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From the Pastor’s Desk Fasting
When people think about spirituality, I am not sure that fasting is one of the first things to enter into their minds. In fact, I think that most people do not ever really think about fasting (unless it is to lose weight). I was very surprised when I entered the word fasting into my computer Bible program and there were over 70 times when either the word fasting or some varient appeared in the scriptures. Fasting is a very Biblical concept. The Hebrew people fasted for various festivals, individuals fasted while they were seeking God and there are times when the whole nation of Israel fasted in dedication to God. Fasting is basically not eating or drinking. There are a couple of types of fasts. A normal fast is to eat or drink nothing other than water. A select fast is to abstain from certain foods (i.e. meat, dairy products, etc.). An absolute fast is to abstain from everything including water (people normally do not do this type of fast unless they feel very strongly that God wants them to do this and never for more than 2-3 days). The other types of fasts can last anywhere from 1 day up to 30 days. The purpose of fasting is not to lose weight or to bring attention to how spiritual you are because you are fasting, rather you fast in order to deny yourself and attempt to connect with God on a deeper level than you are right now. Many times people will fast if they are attempting to make a very important decision or have some major pressing issue—the idea of the fast is that during this time of abstaining from food, you are taking the time to pray and reflect upon God’s working in your life. This then hopefully leads the person to have a greater sense of discernment or understanding of God’s will in their life. This in turn helps the individual to make decisions that help to glorify God and lead them down the pathway that God has placed before them. Fasting can be a tremendous spiritual experience for people. The key to remember is that all spiritual disciplines are to bring you closer to God and help you in your relationship with Jesus.
Books on Fasting

One other item to consider with fasting—while traditionally fasting has always been associated with food and drinks, I wonder if a more significant part of fasting in our culture today would be fasting from other things (i.e. TV, radio, movies). Ask yourself what are the things that prevent or hinder you from a deeper relationship with Jesus. And consider giving these things up for a short amount of time. What would happen if you spent one hour less watching TV or on the Internet and one more hour praying or reading your Bible or spending time with your family or volunteering at the church or local organization. Deepen your relationship with Jesus. Consider fasting. Try it. It might make a difference and help you grow.

The Beginner’s Guide to Fasting by Elmer Towns Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough by Elmer Towns Fasting: The Ancient Practices by Scot McKnight Fasting: Spiritual Freedom beyond our Appetites by Lynne Baab A Hunger for God: Desiring God through fasting and prayer by John Piper The Spirituality of Fasting by Charles Murphy The Sacred Art of Fasting by Father Thomas Ryan

{Throughout this series on spirituality, I will be suggesting a variety of resources if you would like to read more on the topic.}

Volunteers for April
1 3 3 3 3 5 6 6 6 7 8 8 10 11 13 14 15 16 16 17 17 17 18 18 18 18 Jason Fish Carol Browning Debora Herbert Melina Engelau Kaelynn Engelau Tyler Claycamp Don Kendall Joy Carr Heather Morris Gib Claycamp Marijeannine Hoene Robin Tormoehlen Maria Wente Gerald Goodwin Emily Schnitker David Warfield Pete Browning Arthur Moorman Danielle Cosby Merrell Otte Dennis Rust Christe Kleffman David Hoene Aaron Claycamp Matthew Cupp John Harris 19 20 20 21 21 22 24 25 26 27 27 27 27 28 28 28 28 29 29 29 30 30 30 30 30 30 Tim Hoevener Peggy Schleibaum Brandon Seitz Mindy Sifflard Solomon Rust Dennis Otte Libby Cupp Emma Jackson Tony Herkamp Richard Runge Rene Fultz Barry Newkirk Kelly Fish Roger Douglass Karen McCory Sadie Jones Kailee Hildebrand Emma Waskom Andrew Cupp Amy Pierceall Ruth Hoffmeier Luci Angel Sara Otte Brittany Johnson Kelsey Marshall Katelyn Otte Greeters Ben & Jodi Brown (8:00); Ed & Terri DeVoe (10:15) April 21– Eugene & Jeanette Kruse Communion Assistant Ben Brown (8:00); Ed DeVoe (10:15) April 21– Eugene Kruse Altar Care April 4 & 11- Jerry & Martha Wunsch(8:00); April 4-Ed & Terri DeVoe (10:15) April 18-Florence Otte April 25-Luci Angel (8:00) Lectors April 4– Doris Rorick (8:00); Kendall Alstatt (10:15) April 11-Bill Bryden (8:00); Terri DeVoe (10:15) April 18– Leah Otte (8:00); Judy Wonning (10:15) April 25-Lois Bryden (8:00); Laberta Otte (10:15) Acolytes April 4-Kailee Hildebrand (8:00); Kyle Claycamp (10:15) April 11 Kaelen Eglen (8:00); Macy Rotert April 18 Cam Mansfield (8:00); Hannah Wood (10:15)
April 25 Karen Dringenburg (8:00); Hannah Davis (10:15)

