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Discussing politics in a broader sense would be a different perspective for some people who just
simply know what literally politics is all about, most probably, they say that it just circles around
in the arena wherein it comprises government, politicians, laws, etc. which are undeniably
correct but in a deeper level, it is not just that.
In general, Politics is everywhere, it is a field wherein you are part of it and the people around
you. In a deeper perspective, Politics is a broad area of study that tends to overlap with all the
other major humanities and social science disciplines. It is an excellent discipline for learning
about the interrelationships in the human world, and for acquiring a diverse range of interpretive,
analytic and synthetic (especially conceptual) skills. The discipline is engaged in critical debates
about resource allocation, decision-making, social behaviour and political action, the
management or resolution of conflict, power struggles, ideologies and political movements, and
the nature of the government and the state, including relations between states. The study of
politics is ultimately concerned with important questions about the nature of power and authority,
with the relationship between theory and practice, and with trying to understand the nature of
social existence and the conditions needed for establishing more desirable forms of human

Hence, living in a world of political realm, all of us are part of the said community we are in.
Whether you like it or not, you cannot just simply isolate yourself and work alones sake. All of
us are part of this thing called, system. In general, it is simply defined as a set of connected
things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular1 whereas, in political term, a system is a

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structure of interacting units2. One cannot call a system a system without its interacting units.
In which, units are individuals or actors performing a certain task that makes the whole. On the
other hand, the term political entails the ideas, of or relating to the public affairs, or of a
particular group who are interested to politics whereas when it says international, it embroiders
an occurrence between or amongst countries.
Now, the international, political, and system terms have been individual defined to have an
insight on how these disciplines work or behave independently. But does this help in
constructing the idea of what really international political system is? The question still remains a
In the further analysis, the answer for the quest of as of now, is there really an international
political system?, will be elaborately discussed below:


International Relations is an academic discipline of political science but more likely a study
wherein it involves the study of the behaviour, methods, and its interactions between or amongst
states 3
On the other hand, the researcher talks about Foreign Policy, which highlights the governments
tactic in dealing with other nations4.


Thus, these two interdisciplinary principles are vital for states to cooperate, such as: International
Law, International Integration, International Politics, International Monetary Economics, etc5.
In addition, countries such as: United States, India, New Zealand, Norway, Brazil, Greece,
Denmark, France, etc. are allies of World War II mainly in military alliance which are also
involved in this matter6

Thus, major elements of international politics are seen to be covered in foreign policy.
As what is given above, the researcher claims that there is an existing international political
system as of the present. The fact that there is an interaction process that is happening amongst
states, there is indeed an International Political System existing because states need to interact
for mutual gain most especially in the field of economics.

Economy plays a vital role in a states development and advancement 7. There is no doubt that
economic activities are moving in the direction of globalization. The system of production and
distribution is evolving worldwide. The important role that international trade plays in
connecting countries around the world is clear. Globalization creates new structures and new
relationships, with the result that business decisions and actions in one part of the world have
significant consequences in other places. Underlying and reinforcing these globalization trends is
the rapidly changing technological environment, particularly in information processing, and
telecommunications. Changes in telecommunications and data processing capabilities make it
possible to coordinate research, marketing and production operation around the world.

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It includes exports in propagating ones economic growth. Thus, thousands of jobs and
opportunities are being created. Giving the people a sense of worth living.

Also, the investments produced will increase the countrys environment and labour standards,
working with business and governmental organizations that the country will benefit from as well.

The researcher will cite another aspect wherein International Political System and International
Relations are can be seen as co-existing units:
Philippines-US Bilateral Relations
On the 28th and 29th of April 2014, the Philippines and United States head an assembly in relation
with the stronger bilateral relationship of both states, which is under by Aquino administration
and Obama respectively. A commitment wherein they are mutually for peace and stability in the
Asia-Pacific region, and to build prosperity in the global economy. During the said meeting, the
two independent states discussed about the agreement of Enhanced Defense Cooperation
Agreement (EDCA), which promulgates the US-Philippine alliance to promote the peace and
stability that has strengthen Asias remarkable economic growth over the past six decades.
This of course, involved the economic cooperation between the two countries. It has achieved
remarkable improvements in GDP growth, competitiveness, intellectual property protection and
enforcement, tax revenues, and the countrys sovereign ranking 8.
Moreover, their partnership shared extensive people-to-people ties that mutually benefited them
to increase economic development for the two nations.
Now, the researcher will discuss the 3 pillars of foreign policy:

8 Fact Sheet: United States-Philippines Bilateral Relations. (2014, April 28). Retrieved from The White House
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A.) Enhancing economic diplomacy
-this stresses the alleviation of poverty and job creation, it is obligatory to prioritize
economic diplomacy. The process of interacting is through engaging or involving ones
traditional economic and commercial allies with other states. Creating good investments
in ones country ensures its stability that makes a countrys condition to convince the
other foreign investors 10.
With having investments flowing in, more jobs and opportunities are being build.
The Philippines and United States of America bilateral relations, as an example, in which
they created stronger ties and cooperation that are beneficial for the both countries.
B.) Protection and promotion of the welfare of the OFWs
-one of the reasons why the economy of a country is at its peak is of course, it is its
people working abroad. It cannot erase the fact that because of these people, economic
growth of the country grows. In this matter, the sake of the workers abroad are taken care
of and their safety away from the turmoil given the fact that they are away from their
families 11.
The government of their local country is the one that guarantees their security and make
sure that the government is fully responsive wherever they are.
C.) Promoting national security
-in this phase, it emphasizes how the administration will continue to endure. It also
considered as one of the major concerns to focus on to build a safe and secure
environment not only within the bounds of ones territory, but internationally as well.
The fact that ASEAN is and will be the one and has the authority mediate when it comes
to resolving territorial disputes with other states, then will pursue and make an extra
effort to achieve for what has to be followed on the ASEAN community Council and its
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three pillars. Hence, the Philippines will strengthen its bilateral relations with the member
states, and may be able to fulfill a certain goal.

Using Philippines in this matter builds a stronger and tighter bonds in partnership with the US
and of course it also involves Japan, China, India and other regional partners such as Australia,
Indonesia, New Zealand, and the Republic of Korea in mutually beneficial security and defense
and colloquies.
Furthermore, as a state, the Philippines, should elevate ones cooperation and interaction towards
and amongst states such as in the Middle East, North Africa, etc. to promulgate a resolution
solving the challenges facing in the country like the Mindanao conflict, with regards to the
bombings, terrorist attacks, and perhaps as a global terrorisms as well. Thus, as a whole, security
of ones state affects the security of others and how one should behave according to ones system

As aforementioned above, these 3 Pillars of Foreign Policy are needed to promulgate economic
social status of different countries. As stated earlier, International Relations and International
Political System overlaps with one another especially in economic development and prosperity.
And in relation to this, International Relations is involved because there is the cooperation and
interaction to make it work and substantive.


12 Waltz, K. (2010). Theory of International Politics. Waveland Press.

Therefore, this papers aim is to conclude if the international political system exists or not. With
the researchers vivid illustrations of different aspects as mentioned above, there is an existence
of International Political System because there is also an existence of International Relations
which served as the means on how to interact with other states internationally and even globally.
As theoretically explained earlier, the goal of the paper is to highlight how international political
system exists in a manner that it is being utilized as a structure particularly in the field of
Furthermore, economics plays undeniably a big impact on the existence of international political
system, because if there is none, there would be no progress and development of countries at all.
With that being stated then, there must be an explanation why it is existing, mainly because there
is really an International Political System that that makes an order, process and structure. A

2013060357 (3POL2)
on how a state should interact or behave with other states for the reason of attaining a certain
goal. Therefore in this case, there is an International Political System present.
Thus, it does exist in an explanation that without having these orders, structures, processes, etc.,
the world is simply useless. It is in similar with taking away resources from the people. Without
it, they cannot sustain their lives, there would be chaos due to the absence of international
political system.
This paper strongly affirms that international political system, again, does exist. With the
structures given by the existence of international political system, one can or cannot either state
that there is completely peace there is order between and amongst states. Hence, there are rules
bound upon them that has to be followed and obeyed in order not to cause confusion and
Moreover, one of the huge factors that the researcher claim is that again, it does exist in the
states economy. In International Relations, theres a need of interaction for it to work

specifically with regards to economic enterprises for the development and advancement of ones
Furthermore, in grasping the idea of international political system it definitely correlates with
International Relations and Foreign Policy as well, one could not work or be stabilize with the
absence of another. In a manner where there are policies, rules and even restrictions that must be
followed, therefore there is a structure made within the system- thus again, international political
system exists.






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