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Feb. 3,


Hel-en ltf" Osborne 545 Oak St o Creissittr,{rk. 7L5a5


friend, receive your your concern letter. to

We are very ha.trrly to Thank you very rnuckr for orphanage.

We have n6w 45 chilrtren to take care of . 1{e serve them }Jreakfast,J_rhrrch and dinner and sencl them to the sctrool of the city every da"y. Every niqht tleey a prayer time before they prepare tlee lessons for tomorronr. Tlrey .qo to bed at 10 oclock at night. A11 ef them are al I r,sell . lde realy like to introduce you a eir:phan H is name is Kim - he is a f ine boy. ltis farnily is very very poor - he needs Enclosed ollr helps. herewith is his Ca"se history. you Ite hag;e that roilJ. be pleased to suy,rparrrt trim " Ma4r Gocl bl-ess you " Sincerely,

tlgu-+7eL<*L-<a4<>P.S. you rrlealse to ff arC,opt this chi_l.rl , please return us one copy of his c history . Tlharlk yc|tr

r\,iitrtsfrNxIJsN liA

to: please all address lettersand packages correspondence, NOTE: for the convenience handling of

package ( should in address. ) Yournotation the letter.or Do not put aly name eventhe orphanagein the above it. is that the orphanage to receive Thanks. indicate


C I T Y CHRIST IAN ORPHANAGE . R A N H 49,Huydn-Trdn Street 49


blarctr 29 , 197 3
Iv{rs o Helen Oebrrne 5O5 Oak St. ,tr:k CrreeeLt, 7L535 " Dear ltIrs. OsbrnaE,

y.ur lett'er. We are very happy tr receive y.ur tr y.u frr supp:rts Se are \rery tharrkful tr yrur especial1y edrpticn lryr}-anage, rf Kim this tr arrswer yrur qluestirns. We are very yfu have time tr write ft is very rmnderful if yrunff tr Kim. Kim is trr tr leerrn English rigtr rrlw I trut in the future r w€ hrpe kre can * f cu ma.y send 6if ts f'rr hi-s birthday ancl Cirris tmas , lrrwe\r€r r the goratal service, especially paval prstage ie nrt dependable, y.u tr erud inaney a.nd s. we advise we ca.n buy the gif t ytu like tr give .r he likes. Ttre expense inclusively rf a child in .ne mrnttr is fif teen drllars . Pleas e make the ckreck paya.ble tc Cam Ranh City Chrj-stian Otphanage and mail it Rev . Rrbert H. $argent ZP Clrureh l{ill_ R*ad, Centerv ille, Itass. C,?.632 - where the check sent tr the accrunt. Kim is a sr^reet child. He stuclies very hre hrpe tha.t :'{1,' will be pJ-eased 1;c y.u. Irlay {}rrl bless yru. hard.


Siinc erely



r .'


'r "




nnnt l{elen, i tm i;oc J'iiung ic



t* y*u,

br:t i ,liue;'s



i ,1: {,ar t;g.i


I lrish

}fou a :nei:ry Chrisiru*.s

*:-rd a ira;;p-i" fiew


I sent you. sly 1:ictl:ire end s ircrse r;hiei: i dr*:,red,

-"rlcurnephew, Etm

OAMRA,NffiOffiWY OffiM,ffiSWtrAXff ORPffiA.TS"&,Gffi
49, ffiuuin - C6zdn cJt.

Blg brother Address:

or gponsorrs ndme !



NAME: .______ ESA|! ...... KII{ ______--..

1 . Place cf Birth: Del-at -:::eo-v.*-.,*-.-----2. Father: lf dead, where end how died ?
is e 5. What was Fether's occupalion? frre *'*tln*" "'-:[gpXed-.".---.€**--rrst-.--$r$a;lt ? 4. Mother : lf living; whal are her circumslances fh* S.r: eS*krtcs* ne.tlr€f_ le


lf dead, when,


-oo*-*-r.rn--ff3o-n--th+*-ehLf-d;g11--whete and hnw died ?

5. How and when was the child brought to Orphanage?&y--h.Lg unele
Name of Schoo l --93tii"F-!-1.9n-.$ Progress in Studies Talenls Health -'----g.-ae4*_-*_'--_-_--Phvsical