Flowers April 4-Natalie Fish April 11 & 18-Terri DeVoe April 25– Luci Angel Children’s Message April 11—Mandy Otte (8:00); Amy Pierceall (10:15) Nursery—10:15 April 4 Dolores Douglass April 11-Kendra Harris April 18-Marjorie Rust April 25– Brandy & Jessica Rotert Welcome Center Volunteers 8:00 service 10:15 service April 11– Melissa Anderson April 4, 11, & 18—Judy
Need volunteers for 8:00 on 4 & 11 and both services on 25th

Volunteers for May Greeters Alvin and Pat Otte (8:00); Leon and Linda Seitz (10:15) Communion Assistants Ruth Ann Newkirk (8:00); Leon Seitz (10:15) Altar Care May 9 & 23– Tammi Reinbold & Sara Otte May 2 & 16– Linda Seitz Flowers May 2—Luci Angel May 23—Chris & Mandy Otte May 9—Leah Otte May 30—Teresa Brown May 16–Jim & Nikki Kuchera Acolytes May 3—Madison Jones (8:00);Jess Rotert (10:15)
May 9—Jack Rosenberger (8:00); Whitney Schepman (10:15)

Projectors April 4– Erin Engelau (8:00); John Pierceall (10:15) April 11-Doris Rorick (8:00); Ronni Rotert (10:15) April 18-Jamie Baker (8:00); Tyler Claycamp (10:15) April 25– Erin Engelau (8:00); Samantha Browning & Claire Tangman

May 16—Anna Holle (8:00); Levi Claycamp (10:15) May 23—Kailee Hildebrand (8:00); Lydia Shuler (10:15) May 30—Courtney Mansfield (8:00); Rusty Mace (10:15) Lectors May 2– Jodi Brown (8:00); Joseph Rust (10:15) May 9– Lou Ann Hoevener (8:00); Amy Rotert ( 10:15) May 16-Jamie Baker (8:00); Luke Tormoehlen (10:15) May 23-Susan Holle (8:00); Karen McCory (10:15) May 30– Ruth Ann Newkirk (8:00); Nathan Otte (10:15) Projectors May 2– Doris Rorick; John Pierceall (10:15) May 9– Jamie Baker (8:00); Ronni Rotert (10:15) May 16-Erin Engelau (8:00); Tyler Claycamp (10:15)
May 23-Doris Rorick (8:00); Samantha Browning & Claire Tangman

QUARTERLY MEETING The Quarterly Meeting will be April 18th at 9:00 a.m. or immediately following first service. In an effort to improve attendance at the quarterly meetings, council is trying a new time. We will be having the April and possibly July meeting during the Sunday school hour. We will be making alternative plans for the students so the teachers will be able to attend the meeting. If the time of the meeting was your excuse for not attending, you’re out of luck!! We decided on these two meetings because business is usually light for these 2 quarters. A preliminary agenda, minutes from annual meeting and a financial report, will be available April 11. If there is anything that needs to be included in this agenda, please let a council member know. Hope to see you there!

May 30– Jamie Baker (8:00); Need Volunteer (10:15) Children’s Message May 2-Carolyn Jones May 23– Leah Otte Welcome Center Need Volunteers

Upcoming Worship
Below are the lessons and some thoughts about the upcoming Sundays. Please take some time to look over the lesson and reflect upon the questions in preparation of the upcoming weeks in worship.

April 4th:

Easter Sunday (Text—Luke 24:1-12)
The open tomb of Jesus is the door to a new way of being in the world. Jesus rising from the dead changing everything and gives us a new beginning. Let us rejoice and proclaim that Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!

