Narrated 'Adi bin Hatim: While I was in the city of the Prophet, a man came and complained to him (the Prophet,) of destitution and poverty. Then another man came and complained of robbery (by highwaymen). The Prophet said, "Adi! Have you been to Al-Hira" I said, "I haven't been to it, but I was informed about it." He said, "If you should live for a long time, you will certainly see that a lady in a Howdah traveling from Al-Hira will (safely reach Mecca and) perform the Tawaf of the Ka'ba, fearing none but Allah." I said to myself, "What will happen to the robbers of the tribe of Tai who have spread evil throughout the country" The Prophet further said. "If you should live long, the treasures of Khosrau will be opened (and taken as spoils)." I asked, "You mean Khosrau, son of Hurmuz" He said, "Khosrau, son of Hurmuz; and if you should live long, you will see that one will carry a handful of gold or silver and go out looking for a person to accept it from him, but will find none to accept it from him. And any of you, when meeting Allah, will meet Him without needing an interpreter between him and Allah to interpret for him, and Allah will say to him: 'Didn't I send a messenger to teach you' He will say: 'Yes.' Allah will say: 'Didn't I give you wealth and do you favors' He will say: 'Yes.' Then he will look to his right and see nothing but Hell, and look to his left and see nothing but Hell." 'Adi further said: I heard the Prophet saying, "Save yourself from the (Hell) Fire even with half a date (to be given in charity) and if you do not find a half date, then with a good pleasant word." 'Adi added: (later on) I saw a lady in a Howdah traveling from Al-Hira till she performed the Tawaf of the Ka'ba, fearing none but Allah. And I was one of those who opened (conquered) the treasures of Khosrau, son of Hurmuz. If you should live long, you will see what the Prophet Abu-l-Qasim had said: 'A person will come out with a handful. of gold...etc. Bukhari::Book4::Volume56::Hadith793 2. Prophesy regarding conquest of the countries. It is reported in many Ahadeeth, however, here I will quote what is reported by Baravon Azib by Baihiqi and Abu Naim that in course of digging trench (for Battle of trench) they encountered a very hard stone which was unaffected by the tool. The matter was reported to the Prophet Muhammad and he examined the stone. Then after saying Bismillah struck it. One third of the stone was broken, at that time he (Prophet Prophet Muhammad PBUH) said: “I am assigned the keys of the treasures of Sham (Syria).” I have also seen the red palaces there- then he (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) struck for the second time and broke further 1/3 of the stone and said: “I am assigned the key of Faris (Persia) and I am presently seeing white palaces.” He (Prophet Muhammad) struck for the third time and entire stone was broken. Now he said: “I am assigned the keys of Yemen. By Allah I am seeing from here the doors of Sanaa.” This prophesy about the conquest of the above countries was made at a time when the warriors of disbelievers were doing aggression on Madinah and trenches were being dug-up all around. In such a prevalent situation the prophesy of so many countries’ conquest is exclusive to Muhammad only. And Allah (SWT) made it. The proofs (of miracle and/or prophesy came true) are Syria, Yemen and entire Persia as Muslim countries some of them even adopted the Arabic language as their mother tongue. 3. Prophesy of the victory over Egypt. Prophet Muhammad said: “They would shortly conquer the country where qeerat is the currency. Do good to those people because they enjoy the rights of ‘being under your responsibility’ and privilege of seeking mercy.