an *r*€u*t




e -fgg ci&..srL--

-t-i.:*.aFavorire Subject
PersonalCharacteristicr---_-trapj:trr Defects end


The numberof brothers rnd sistersin the family lr h.ry

3 6fir&c

En dor s ed by Rev. Jomes M" Goyle sl Mis s ior r c r y { SBC) Adv is or

Prepored by /Vlr. Nguyen - xusn - Hq Director


Vie fnom es e or phons s qf e

sfter hcirrowingodyssey
by Toby Diuin

F T CHA F F E E Ark . (BP )-A d o u g h tY that ahotherroadhad openedto Saigon," ol t. N one w as an experienced helm sm an, l-rand of 84 \'ietnamese orPhans are Ha said. "Many refugeestried to take however, and they rammed two boats here from a stianger-than that road rather than go by boat." recr-rperating The boat owners agreedthen to take getting away from the dock. that at varioustimes saw fictiorrodyssey " l ater w e thought if t hat had them tq Saigon for considerably less l hem - -l n the rnidst of a firefight between money. H a and the chi l drenand others rode fo oppos ingS out hVi e tn a m e s e rc e s ; *Crowded with 25 other orphanage th e boatsto V ung Tau and then w ent by underf i re al l the w ay f rom s t af f m em ber s d fa mi l i e s.i n toa 1 3 b y b u sto S ai gon, an troops and even i n danger c o m muni st' 40 foot boat for three days; fro m fri endl yforces,he sai d. - A dr if t on t he o p e n s e a . " Therew as no order at al l ," he sai d, T hr oughit all , s a y sN g u y e nXu a n H a ; from Ban Me Thuot, dim inut iv e dir e c to r o f th e B a p ti s t "and many refugees at orphanage Cam Ranh Bay, Pleiku,Nha.Trang,Da Nang-thousands, sr.rpported o"f he had faith that the Lrord''wouldsee thousands them." to T h e l ourney rom C am R anh S ai gon, f them t hr ough t h e i o u rn e y to fre e d o m . Ha r ec ount e dh i s a n d th e o rp h a n s ' normally a day's drive, took three days. Af ter several days in the Baptist adventures after they .arrived here Ha centerin Saigon, said, he felt f ollowing a f lig h t fro m Si n g a p o reto refugee the city was threatenedand decided to D t Z r , r r ic ho W as h i n g to n .C . severaloffers of move ttre orphans to the country's Thev are considering s pons or s hip, i n c l u d i n g o n e fro m s o u thernprovi nceof R ach C i a. (ni O nl y 15 ki ' l ometers ne mi l es)out of C H ous t on' W es tM e m o ri a lB a p ti s t h u rc h s a nd- one of it s m e m b e rsto c o m e to a Saigon they learned the city had been curfew because clampedundera 24-hour I ex asRanc h. pal of Other o{fers have come from Wa- o f th e bombi ng the presi denti al ace pi D. shingt on C. ,t o a d o p t th e c h i l d re na g e s b y a S outh V i etnamese l ot. ' ) - 12,and c hildr e n ' s o m e si n T e x a sa n d In R ach C i a, H a sai d, " W e made h preparations the exodus." for Nor lh Car olina . He bought a leaky, 11-year-old dieselHa Br.rt said they need time to recoup an t heirener gies d w o u l d l i k e l yre m a i na t p o wered boat and somehow got to 4,500 liters of Ft. Chaffee for at least a week before permission. purch.ase fu e l al thoughi t had a mi l i tary pri ori ty. going any wher e . had The fuel was enough to get them to and bespectacled, Ha, soft-spoken ral dir ec t ed t he Ca m R a n h C i ty C h ri s ti a n AL rst i a. Ha also purchased1,000 pounds of O r phanages inc e i ts i n c e p ti o n b y U .S . ri c e , three cans of fi sh sauce for in serviceDersons 1967. ri ki I ' he or phan a g e , w h i c h l o s t th a t s e a soni ng:100l osof i nstant ceand 12 s uppor t wit h t h e w i th d ra w a l o f U S . b o x es' of i nstantnoodl es. f or c es , got t he b a c k i n g o f Ame ri c a n "We exoectsometimeswhen we could m is s ionar iesin Vi e tn a m a n d fro m not cook," Ha said,explainingthe iqg!4n!, rice and noodles, "Those times carne o c hur c hesand re ma i n e d p e n . Ha s ar d he d e c i d e d l o m o v e th e when the orphansand crew got seasick 4 stewardessleads a Drccessionalof childr enon A pri l 2 w h e n a n e a rb yc i ty a n d i ust l i e dow n l i ke dead." Ha, whosepaperscould have allowed Viefnameseorphans down the walkway fell dur ingt he la s td a y so f th e w a r. T h e y crowded onto three micro-busesand him to leave the country alone, said he after their arrival at Ft. Smith. The 84 and 25 statf members{rom the b egan dr iv ing to Ph a n T i e t, 2 0 0 h a d gi venup hope of fl yi ng the chi l dren orphans. Orphanage kilometersaway, where they hoped to out of the country when he purchased Cam RanhBay City Christian th e boat. arrived at the re{ugeeresettTernent camp get on board a boat for Saigon. '11 that many peoplewant to go and on May 16 after a harrowing trip. (Baptist see Condit ionsa l o n g th e w a y , H a s a i d , -foby Photo by Druin, HMB) w er e " t r oubles o m e "a n d s o l d i e rs ,a l s o n b chance to get al l the ki ds on the Press , f leeings out hw a rd b o a rd e dth e b u s . A t airplane-toocrowded,"he said,"so I am troops determinedthat we go by sea." one point other SouthVietnamese w i Ha sai dhe consul ted i th fi shermenn a bloc k edt hem f ro m c ro s s i n g b ri d g ea n d a f ir ef ight wit h s o l d i e rs o n th e b u s the areaand learnedthat if worse came happenedthe next day we would have f ollowed. T he c h i l d re n h i d u n d e r th e to worseand they had to settleon one of had to stop and negotiatefor damages th e i sl andsthey coul d use' the boat for, and many peoplewould have rusheCon ou5es , W hen t hey f i n a l l y re a c h e dPh a n T i e t, c o m merci alfi shi ngto make a l i vi ng or board," H a sai d. from Rach Cia fell the next daY to the a t he c it y was jam m e d w i th re fu g e e s n d provide commercialtransportation communtS ts. boat owners were demanding $350,000 i s l andto i sl and. Ha and the orphansand othersliterally The eveningthey left Rach Cia, they (more than $400)to rent them a niasters had a prayer meeting at dockside with were iammed into the boat, he said, 109 boat . from the city and cast of them in the tiny craft. He said he "One blessing wasa wrong radio report other Christians Page 12