April 11th:

Text—John 20:19-31
The text for the Second Sunday of Easter is the story of Doubting Thomas. Jesus appears to the disciples, but Thomas was not with them the first time and boldly proclaims that he can not believe unless he sees for himself. How are we like Thomas? What doubts do you have? Is it okay to have doubts?

April 18th:

Text—Acts 9:1-20
The lesson tells the story of Paul conversion to Christianity. What is your story of how you came to faith in Jesus? How do conversions take place? Slowly and quietly? Quickly and loudly?

April 25th:

Text—John 10:22-30
This Sunday in the church year is called ‘Good Shepherd Sunday.’ Jesus talks about his followers as sheep. He tells us that His sheep listen to his voice. How do you hear Jesus’ voice?
STEWARDSHIP OF THE BUILDING It may be difficult to believe that we have been in the new building for over a year. And with almost all new things, after awhile the new smell can begin to wear off. Part of the way that the new smell can wear off in a new building is when we begin to get a little more complacent with keeping the building clean and new. It needs to be noted that the custodians (Amy & Mandy) are doing a fabulous job at maintaining the building and keeping the building clean. However, there are times when all of us are getting lazy with making sure that we make sure that trash makes it into a trash can, or that we put things back where they were stored, or flushing the toilets after they have been used. I know that it is easy to get laxed in being diligent about these tasks over time, but we need to remember before us that we have this marvelous gift from God in the form of this building and we need to continually care for the building. This takes all people of the congregation and not just the custodians. Please remember to help care for the building as a way of living out a life of stewardship. Additionally, it needs to be noted that items of caring for the building are not the sole responsibility of the custodians (especially on Sunday morning). If you spill something on Sunday morning, please take time to clean it up. If you are not sure where the appropriate equipment is located please find a person who knows where whatever you are looking for is located. Remember that Amy and Mandy are also here on Sunday morning to worship and seek spiritual enrichment. Please try to respect their ability to worship without being inundated with requests about custodial duties. Any questions, please talk with Pastor Steve.

MAUNDY THURSDAY WORSHIP- Thursday, April 1st at 7:00 pm. GOOD FRIDAY WORSHIP– Friday, April, 2nd at 7:00 pm. SEDER SUPPER- Those who are receiving their First communion, along with family, friends and members of the congregation, will gather for a Seder Supper at 6:00 pm on Maundy Thursday. Please sign up on the sheet by the kitchen if you plan to come. So food can be planned.

WALKING BIBLE STUDY Finally Spring seems to have arrived! God is faithful indeed! The milder weather gets me in the mood to exercise. If you are interested in joining a “Walking Bible Study” to be held at church, let Trish know. Hopefully we can learn a little about the Bible as we get some exercise together. PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY Several people have expressed an interest in a new ministry involving knitting. A Prayer Shawl Ministry is being developed by Melissa Anderson. Melissa has some great ideas for this group, and she has donated a book called The Prayer Shawl Companion to our church library. Check it out and become familiar with some of the wonderful opportunities available. Look for announcements about meeting times, and read through the information on the Welcome Center for more details. MAILBOX NEEDED There is still a need for a mailbox to be used in the Care Team office space. Please continue to be on the lookout for one. ENTERTAINMENT Remember there is a song and dance (courtesy Dan Davis) on the line! SPRING CHORES An enthusiastic group is willing to do chores this Spring for anyone who could use some help. If you know of someone who could use help with window washing, lawnmower maintenance, or other seasonal tasks, please let Mark Rorick or Trish know. STEPHEN MINISTRY LEADERS TRAINING COURSE Pastor Steve, LaBerta Otte, and Trish Tangman are registered to attend a Stephen Ministry Leaders Training Course in St. Louis, Missouri in April. The conference will begin on Sunday evening April 11th and conclude Saturday, April 17th. This intensive training is the next step in implementing the Stephen Series in our congregation. Please pray for these members as they attend this conference and learn more about their roles as leaders in this caring ministry. Pray for safe travel, hearts and minds eager to learn what God intends, and a will to put into practice what is learned. THANKS TO ALL WHO GIVE SO GENEROUSLY OF THEIR TIME, TALENTS, AND TREASURE !! In His love, Trish Tangman, Care Team Director DEAR MEMBERS OF ST. PAUL-BORCHERS, Thank you for remembering me and my family at the death of my sister, Tina Shuler, with the beautiful cross. She would have appreciated its design and craftsmanship and, especially, the significance. —Rita Sullivan And family
INTRODUCING OUR LOVED ONES IN MILITARY SERVICE This is the sixth in a series of monthly articles about our loved ones in military service, serving both in the U.S. and overseas. This month we'd like to introduce everyone to Randy Hooker II. Randy is the son of Randy Hooker senior. Since moving to Seymour from Texas, Randy senior has been a member of St. Paul for a little over a year; he is the brother of Carmen Herkamp. Randy II graduated in 2001 from Richardson High School in Richardson, Texas. In 2006 he enlisted in the Army. He has served overseas in Germany and, for a year and a half, in Iraq. Currently, Randy is stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma; however, he is on orders to attend Military Police (CID) training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Now on his second enlistment in the Army, Randy holds the rank of Sergeant (E-5). He is married to Lilly; in January 2010 Randy and Lilly became the happy parents of their first child, Lorelei Abigail. Please keep Randy and all our loved ones in military service in your prayers.