Then said to Abu Zarr , ‘When you see that two men are quarrelling over a space of the measure of a brick- you should return from there.” Abu Zarr saw the victory of Egypt, settled there, and saw Rabia and Abdur Rahman Ibn Shurahbil quarrelling for the space measuring one brick’s length. Thereafter he returned from Egypt. The commentary is contained in Baihiqi and Abu Naim’s from Kaab Ibn Maalik and reminded that Hajar Umm Ismail Maria Qabtia Umm Ibrahim Ibn Rasool Allah are Egyptians. Again, needless to say that this prophesy also came to pass and Egypt fall under Islam and even embraced the Arabic as its mother tongue. 4. Prophesy about wearing King of Iran’s ornament by Saraqa Ibn Maalik. Prophet Muhammad said to Surah Ibn Maalik, “What will be thy stateliness when thou would be adorned by the ornament of Kisra) King of Persia).” In another report of Baihiqi it is said that when Umar Farooq received the ornament of King Kisra of Persia in the booty from that country he called Saraqa Ibn Maalik and adored him with it (the Kangan). After decorating him Umar said: “Thanks to Almighty Allaah who snatched from Kisra Ibn Hermiz (who called himself Lord of the people) these ornament and adorned Saraqa Ibn Maalik Madalji. Imaam Shafai has commented that Saraqa was decorated with the ornament to integrate it with the forecast (prophesy) of the Prophet. The shortest sentence of the prophesy (forecast) containing three events is significant for consideration (1) The integrity of the Caliphate of Umar with the compliance of the word of Hadeeth/prophesy (2) The conquest of Persia and (3) Survival (living) of Saraqa till that time, he died in 28 Hijrah, few years later. 5. Prophesy about the conquest of India that came to pass. We find this Hadeeth in Sunan Nasai and Baihiqi about India: Prophet Muhammad assured that Muslims would head expedition to India. Sultan Mahmood of Ghazna was the first to expedite into India in 393 Hijrah about a century after the death of Imaam Nasai . Readers must know that Muslims ruled over India for over thousand years. After it was looted and occupied by Christians (British) it was and still is called jewel in the British crown. During their occupation Christians systematically committed Muslims genocide. Christians’ especially killed the thousands of scholars of Islaam. 6. Prophesy about the Fire that came to pass. We find this Hadeeth in Sahihain (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim), “There will not be Dooms day until such a fire is not seen in Hijaz that would reflect on the camels of Busra.” This Hadeeth is contained in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. Imaam Muhammad Ibn Ismael died in 256 Hijrah and Imaam Muslim Ibn Al-Hajjaj in 261 Hijrah. The books of these learned scholars and Shahihain had been published during their lifetime and were included in the courses of Islaamic studies. The fire in Hijaz came true in 654 Hijrah (Jamadi us-Sani) i.e. about four centuries after the death of Sheikhul Hadeeth. The fire had been developed by volcanic eruption and there are many books on the subject. There is evidence of Sheikh Safiuddin to the effect that the very day of origin of the fire the Bedouin of Busra were able to see and recognize their camels in its reflection. This fire had developed on 1st of Jamadus-Sani and tremor had intensified on the 2nd to 4th. BY the 5th of Jamad-us-Sani the entire horizon of the vicinity was covered under the think smoke and the mountain began to melt making the stream of red water flow from it. The fire was moving toward the Madinah, where the inhabitants of Madinah had passed their Friday night in the Masjid-e-Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque) and did pray their entire

night. In the morning the direction of the movement was changed. It is worth telling that during this fire caused by volcanic eruption, the wind that blew in the city itself was cool-breeze and not hot. These Ahadeeth also impeach the Kuffar and Hadeeth rejecters. 7. Prophesy about the war with Turks that came to pass. We find this prophesy in Hadeeth mentioned in Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari, “The Dooms day will not come until you go to war with the Turks, having small eyes, red faces, lower noses and their faces will be wider like shields.” This prophecy that came to pass was about Tartaric invasion (whom Muslims annihilated three years later). In this invasion Mongols ruined Khurasan and Iraq and plundered them ultimately. Muslims annihilated tartars three years later and also defeated them in Asia Minor. This invasion took place around 656 Hijrah. 8. Prophesy about the victory of Constantinople that came to pass. This prophesy is found the Ahadeeth books of Musnad Imaam Ahmad and Sahih Muslim as reported from Abu Hurayrah and in Sunan Abu Dawud as reported from Mauz Ibn Jabul in context of victory of Constantinople (Qustun-tunia {today’s Istanbul/Turkey}). Imaam Humam Ahmad Hambal had died in 241 Hijrah and his book Musnad has always been before the scholars since his death. Sultan Muhammad Fateh conquered Constantinople in 855 Hijrah *1453 A.D. (sic centuries after the Book Musnad and 850 years after the Hijrat the world witnessed the eventuality as was prophesied by the Prophet Muhammad . This was also the end of Roman (Byzantine) empire and birthplace of Christianity fall under Muslims’ feet. Turkey is now 100% Muslim. 9. Prophecy that is continue to come to pass since last 1416 years On the day of victory of Makkah on Thursday, 20th Ramadan 8 Hijrah, Prophet Muhammad while assigning the keys of Ka’bah to Sheba Ibn Usman (Uthman) and Usman (Uthman) Ibn Talha said: “Take charge of this key forever. None would snatch it from you, but the one who will be an oppressor.” In fact, the above Hadeeth (Prophesy) contain three predictions: 1. 2. 3. The progeny of Abu Talha would continue