[{l A
A arlt

: ,,.


arbhans trom the Cam Ranh CitY Christian Orphanage sit with the orphanage director, Nguyen Xuan Ha, on . at ol the steps theirquartets Fort Chaf{ee (Baptist Press Photo by TobY Druin, IlMB\

@ wwe.ffi #ffi

bought rope to tie them in Place but there was only room to sit. They spent all night on the boat, the next day and next night before reaching the open sea. Ear iyon t he s ec on dd a y th e y h a i l e da Merchant ship and asked to ,Taiwanese b e tak en aboar d. At f irst they were refusedand the ship sailed aw'ay. b o rd e re d o n Th e ir s it uat ion when the engineof the boat desperation ship would not start, but the Taiwanese returnedand took them in tow. the Fledescribed trip behind the larger t as ve ss el t er r if y ing, o o s l o w b y d a y a n d to o fas t by night . "W e were frightened to death," he sa i d , " c ould not s le e p . J u s t s q u a t a n d watch We have our axe in hand so if anythinghappen(if the boat beganto be draggedunder) we cut the roPe." aboardprayedall the Ha saideveryone ti me , T he big boy s a l s o b a i l e d , u s i n g bucketsto empty water from the boat. "They oungk idswe rea l l v e rys e a s i c k ," h e sa id." T hey jus t l i e l i k e d e a th ." Fi n allyon t he m orn i n go f th e s e c o n d the ' day and in water nearSingapore, ship asked them to drop the tow and abandoned them in the water. Ha explainedthat other ships were in sight, horvever.and a rescue plane directed three fishing boats to pick them up. policemantook a A friendly Singapore message from Ha on the boats to So u ther n B apt is t m i s s i o n a rY Bo b w and,t hou g hth e o rp h a n s e re Wa kef ield i i n quar ant ine,W ake f e l d , M rs . G e n e and M r s . Ha ro l d Be n g s b o th o f , TL rnnell th e lat t er m is s iona ri e s m V i e tn a m, fro broughtihem candy and "good news of they were trying to do for us," Ha iruhat sa i d . That good news was the trip to the U n i ted S t at es "l hav e f ait h in th e L o rd ," H a s a i d , re count inghe t r ip. " M y fa i th a t ti m e s i s t very weak. I want a sign:like Cideonwant to seethe sun stop and seethe Lord w a s wit h us . "l n t his iour neyI t h i n k th e L o rd ti me d R e ve r v t hing- leav ing a c h C i a , th e s h i p co m ing bac k and t o w i n g u s ...T h eL o rd moved that captain'sheart." MAY 29, 1975


A g u id e f o r s p o n s o r in g V ie ln o : m Gse


Inclividuals Baptist.hurch", interested sponsoring or in one or more refugees from South Vietnam should follow these requirements: 1. FveryVietnamese must have a sponsor.In most cases, will need sponsors l o b e responsi bl e for: (A ) housi ng (l l ) a i ob (( ) encouragement tftat the refugeewill become self-sufficient so and not These dependon welfareassistance. obligations moral and not legal. are ) A churchmay sponsor one orrnore plrsons i lndividual sponsorsmust be certified bv a local church. Letters of may beppprovedby the pastor,the deacons, by the church in or certification letter shouldcertifythat the individualcan providefor the business session ,ThC needs listed under item 'l . Lettersof certificationor lettersfrom churchesoffering sponsorship should be sent to W. TruemanMoore, P.O. Box 3569,Ft. Smith,AR 72901.He can be contactedby phoneat Fort Chaff ee at 48+2294. n keepingwith Home Mission I Board guidelines, Moore has been authorized by Director of Missions R.H. Dorristo act in behalfof the stateconvention. 5. Lettersshould state any conditions ior sponsorship, o{ such as.number p e rs ons, i gi on,occupati on, rel etc.




,+ .