MONDAY NIGHT SERVICE The Monday Night Service will resume on Monday May 3rd at 7:00 pm. This service will be every Monday night through September 27th.

This is an exciting time. Outdoor Ministries has been a part of our church life since 1949. Synod Assembly action last summer accepted the recommendation of Synod Council to separately incorporate our camps and on February 1st we officially began operating as an independent organization. Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Indiana-Kentucky now begins a new chapter. We have planned a 9:00 Saturday morning “Kickoff Breakfast” at each camp in April. It will be a time for us to share what is changing and what is not changing. We invite you to come for breakfast as our guests, hear from our leadership, meet the new LOMIK board members and help us look ahead. The dates: Lutherwald – April 10th Lake Luther – April 17th Lutheran Hills – April 24th

FROM THE STUDENTS WHO RECEIVED THE MISSIONARY FUND SCHOLARSHIPS Dear Pastor Wood, It is with hearts full of gratitude and humility that we accept this generous gift to our family. We feel very blessed and overwhelmed by your unexpected gift. We are continually amazed at the ways God provides for us on our journey through this process of Randy living out the call God has placed on all of our lives. We are so thankful for people who are faithful in their “Walk of Faith”. Please know that you have sown the seeds of love in our family, and we are eager to return the gifts that God gives us back to God and his people. Thank you so much for joining us in our walk of faith. Your gift has made a difference in our lives. We hope that our paths will cross in the future and that we may come and worship with you at St. Paul’s. We look forward to seeing you again, Pastor Wood, in August at the retreat. Thank you so much again for the scholarship and for supporting us in you prayers. We will pray that God will continue to bless you and your congregation. Blessings! The Schroeder Family

We need your input and participation. So we invite pastors, congregational leaders, longtime friends of the camp, parents and adults who are new to camp—anyone interested in learning about our present situation and participating in our camps’ future. Also to put your mind at ease, we want you to know this is NOT a fund raising event. (The only talk about money will be in our “annual report” presentation on the camp financial position.) Please note that there will be no activities for children at this event. Please let us know which event you will be attending and how many will be coming. We begin serving breakfast at 9:00 am. We look forward to seeing you!
LOMIK Board of Directors

St. Paul Lutheran Church, I was deeply moved and felt truly loved by your letter I recently received in the mail. Your mission statement “Walking in Faith-Sowing Christ’s love” was embodied by the gracious love I felt by your gift. I thank you for your gift, as well as your thoughts and prayers for me, as I work through this time of discernment and preparation for ministry. Peace and grace to your community. Peace be with you! Christina Wallace

Church Council — Our Leadership Team
Chairman—Lou Ann Hoevener Secretary— Susie Schnitker Elders— Ed DeVoe & Doris Rorick Deacons— Milton Otte & Chris Otte Treasurer— Wanda Engelau Financial Secretary— Carol Mansfield Trustees— Roger Douglass & Ben Brown

Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Spring Meeting Thursday, April 22 7:00 p.m. in the Church Annex All women of the church, age 18 and over, are invited to attend. Hannah Circle will be hostess.

