keen interest in Wireless Communication. I have achieved
high grades in my batch in the courses of Digital Communication,
Signals & Systems, System Engineering, and Engineering
 Currently studying Communication Systems and Analysis, Computer
Networks and Antennas & Wave propagation which have provided me
with many valuable insights about the algorithmic approach towards
solving problems of Wireless Communication.
 Completed a project on “Channel Assignment Problem in Mobile
Cellular Networks” which has given me project level experience of
implementing Communication Systems on MatLab.

Also experienced in web site designing and proficient in HTML. I am interested in further studies in the same after my graduation. Corel Draw. . Sarthak Grover B. less important and not important with corresponding qualities of high. Working on Networking and video processing on Visual C++. If you require any more information I would be glad to provide it. After testing at a local school a paper on the same will be published. Been a part of the Institute News Magazine for 3 years and am now the Head of Design team. Studied Data structures and Object Oriented Programming in both programming languages. Application for Lecture Video Streaming on the Internet Field: Computer Networks Lecture videos categorized as important. I am sending you my resume for consideration and would be obliged if you could go through it. Malfunction of any individual element in the array will result in optimization of the amplitude and progressive phase shift between elements such that the net field produced by the array is not disturbed. I am very keen to be a part the research going on in these fields. 2. Yours Sincerely. VBScript. Tech III year Indian Institute of Technology. A robust code for automatic switching and toggling of video quality when important parts of the lecture occur or the speed of internet connection falls causing delay in streaming on the client side is programmed in Visual C+ +. Also. Flash. JavaScript.  Proficient in programming on C++ and Java. medium and low are to be buffered on the internet making maximum possible use of the bandwidth and speed available. Developed a web site on “The FIFA World Cup” as a project in 12 th grade. written as well as spoken. Applied to antennas in space which cannot be manually reconfigured. Design of Robust Planar Antenna Array in Space Field: Antenna Design Development of an equidistant planar array with an algorithm for automatic readjustment of Array Factor. I apologize if this mail of mine was considered as spam by you. Adobe Photoshop. and FrontPage. Highly proficient in English. Roorkee Encl: Resume Projects & Current Work 1.

7. DAC. Assistant Professor. Assistant Professor. IIT Roorkee. Project Guide: Dr. Project under Electronics Section. 4. Microcontroller 8085/8086 Application and Interfacing Field: Microcontrollers Use of 8085 and 8086 ICs to operate various Input-Output peripherals and devices such as 8254. Ranajit Mitra. Amalendu Patnaik. dielectric constant) of a circular patch antenna for a desired resonant frequency related to its dimensions through Guney’s Expression. Real Time Human Face Tracking System Field: Computer Vision Consists of webcam for real time input and Robotic Motor System to control its motion on the horizontal and vertical axes. IIT Roorkee. IIT Roorkee. IIT Roorkee. ADC. Motors are then instructed to track this face by moving the centre of camera towards centre of face. . Project under Electronics Section. Keyboard. 6. Motion is identified via difference image and objects in the way are avoided by changing the path of the car using parallel port commands. Displayed under the category of “Signal Processing” at annual technical exhibition Shrishti – 2007. Amalendu Patnaik.S.O. Field: Antenna Design Optimization of various parameters (radius. height. Displayed under the category of “Automation & Control” at annual technical exhibition Shrishti – 2008. Optimization algorithm in Mobile Cellular Communication Networks Field: Communication Systems Development of an effective Algorithm for Location Management in mobile communication using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) techniques to solve the Channel Assignment Problem. E&C Department. Object Avoidance System Field: Computer Vision Use of USB webcam attached to a toy vehicle to save frames and process them on MATLAB using Digital Image Processing toolbox.3. 5. E&C Department. Patnaik Project Guide: Dr. IIT Roorkee. E&C Department. A paper written on the same is under the process of being published under Dr. 8255. Printer. Project Guide: Dr. Stepper Motor etc. Professor. Amalendu Patnaik. Design of Circular Microstrip Antenna using P. Project Guide: Dr. Faces in each frame are detected in MATLAB using Image Processing. IIT Roorkee. Assistant Professor. E&C Department.