i .'" li' i' ii' .,,'i'' I +

i::: i* ,f





+1 n$rara:i'irit

P. O. BOX 1022, ARCADIA, FLORIDA33821 27 lby Lg75
0reeti-rrga in the Nano of *b.e CilE iifho move$ so rapidly ittr impossibLe .bo keop up ti'ii;h l{im. iu'hen f wrote you the l"9th of i\[y, l,{r.-}Ig a n4 the irphals vrere in Fort Chaffoe, Arka rs&Br last $aturday, the pl+ttr, I talted witir jijr. jla for the first tin'e since thelr aruival, and IVir. Ha told me thsir sdcurity clearnnces had been granted' the day befo_rer and they wero nor ready to move out of Fort Chaffeo. I\ruo options were.opons (t) move to Houston to a ranch prorridecl by ilest ll.bmorial Baptisb Chwch, or (2) alIor,v llucla:er Benevol-ences, I31cr of Dall-as to tregin placing tfim v,rith sponsors and./oi'adoptive Yesterd.ay, i,,iend.av,r pa rents. ee atteilpting to "*ir get in touchwlth Janps Gaylera dn fou::d. the orphans had aruived in tiouston at' ].'ZzjA noon CST. Thie mc,ningr,.Jim Gaylg calLed indicating he had personally worked out arranger.€nts with lVest Memorial Eaplbist Church and Buclmer Senevolenles, Ine the chiLdren will stay together courtesy of i,rest l.[emoria]. Baptis t "Essontially' Church for a short iinterval allcrwing them to become acquainted. withAmerioan w&]rsr Then Buclcaer Benevol-ences wil"l handle aJ-I arrangenents f or adoption or upot "or"irip as they are lioensed to do business in a13. l0 sta tes. They have agreed to give consideration thoso who havo so faithfully to supported. children ttrese past iew in particula Jrcars as those have vosted interests r chi-ldren" By aoting 48 Bporsors, you agree to be a lj.:rk between where the chitd is now and where he is capabls of going to all"on that child to frrlfi}l his/her God-givon potential as o6"y " viabLe and productive part of or.r Anrerican society, to assist them with lnoating a jobe provid.e housing, food. and perhaps clothing and transportati-on. After t&ey are establishedr tl'e sponsor would act as a friend and confid.ent as needed. An inforna tion sheet is included with this for your use if you sr: desire. This mjn.ister and tle Bcard. of Directors of the Cam Ranh City Cfrristian Sphanage wish to express our apprecia tion to you for yotr dedicated" support thee past few of 19 Wy 1975, we ray need to be arorm.d. for some ]rears. As I sa id. in rny lotter tine to come and would be privileged to s€f,vo Soltr Thank you for your prallers and your faithfblness.

ka chi\rs

s ervice,

q/" COi,SCm,Chairnan, JIL],ES

t) -v) f!$,-e-t^v |

Board of Directors


18 October i.925 Dear Prayer Partners and Friends of, Cam Ranh City Christian orpfranager'Dg-fgn believe in today? And do you believe our l,ord leads His lrteLL. IIe hae workba a mighty rniiacfe in oui aayr .children PropheticSllyl T9Y epe' Mrr Ha' all the orphans, all the staff who iould (and their rain-ilies ) were aLl miracuLously saved in those last days from the fall of Vletnam - God using a boat as His means of deLiveraircet Not one hurt or l3It"A about it ?tty w?Y'and this-the only orphanage your president knows anycomlng ,out of Vietnam intact. Todat, they are at The Buckirer lhing Baptist chil.drenrs Homel p. o. Box t8z6?, DaLLai, rexis ?Szta, siitt intact t Ae noet of you know when the situation worsened in the northern and centraL areast of Vi-etnam, much prayer uae made to God for the safety of our protogees. l.{r. Ha flew to Cirn,Ranh and made arrangements for trinsportlng everryong to Saigon. That ln its'eLf nqe a mir."a6Lerbut even more to qonel Mr. Ha and his group left Saigon or|Iy 30 rninutes before the presidental Falaee was bombed,. fhey walked and.ioae to the south coast of the cdunlr$ ?nd there secufed a gmltt t5' x 59. boatr put out to sea on iai{tr, weathered four qa{s ang nights asea, and-finallv-ai'rivea safeiy in singa-' * and P9T?_HaSbourl. GoCl_again_mdved they were ri"own-i"o* singapbre--via swi-tzerland, directly to Fgrt dhaffee, Arkansasi A short stiy-there, a gt-a Dallis where they fly *lyi reoelve randh-near rlouston, and arr wir"-tai"n-to are to orJ.entation Lnto American $laye and fof possiuft aaoption.xnquirles concernlng adoptlon srroura-ue sent-air"cli| to or. R. c. campPresident le}}' particulars, of Bucknlr BenevoLencesat the above*aaaresi eivine hdr fULL fhe annual Board of Directors met on 5 JuLy Ig?5 here in Arcadia. l,{rs. J. R. saundersr Director of Pan Paclric ceirt#;-oi carirornia ila an old tltg- supporter of can Ranh cit{_cnrisiian orprrinaEer-was i guest at,the meeting.__-1!he Board eonllrned Mrs. orni Delf ery or r,oi{ r,auaeraate "p""iit and Mre..lindy Kinard of Arcadia as new membersof oul Board of Directors. other actions take!_by the.Board included, the Boara tirrine-i"iio"-to back l'{r' Ha as l-iason officer with Dr. Campbell torrrara-the appropriaie plaein-g of our ehildren into proper hones r "orlLng encouriging and suppiiiiirel{r, Ha as he travels Letting.g-our-oul constituency, rrnSw--rrow iris movea, God and a declsion to establiah in erlucati.onaL tririt fund, for assisiing some worthy vletnamese to further hie or her eaqeation, (*n isia;-n;6; in as BOARD OF DIRECTORST Rev, J. Ted Colson, President Mrs. Ian H. C. Walker, Vice-Presid<int Mrs. Celeste Colson, TreasurerMrs. Oma DeIl Ely, Secretary Rev. T. Wade Atkins Rl;lrfffl._Brcckham Rev. Mike Hampton Mrs. Cindy Kinard