The keys of Ka’bah (Baitullah) will remain in their charge He would be the oppressor, who would snatch they keys of Ka’bah from them

About the 1st and 2nd the entire world knows (especially Muslims) that their descendants do hold the keys of Ka’bah since 8 Hijrah or since last 1, 416 years. About the 3 rd historians have reported that Yazeed snatched the keys from them for the time being. Since then there is no instance of anyone attempting to take away the keys. 10. The Prophet foretold that Fatima would join him first of all after his death Before his death, the Messenger called his daughter Fatima to his bedside and informed her that she would be the first among his family to join him after his death. Fatima joined her father, the pride of mankind, six months later. 11. Predictions before the Battle of Badr

‘Umar reports in a narration recorded in Sahih al-Muslim:

‘Before the Battle of Badr started, God’s Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, walked around the battlefield and pointed to some locations, saying, Abu Jahl will be killed here, ‘Utba here, Shayba here, Walid here, and so on. By God, we found, after the battle, the dead bodies of all those men in the exact places that God’s Messenger had pointed out.’ 12. While in Makka under great tortures, the Prophet predicted the future victories of Islam Bukhari and Abu Dawud quote Habbab ibn Arat, who said: Once, during the days of trouble and torture in Makka, I went to God’s Messenger, who was sitting in the shade of the Ka‘ba. I was still a slave in the hands of the Makkans then. They inflicted on me severe tortures. Unable to endure those tortures any more, I requested God’s Messenger to pray to God for help and salvation. But he turned towards me and said: By God, previous communities had to endure more pitiless tortures. Some of them were made to lie in ditches and cut in two with saws but this did not make them forsake their faith. They were skinned alive but they never became weak against the enemy. Surely God will perfect this religion, but you display undue haste. A day will come when a woman will travel alone by herself from San’a to Hadramawt fearing nothing but wild beasts. However, you show impatience. Habbab concluded: By God, what God’s Messenger predicted that day, have all come true. I have personally witnessed it all. 13. The Messenger predicted ‘Ammar’s martyrdom in a civil war Bukhari, Muslim and Ahmad ibn Hanbal record: During the construction of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina, God’s Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, told ‘Ammar: What a pity O ‘Ammar, a rebellious group will kill you. ‘Ammar was killed in the Battle of Siffin by the supporters of Mu‘awiya, who rebelled against Caliph ‘Ali. 14. The Prophet predicted the Mongol invasion The Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, predicted the Mongol invasion, saying: The Hour will not come before you fight against a people with red faces, small, slant eyes and flat noses. They wear hairy leather boots. 15. The Messenger predicted the caliphate of Abu Bakr and ‘Umar As related by Hakim, Tirmidhi, Ibn Hanbal and Ibn Maja, by repeatedly declaring, You should, after my death, follow the way of Abu Bakr and ‘Umar, the Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, meant that Abu Bakr and ‘Umar would succeed him as caliphs. He also predicted that Abu Bakr’s reign would be short, whereas ‘Umar would remain longer to be able to make many conquests. 16. The Prophet predicted the conquest of many important cities According to authentic narrations, the Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, gave his community the glad tidings that they would conquer Damascus, Jerusalem, Iraq, Persia, Istanbul (Constantinople) and Cyprus, and that the religion of Islam would reach as far as the remotest corners of the world in the east and west.