2010 HABITAT BUILD— CALL FOR BORCHERS VOLUNTEERS Call Lois Bryden at 497-2327 or Martha Wunsch at 497-0067 if you can help out and we'll get your names to Myron Moorman who coordinates volunteer help on-site. For those days that have a morning and an afternoon shift, you may volunteer for either shift or for the entire day. Thanks so much for your support. Jackson County Habitat for Humanity Construction Schedule Greer Family Partner Home 615 North Avenue Seymour IN 47274 Volunteer Start Date: Friday, April 30, 2010 1st weekend April 30, May 1 & 2 Friday: noon-4pm & 4-8pm Saturday: 8am-noon & noon-4pm Sunday: 1-5pm --framing and roofing 2nd weekend May 8 & 9 Saturday: 8am-noon & noon-4pm Sunday: 1-5pm --insulation, roofing & exterior siding 3rd weekend May 15 & 16 Saturday: 8am-noon & noon-4pm Sunday: 1-5pm --exterior siding and exterior concrete 4th weekend May 22 & 23 Saturday: 8am-noon & noon-4pm Sunday: 1-5pm --exterior siding and exterior concrete GROUP MEETINGS
HANNAH CIRCLE April 15th at 9:00 am with Breakfast Club Bible Study Leader: Karen Hoene RUTH CIRCLE April 8th at 7:30 pm Hostess: Shirley Lewis Bible Study Leader: Linda Newkirk WINGS April 15th at 7:00 pm Snacks: Erin Engelau Drinks: Trish Tangman Devotions: Debbie Herbert

Kimberly Sue Black And Adam Joseph Ingle Invite you to share in a celebration of love as we shall become one to share all the days of our lives, On Saturday, the eighth of May Two thousand ten At three-thirty in the afternoon St. Paul Lutheran Church Borchers The reception will immediately follow the ceremony at Bartholomew County Fairgrounds Community Building.

BLOOD DRIVE: A blood drive is scheduled for April 25th from 8—1:00 pm in the preschool room. Please sign up at the Welcome Center on or after April 11th. JOSEPH & LUELLA ABELL SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is available to nursing school students and to graduate students of the ministry. Any person interested in this scholarship can obtain an application at Jackson County Bank, Investment Management & Trust Services Department, 125 S. Chestnut St. Seymour. The deadline for submission of the application is April 1, 2010. If you have any questions, you may call the Trust Department at 522-3607. THE LUTHER LEAGUE are selling hanging baskets and will be ready for Mother's Day. They are wave petunias and are $15 each. Colors are either purple or pink. Please contact a Luther League member to place an order. Money raised will be going towards the mission trip. If you have questions contact Beth Albert. EASTER EGG HUNT -Saturday, April 3rd at 1:00 pm at the Picnic Woods. In case of bad weather, we will meet in the Fellowship Hall. IN HONOR OF BISHOP STUCK’S 12 years of service to the Indiana-Kentucky Synod, the Synod is encouraging people to give a donation to the Freed to Lead Fund. There is pamphlet at the Welcome Center with more information about this opportunity. BORCHER’S PRESCHOOL is now accepting enrollment for the 2010-2011 school year. Your child must be age 4 by August 1, 2010, to be in the Sunbeam Class and age 3 by August 1, 2010, for the Rainbow class. A class for 2 year-olds may be held if enough interest is expressed. Enrollment forms are at the Welcome Center or call Jeanette Kruse (522-6243) for information or an enrollment form.

BORCHERS BREAKFAST CLUB Thursdays at 9:00 am In Fellowship Hall

STAMPERS AND SCRAPBOOKERS Wednesday, April 21st at 9:00 am and 6:00 pm

St. Paul Lutheran Church 10792 N 210 E Seymour, IN 47274

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Seymour, IN 47274 Permit #213

Return Service Requested

WINGS 1st Annual 5 mile Walk/Run Saturday, April 17th Join us for a race through Jackson and Bartholomew Counties! Refreshments will be served. Childcare will be provided during the event (see registration form for details). 1st and 2nd place winners of run and walk will receive prizes and free entry to next year’s event! If you are interested in donating toward the prizes for the top winners please contact Erin Engelau. Proceeds from this race will go towards new playground equipment in the Picnic Woods. Pick up a registration form at the Welcome Center or download the form at Registration fees: $20 before April 4th (includes t-shirt) $25 after April 4th