nueh as Dr. Campbell has assured yorr president that Buckner Benevolencee will d9 evgrything they can to prbvide-the necessary food, clothing and, educational needs of our, there is the distinct possibillty we could be helping Mr. Ha secure the courses he needs for an accreditbd American degree < one that he must have to be acceptable professiona3.J-y). Gifts are stil,L needed by Buckner Benevol-encesfor the support of the children and if you send them therer please be sure to deslgnate it for the appropriate chiLd or for the Vietnamese Orphans of Cam Ranh City 0rphanage. Gifts f,or the educationaL fund shouLd continue to be sent to Arcadla and any support you wish for Mr. Ho, and his famiLy. Your-president wishes to take this opportwrity to thank alL who have so graciously and generously supported CamRarrh City Christian 0rphanage these past few years. lle trust that you wiJ-L oontinue to this support as God leads especialLy as we must underwrite support for [{r, Ha and his family for some time to come, fhose who wrote their senators and gglgessmenr or others of influence, shoul-d know that you made it possible for this complete orphanage to arrive here intact, and Godts miraculous answer to prayer was a direct result of tbis intervention. Do please eontinue to uphoLd aLl of us in your prayerst May God bless each of you is Our prayer. In Ch r i strs s erv i c e,

J. TED COLSON,President




socur,r+^^ .*o.J "nstsrlAN


P. O, BOX 1022, ARCAD|A, FI_OR|DA 33g21

$oveaber L5t L9Tj

Ilcar frlendg

and urpporters


Sor aeverel yeef,s in evertrr Chridtnas letter scnt to youl I requested you pfry for peaoe in Vietnen eo thet the lnnocent ahildren uil} no thst nore gtrffer. llthJ.syeer p€ace was regtoled in our oount4[, but unfortunately in a tragle Dfnner. llhe eoat of lt rag countlesEr It yac dcath, deetnrction, oeparetlm and bondage. ht out of all niahapa, there vcre the hrpg that only Godrs hanals could tale. lflro Eme that you helped, to cgtabltgh and. zustoln cluring the paat yeaJtt ugs nwcd lataat to thls eountrT ln e nLraculoug nanner. For many y,ee$r no one trac ever thou8bt that these unfortunate child,ren yould be ln thla land of llberty and proaperity, but aoy they aotually a,re. llLlr oucg to your carmest prayer!. llhe nore ve learn ebout yor, the note ue feel thrilleil et vbat God bae ttone thror4h Eig people to bring sbout IIie glor?. ldo are fortunete enough to bc aotors of a clramar to go thlougb ell, the sGBnGs otl the steger aod et the ssnc tLne, spcotetors to see ubat ia noving behlad the ste€ie. Ar actors, re vent throrUb al1 the tragic acenea as ye lcft Canranh 3ay, Ieawlng behintt the beautilbl canpua vhioh bed bean built thnougb ? years of ybloh sreet and tears by lrun63sdg of dedioateil ctrrigtiengl the flrefight h+FBcned. on the highway vhich Bight have caused d.eath ol Ecperatlon for the SrouPl the go tisely departure that lf it ra^a delayeil a daV, no niving could be nade; the dtffloulty of gettlng enorgh boat apaae rith the help of a ntgtakan red.lo report; t"he danger of the sea itself, and fro otlrcr di.oorderLy relhgcec rhilo noving along tJre coa,stg the <llffteulty of brtngirg nany ohtldrca lnto tJrc becleged eapital arer of $aigoa enel brtagiLng tbel out 1,5 ninutes pclaoe rag bmbed3 the obtatning of aa oIil., tattered bcfone tho Presldenttr boatl croralng the 60O nile Siaa facing Etl tlre perils of the Pactftc

Ooran llkc an told man and the gear rnd tJre flnal trlp oroaaing the Aelsn rnd &ropern Contlnentr to anrlvc ln the Unlted Statcs of .Anreriar end to eettle in tblt Hone of tha fme of e ccntury chtld cerrir Itor vhcn ne settletl ilorrn and gatherad alL lnformatlon, could perforn eIl ttre acti na,rvcllously. Uc note herr rlth gratltucte Follovtrtg ere but I fev. all sur frlende ve know vtgr ve

that nade tho Journey poael.blc.