17. The Prophet predicted the forms of government after him The Prophet declared: This affair began with Prophethood and as a mercy; then it will be mercy and Caliphate; afterwards it will change into a cruel monarchy, and finally into an iniquity and tyranny. He also prophesied: Surely, the Caliphate after me will last thirty years; afterwards it will a cruel monarchy. Whatever the noble Prophet predicted came true. 18. The Prophet predicted the caliphate and martyrdom of ‘Uthman According to an authentic narration, the Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, declared: ‘Uthman will be killed while reading the Qur’an. God will dress him in a shirt but they will desire to remove it from him. By this saying, he meant that ‘Uthman would become Caliph but his deposition would be sought, and finally he would be martyred while reading the Qur’an. This happened exactly as he predicted. 19. The Prophet foretold the future victories of Sa‘d As narrated in a authentic Tradition, the noble Prophet of God, upon him be peace and blessings, said to Sa‘d ibn Abi Waqqas when the latter was gravely ill: It is hoped that you will be spared so that some people may benefit through you and some others be harmed through you. By this, he suggested that Sa‘d would be a great commander and make many conquests, and while many peoples would benefit from him by converting to Islam, many others would be harmed through him as a result of the collapse of their states. Sa‘d, just as predicted by the holy Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, took the command of the Muslim armies and destroyed the Persian Sassanid Empire, bringing many peoples within the guidance of Islam. 20. The Prophet predicted the conquest of Cyprus Once, when the Prophet woke up in the house of Umm Haram, the aunt of Anas ibn Malik, who served the Messenger for ten years in Madina, he smilingly said: I dreamt that my community would be waging war in the sea sitting on thrones like kings. Umm Haram asked: ‘Pray that I too may be with them’. He said firmly: You shall be. All this came true forty years later when Umm Haram accompanied her husband ‘Ubada ibn Samit, on the conquest of Cyprus. She died there, and her tomb has since been a visited place. 21. The Prophet predicted the appearance of Mukhtar and Hajjaj According to an authentic narration, the Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, declared: From the tribe of Thaqif will appear a liar who claims Prophethood and a bloodthirsty tyrant. By this, he gave tidings of the notorious Mukhtar, who claimed Prophethood, and the criminal Hajjaj, who killed tens of thousands of people.

22. The Prophet predicted the conquest of Istanbul Again, according to an authentic narration, the Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, declared: Surely, Constantinople (Istanbul) will be conquered (by my community); how blessed the commander who will conquer it, and how blessed his army. He thus foretold the conquest of Istanbul by Muslims, and indicated the high spiritual rank of Sultan Mehmed, the Conqueror, and the virtuousness of his army. What he foretold took place centuries later. The Prophet mentioned that there would be signs forewarning the approach of the last day. a. The barefooted Bedouins competing in building tall buildings. Today we find in the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabs who used to be impoverished herders of camels and sheep, are competing in building the tallest tower blocks. Two of the latest examples are Kingdom Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Al Faisaliah Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. b. The Mosques would be like palaces. This is clearly the case, even though the Prophet ordered simplicity in the houses of Allah, the mosques have become more and more fantastic, with golden domes, marbled floors, lavish carpets and chandeliers. (See c. Disappearance of trustworthiness, so much so that one would only be able to say: "I know a trustworthy person in such-and-such town." d. The increase in killing, so that the one who kills does not know why he killed, and the one killed does not know why he was killed. I was recently sent an article from the Washington Post about the rise of gang warfare. Part of the initiation ceremony was for a new gang member (sometimes as young as eleven) to shoot someone. The second highest cause of death from fifteen to thirty five in the US is gun related. The massacre of civilians in the Vietnam War by American troops who had little idea why they were there, and the increase of such conflicts, is further illustration of the fulfillment of this prophecy. As are the rise of insane mass murders, of children killing children, such as Jamie Bulger. e. The increase of the use of riba (usury/interest) so that no one will able to escape being tainted by it. This clearly the state of the world economy today. f. The enemies of the Muslims dividing the Muslim's wealth and lands between them, the Muslims abandoning jihad, and concerning themselves only with the worldly matters. We have already mentioned this. g. The increase of literacy. h. The decrease of religious knowledge due to the disappearance of scholars. i. The increase of musical instruments, and the Muslims making it lawful even though the Prophet has forbidden them. j. The increase of sexual promiscuity, and new diseases that people had not herd of before spreading amongst them as a consequence of that. This is clear, with the arrival of AIDS, and other previously unheard of viruses. k. Appearance of Dajjals (liars), each claiming to be a Messenger of Allah, while Muhammad is the last messenger. There are numerous examples of this, starting with Musailima, who arose in the time of the Prophet, just before his death, to more modern liars such as Elija Muhammad, founder of the