First of e11, the Daptlat missionaries i.n Vietnaar, vho dld not only provide aptrltual rnrpportr but alao belped to coyer our erpenges fron Ca,nnanh to Rach GiE. Orr partioular friend,e, Mr. Gene V. llunnell and M!. Eerl Bengo, vho bsd. trled to prepa:ri e11 necessary prpers ao that the childrea could ba fron Yietnane end to alert other frietrdg of our pogsible e:rival airlifted in other nelgbboring countrieg. llhe Rev. Ua}ter A. Southr Jr.1 a nenber of our Soard of Directore rho vec uith the orphanaga ttlL the last mlnutese giving nececss,f,lr encouls€pment snd advioo enct 6ven p€taonally sharing a large portion in thc purchase of the boat. llbe Rev. and llrs. James Colsonl our Preeid.ent, vho have not only labored. but they uere sleo tturiag the pest years to keep the orphanage fiutotidringr the onas rho kept treoh of aru every novenent and let it be knovn to our Inc., congtitu6nclea, and appropriate Ouranh City Glrrietlan Social llinistrleg, llhankg to tbeir efforte, nsny Beople kncv and prayed for us anil anthoritlss. beLpcil trc to gct through the bard Journey. Joinlng hands vith then vote our eottve 3oa,rd of Directors, Rev. Aiken, Rev. Sargentl Dr. 3eekhampMrg. Iart llalker and nrny other members. the Southea^ct Acla Baptiat Representetivel vho had Itlr. Blll Uakeflelit, frm the Singapore raterg to rsarove the cbildnn nadr the trenendouc effort carlier rnd to raive all trevel proccdurca. Thlal of courscr could not be done rlttrout the direct involvenent of Col. Cboo, the Dlractor of General Steff of Singelrore liEnlstry of Defenee, the U.S. Anbassador to Sin€:apors and Dn. nalph NeJ.gbbor, ttre Saptist nlesiona,rT to Singepore. AIso vas the gencroslty of, thc yo6cn of Slngapore Saptlst Churobeo, rbo provideil tbe chlldlen vith nrv clottres for the rest of the long Jouraey. nho vet one of the Cbrplaln &hrarrla, statLoneal in the PhlllLppineel had holped to alert tJre alr and fathers catabriohing this oa?bane€ie b L?59, authorltLee of our presenoo ln the Paciflc Ooetlr. soa Dllltar7 in Geneva, who Comittee for Erropean l{lgrationa, lllne Intergovennental neceaaary arrangements for the air travel fron Slngapore to Fort nade ell in the llxtrrl.oue sriss alr. cbaffeee Al*., via syitzerlasd, and nenberg of the Sridgeroter Unlted ilothodlgt Ctrurch of llthe ilinister the Eev. Jamea uright anil renbers of thg rugbland Avcnuo 3eDtlst Ncu Jencyr yort, nho provldoil thc rnscst ltell rt uPon oul ftrgt rclocr Chulob, trii of ttrtg free land. titro enireacc Jfr'etrtrort of llhe Churoh Uorld $ervics rnd' other illnector tr. Cof,llen, the flelil Rofugpc Cutr; vho gnvc the ohildr@ a alleolal rt rort cbrffre rntborltlcl posgible to gpt tJre ahtlilnou out of t'bo canp at enil iltd .volTthing "yp.tuy tha nccord tlaa. Septtst Churoh in Eouctoar pa,rtLcularly ilr. end !'tr!. t15c llert llaorial pagl ge.rtin, I{!. and Mrr. CeI |[hmea, vbo 4loneored ur out of tbe Cenp rnd to tba Anorlcan aooiety. !&c Ce1va,ry Septlct gfv. us e svoet lntroduotlon connuatty menbara v]ro cnllvencd our ll'vcs Cftur.oU et Srcnhenr arrd nulrlloul It tJrc |lOItCg n noh ilurtng those da;ro.

La,st but not leastl !f. R. C. Canpbell, the President of Bucloer Baptiat &r1_evolence!, Texas anct his colreagues end. Rev. Jamee Gayle, vho ucr€ vllltng to take the greategt brtrrrlen to ecttlc thege ln tbe finc catrpus of Buokner Eaptist Childrenrs Eonc tn Dallea. It is noted. herl thrt Rev. Gaylc bas beeL onc of our greatert rupportera. Ho w&g our paetor and baptized' nost of the childrcn Lnto the kingdom of God. fl,e hlnsa1f ya6 slao r"alecd up et the Bucborfg Hon€. fo all our frl"endr rnd aupportcra, r ovc you a gravo apolo8y for not you toonor. I hatr nyaolf for not doing thlo prope"ly. However, the rrltlng drlft from pleca to plecc of the vholc giroup, the haunted estape of death, tbe carc, gupport and cooiallzatlon for nearly 10O persons absorbei ny tlne and. energT. "eatty To eI1 the fathers and notherg nho have lent zupport to raise these chiltlrcn up durlng the last aeveral yca,rap you have reaEott to be proud that your ere nor ln the stete of happiness ttlat they never had before. Ag the children settle in this Home, our rol.e has not terminated. Even thotrgh their p\ysicel, sPiritual end mentaL relfare is taken care of, their frrtun hsg not beea cleered.. Adoption cteps ar. being taken. But every chil6 hel hia orn cLrcumstance and such poet-adoptive probleme aa language, scboollng, and otlret gocial probleus pmbatbly stiI1 linger. It ha^gbeen ny wish that allths chilclren nould be edopted out ln good atanding Christian faaililcr eapeclally in those uho hsve given support to then durlng the past |o&rdr Along vith the child,ren are ? staff fanilies who have devoted, tlne and euertU to gewe thesc chlldren. ftrey are ranging fron the assietant d.lrectonnana8€r to tbe cook, the houacparente antl the general hclpers, yho yorked for the orahanage for aeveral ye&rs. Sone of then even contrlbuted. all their aavings to nake the trip successfirl. They also need your pra,yerg end support es thcy novc torerrl thr nhrbilltation of thcj.r lLvce lla thls ngY land. lc for ne perronally, I thank you that you hevo prayrd and nrpportcd nc to tbir dey oo tbat I coulcl ftflftll the iluty torerril thega htlpleaa chLldrcn on you! bcherfr end t&at ny fanily could bc ou.t srf,c1y. At the prraent tfurr thl*s to your support tboush our organl.zation in FLorlda, It! eble to oontinul to serrc our ohlld.nen at Bucbrer Home and I vill continue to do eo rs lorg: es the chtldrcn necd me. In the mean time, Ir11 be glad to share vittr you df aets,tte of our God blesged trlp whenever Irn called for. For the future, I hopc that ny rlfe and I could have gone scboollng to fit ourgclvc into the ney envl.ronnsnt. Pleasc pra;r for us. Orr vleh le that you havc the beet time ag ye celebrate tbe Prlnce of Pcace and I very happy Ncn Year. Sincerely youra, the birthday of

3/+t": k s4 r" lt r* f < "-'&"1:t l{guyen Xuen Ee 5200 S. Buoher 3d Dallaa, llexas 75227 TeI 214-521426,

* .l;i.l..j;r:l:i ' ;:i:::'4


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. ,:ii ..!ii'

P. O, BOX 1022, ARCADIA, FLOBIDA 33821
Jrone frt Ilca,r friendr .nd supporters r t975

he ycer has elapseil sincc the Canranh City Chriatlan Orphanage oene to lnerloa. Ye feced the raae illffioultLes as any refilgec ln thle vorLd had to. Languagc, custous and hebits anrr Just a few. Ihdng tbe past Jrear, ln add.ltion to the regular household task of an extra-orrliaarll.y our prinary conoerna vere osntered, in the large fanlly, achoollng for the chlldren and the provision for them and gceklng to placc eecb oae rlth a,n &erican fanlly. t|lre flrst deye of achool vere d,lffLcu1t, slnce none of theur kner any &rgLieh. Otu fear ra,g that the cbildren vould aot sit ln class. tJe helped then in chooeing aubjectcr at verlous interpr.etations in echool. Ue apent tlne tutorlrg thelr boue vott, sometLnes until 12 p.n. Eut tbe alty school antborltles venc so good to adnit then all to public gcboolg at approprlate levelg and the teacherg yero ao klnil to rin thelr confl.dcnoc. lfter three noatbs of in clascl the ahildren began to be able to oomunicatc yttb tcecherg and olassatet, and lnterpersonal relationahip began to gtov. Dlfflculty ues not only uith t}ngliahr btut vith other anbJeotr sucb as Hode:m llrthr Elatory..o 88 vell. By nov, the school to then le no rnore a atrange plaoe. ttrey ltke it. fhey enjoy lt. Last year, school reporte vere encourag:lngi. llhey aycrage in Bra and Crc. A feu have aome ArB. Sme have Dtg. Eut nonc havc tr. .lll. obllctren ere gotng to Sunner school, either to ea:m ad&Ltlonal cretllts or to lrprove tbelr hrglleh. llhe ssconal teslc vas to flnd a hone for each one of then. Out of 86 ohlldrn vho oaae out of Canranh, 5 arc ln ny fanll-yr 2 beLong to ry asEiatant d:lrectort vbo asr either vitlovg or nldower rnd ln 9 are part of other staff fnilieal progran. ?2 verc iatcnded for tJre past rere l.n our fanlly rehabllltetlon placenent. Sl.nce ye cane here, ve have conpletely rellcd on Bucher Beptlat Chiltlren Home for all nateria.l neede and Srcbrer SaBtist Specia.l Se:rLces Department for hme placement. ll]rese agenclee a:le coqponents of hlcher Septict Soncvolencec vt $rin the te-aa Erpttst General Conventlon. So far ll hmes. liaJority arc ln Texas. lflre rcat are yerc placed ia dlfferent |fte farlliec rero aoattarcd frm tbe Yest to Eagt Co$t, even ilona to Floridr. rotrnilly rcleeteil anong thoco vho had rhm e keen lntereat ln tbe ohild anil of adoptlve parenta. ODe feature vas that act tbc atanda.rillscd l,tra-lrequlaltel
Colson, Treasurer BOARD OF D;RECIORS:Rev. J. Ted Colson, President lVlrs. Ian H. C. Walker, Vice-President Mrs' Celeste Dr. Patrick Beckham Rev. Mike Hampton Mrs. Cindy Kinard Mrs. Oma Dell Ety, Seeretary Rev. T. Wade Atkins Rev. Robert Sargent