Black American racist movement "The Nation of Islam", and India's pretender Gulam Ahmed of Qadian. l. Nakedness of women while still being dressed and people copulating like donkeys in public. Obviously a direct reference to soft and hard-core pornography, which has become a dark stain on our society in recent times. m. The drinking of wine becoming common, and the Muslims making it lawful by calling it another name. n. Shouting in the mosques and lack of unity. o. The worst and most ignorant will become leaders and they will be oppressors. Bill Clinton, saddam Hussain and majority of worlds Leaders are prime examples. p. A man will obey his wife and disobey his mother, and treat his friends kindly and shun his father. q. Men will wear silk and gold, and the making of it lawful by the Muslims even though the Prophet had forbidden it for the men of his 'Ummah (nation). r. People will abandon the religion for a small worldly gain, and keeping to the religion will be like holding two hot coals. Conclusion How is it that even though the Prophet made all these prophecies, Christian missionaries are still trying to reject the prophetic mission of Muhammad (pbuh). Ever since the advent of Islam, Christians have been unable to challenge the teachings of Islam, therefore they have had to try and resort to lies and distortions of the Holy Qur’an in order to support their claims. They have fabricated lies against the Prophet, claimed he was epileptic, claimed he was conspiring with Jew/Christians and some have even claimed he was the devil in disguise. We would like to ask those so-called missionaries, aren’t these the exact claims the Jews made against the prophet Jesus (pbuh)? However, they seem to be in a state of ignorance fuelled by pride and prejudice, adamant of repeating the same mistakes the Jews made by refusing to open their hearts to the beauty of Islam. As Allah informs us in the Qur’an: And say: "Truth has (now) arrived, is (by its nature) bound to perish." (Qur’an 17.81) Allah knows best! References: Proofs of the Divine Origins of the Qur’an by 'Abdur-Raheem Green ( Understanding and Belief ( The Essentials of Islamic Faith, By Fethullah gullen and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood

Further Prophecies by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him: 1. This was not the only prophesy made by the final messenger of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him), rather there were many more such as the time when 10,000 of the troops of the pagan army of Quraish were advancing upon his city to utterly destroy him and his followers (in 'The Battle of the Trench’) and he and about 3000 of his followers were preparing as best they could to stave off this attack by digging a trench. While prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was digging with them he made a number of prophesies including the Muslim's capture of Al-Yemen, Al-Sham (Jerusalem, Iraq, etc.), Morrocco, Persia, and the Eastern countries. All of this was said by him while many of the Muslims were expecting to be totally destroyed at any minute by the advancing army which vastly outnumbered them and was much better armed.