thcy are good ,and rotlve Christian fanlllce, htghly reowmended by locel paetors. lnong thea rrere sone of tha fa,lttrful urpportera of o." oig*iteg.on. I,be 55 lcnrdnrng ch{lilren e^re ln tceneger cetcgory an6 ylll undergo the local fanlly eponsorchlp prog!a!. Uoat of thege ohlldren llvc in integratcd dornltorieg of Euakner Eoae. TodfYr Cenranh City Chrlgtlan Orphanager rlong vith Bepubltc of yletnrn, p*t hiatorlr. It ta aov a fadly. It !r Doy a prrt of Buckrcrrg. Adlou ! It Canranh Ctty Chr{.ctlen Orphana&. rlle o}rio uI ! r. Reoelllng 10 ycers agio, vhen the US Alr Forec Captaln, Dr. prtrick Becktunr on behalf of the Proteetant !{en and Ymen of ttre 6trapel, Canraah r{r Bager oane to my llttle houee ln the rlesort clty of Delet and. arked ac to asrmlee tlbe dlrectorahip of ttre orabanaga, thc oryhrragc raa Juet r blucprlnt. to thls dayr througb your faltbfrrl c,rpport, yi have iaved. tbe llvcl of alnort l2O honeleaa orlbans enal rlnlatencd. to aore thaD 2OOchlld,ren througb our tlaycare progtan. tJc Et leegt acbleved ore goal set by tbe fathera of thc or.phanage r to leave a na.rt of Chrlstlan concerrr for hunanlty on earth. l{e3r I report to you lour nieaiou la a,aoorpLishedr. lhough ny rola ae a d.lreotor cmea to an end, rrr gtlll anoDg theao Yletnenote ohl.l.dren, eopeclally the tccaa6ere, n^c I resoulce person, e nan of tholr orn race vho ehared vith theur the harrlshlpe of fleeing tha var, of e noatal.gic life in exlle, and of the stnrg8re for rlving. rt! vllrlng to contlnuc to ninlster to thclr sBtritual and enotlonal needc and to provlde guldanoc as they gron lnto adulthood.. Plea,se pray vlth ne so that rll vho oontrlbuta to thelr llvee ln thie later stagie ylll bevc one purlrorc - to help thcn to grev up into a balsneed Chrtgtian life of eplritua,l, nontal, prystcet and cnotlonel naturlty of an ethnic group ytrile they recognlze this land eg thclr ner country. Nov Irn aearching for d,irectlon ln ny nev Jou:ney of life. I d.ontt lnov vhele to head fot. I pray that God vlII give ne a ney vj.slon end Irn vaitingfor Hln. fo prepere for ltr begiruring thls feII, I vlll dcvotc fulltlne to achoolln8. Ifve been adnltted. to one of the Unlvcraltlcs ln Dallal and hope te flnls[ the graduate progran ln less than tyo yeats. ft dI]. be:rougb and, tottgb for me' but as Paul aaid rI have th,e ctrength to face all conditlonc by the power that christ glves ner Phll1lpiane 4r1) fEY. r sollclt your personal ptayera. I thank you and nay God blese you.

Slncerely yours,

/Y?er/f.tYr/e,'r gLl{r. Nsuyin xuin ui
1200 So. BucLner Blvd., Dallao, fX 71227

"\il:* "s f,r,*^ J
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7 W t?76


FLORTDA e o. Box 1022,ARCAD|A, 33821

g.W,wEresltP-U?W w lwCgFwa4lw YWW gtr

lv,Id. Adt. annual oneatt* by bla/tona Tuerda{Ctn try %ou bard, ol 0uueru P,lrL, fST. fxpendi;auoa 1"" fu pl 7 ,"ly l?75 betiinin* d?:i !@t unrtz qvJ{t ond,t?z llnnrwl'al aiAnlion lo" fu ntrt funlw mnlta 'd d qpn4 trtdid. lln fuid. eg/ed. uiA llh. lla'a onalqei,o ol ln i.rtnlion (-py o{ ltoo l.Le^. enr/o4d,) @d.leal fu nn'nintg @, ahouU h ued b uitl. Ai^ ab tin Aia cilm,tiona,L g""L fua ltc pat W tlbu lla Aaa acefhd. tu lanne arion pon edun knnwlast a le wu//, h l*" b afah ui-$ou/, pnaunz be ing en^hd. upn fun by fioae povi.ditg opi'abnno- 0&e* ilenharu o{ ln "bl.( wat flad. on lu, ed?rrztl Fynotl qd, ourt onganlganionhoa ro none anapuiliJi-tgr lhz o\i'Ld,an o e turu bhen a,nz o{ ad. on/.y tfb @d,firu. lla otz o.t n \ loa fizn naulrrg auprui.bil;*ya. 7o &ue o{ pu ut\o nay uri,tll.b ontinrc onfutbwUry betdA tftu lla'a cdacnaor4 pu na.* do a by aeruliry lputl @nl^ihrtion di^eerLt b lin (ALo ddrul. ia bennn.4thi,o aiyoAuz fu"A), on, tl p uiah a bx'ln4uct itn ord. rc.dp.l pu ,,4and. b lrz A^'dit, i-t F/oai.da dd^ta4 abn th fuuai,&nt ol ln (an Ronh. (!l* ]vatltian Sochl tfLnL.rnea trc-, $art ypu otv ad. @Ll loo p^ dndtstion b p^ lend. otd. pu M. inbtwet, in &uc loa ulwt llc dln4 Fu inhnnot in ltua uAo hz,n hd..udr gnol d. loo ry yratu. Qd onfinn b blrl4 pu b ond.uLll @ntinn b h ry W


IOARD OF DIRECIORS: Rev. J. Ted Colson, President Mrs. Ian H. C. Walker, Vice-President Mrs. Celeete Colson, Treasurer Mrr. Oma Dell Ely' Secretary Rev. T. Wade Atking Dr. Patrick Beekham Rev. Mike Hampton Mrs. Cindy Kinard Rev. Robert Sargent

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CA]'i'liANI{CIIY C}MISTIA$ SOCTAI, I{INISTN]ES, II{c P.0. 3ox LQ22, Arcadia, flLorida 1382t. Yietnarn Office: P.0. 3ox lJ, Gla dlnh Republic of Yietnan
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