2. Then there was also the prophesy made by Muhammad a couple of years before his death that before he would die Makkah, the capital of pagan Arabia, would be captured by the Muslims. This prophesy too came true. On another occation, the prophet was sitting in a garden. Uthmaan ibn Affan walked in and the prophet asked Abu Musa Al-Ashari to give him glad tidings that he shall be of the people of Paradise and to further inform him that the people would mutiny against him. This prophecy was fulfilled many years after the death of the prophet (peace be upon him) when Uthman became the third Caliph and was murdered shortly therafter when a party of the citizens rose against him and slew him. 3. Ali ibn Abi Talib, the fourth Caliph, had also been informed by the Prophet of his assassination in such detail that he knew the man who was going to kill him, and identified him pointing him out to the people. They asked Ali why he did not kill the man and he replied: "Then who will kill me" The night preceding his assassination Ali came out, gazed at the sky and said: "By Allah the prophet (peace be upon him) never told a lie, nor was a lie ever told to him." The next day the same man killed Ali, as the prophet had predicted. 4. Safinah narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "The Caliphate of Prophecy will last thirty years; then Allah will give the rule of His Kingdom to whomever He wills." (narrated by AbuDawood). This was indeed the length of the Caliphate after the death of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). After that, the rule of monarchies replaced the rule of the Caliphate. 5. The Prophet also predicted the division of the Muslims into many sects, and how some people would do to Ali what the Christians did to Jesus. This clearly refers to the Shi'its, who exaggerate the love and praise of Ali to such a degree that one of their sects, Al-Nusaria, actually worship him as the manifestation of Allah. 6. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) further predicted the capture of Egypt, and commanded his followers when this were to occur that they should treat the people well. He further prophesied that the Muslims would overthrow the Persian Empire and seize the treasures of the their Emperor Choseros. He also told one of the companions by the name of Suraqa bin Malik that he would be given the bracelets of Caesar. Many years after the death of the prophet, these bracelets fell into the possession of Umar ibn Al-Khattab and he called upon Suraqa and placed the bracelets on his arms, reminding him of the prophet's words. 7. Awf ibn Malik narrated in Sahih Al-Bukhari: "I went to the Prophet (peace be upon him) during the battle of Tabuk while he was sitting in a leather tent. He said, 'Count six signs that indicate the approach of the [final] Hour: 1) My death; 2) The conquest of Jerusalem; 3) A plague that will afflict you (and kill you in great numbers) as the plague that afflicts sheep; 4) The increase of wealth to such an extent that even if one is given onehundred Dinars, he will not be satisfied; 5) Then an affliction which no Arab house will escape; 6) And then a truce between you and Banu al-Asfar (i.e. the Byzantines, or Christians) who will betray you and attack you under eighty flags. Under each flag will be twelve thousand soldiers.'" 8. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him mentioned several signs that humans will see before the Day of Judgment, one of them was when he predicted the coming of the TV and the Internet by saying: "One of the signs of the Day of Judgment is when WICKEDNESS enters every house from the Far East to the Far West." The wickness of Pornography and other things on TV and the Internet come to us right in our homes from all over the world. 9. The prophesies are many and varied. Some of them deal with what the financial situation of the Muslims shall be after him, some deal with what their moral and religious situation shall be, some deal with upcoming battles, some deal with trials and the anti-Christ and the coming of Gog and Magog. Some deal with the second coming of Jesus (peace be upon him), and many other issues which can not be dealt with here. However, I shall leave it up to the interested student to research this topic in order to verify its authenticity. Two useful references on this topic are: 1.Ashrat Al-Sa'a (The signs of the hour), by Yusuf Al-Wabil. 2.It'haf Al-Jama'ah Bima Ja'a fi Al-Fitan Wa Al-Malahim Wa Ashrat Al-Sa'a, By Humood Abdullah Al-Tuwaijiri.

Further Prophecies: The hadith regarding that people will traverse great distances in short periods of time; the hadith describing an airplane as "a white donkey made of iron whose span between its two ears is 40 cubits." This hadith refers to what the Dajjal will ride on. The Prophet (pbuh) is also reported to have said that the Dajjal will enter into every city. When asked what the Dajjal's speed will be like the Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have replied: "Like a wind that leaves a cloud in its trail." and so on. These are particularly related to the coming of the Dajjal. Pollution as one of the signs of the end of time - i.e. a thick clear smoke that one can see in the sky; "Then watch thou for the Day that the sky will bring forth a kind of smoke Plainly visible. (The Noble Quran, 44:10)" Also, there is an ayat regarding Satan and how he will "command man to change Allah's Creation" (an-Nisa' 4:119). To me, I cannot see it any other way but to mean genetics/modification to human DNA etc, all of which is happening now - e.g. Dolly the Sheep etc. This is a particularly interesting ayat.

The Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said as regards to one of the signs of the end of time: "People will hop between the clouds and the earth" Which is related to the whole concept of traversing long distances in short times, and to the whole idea of the use of airplanes for travelling or indeed "hopping between the clouds and the earth". In another narration the Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said that people will dance instruments on their heads (which some have interpreted as headphones) and that they would up all night dancing like that (which connotes the whole idea of people going to nightclubs disco's, with blazing music above their heads while they dance the night through). He (pbuh) is reported to have said that intoxicants would be widely used. with stay and also

In fact, there are so many prophecies/signs of the end of time that Muslim scholars have identified three types of signs: 1) Signs that have occurred 2) Signs that have occurred and continue to intensify 3) Signs that haven't occurred yet Further sites to research: him). (Prophecies of Muhammad peace be upon

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