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Q: Who is the new Chairman of Public Accounts

C1: KV Thomas
C2: Kamal Nath
C3: N Jananrdhan Reddy
C4: Millikarjun Kharge
C5: None of these.

committee (PAC)?

Q: Who has been recognized a the oldest man in
C1: Alexander lmich
C2: Misao Okawa
C3: Saitama
C4: Sakari Momoi
C5: None of these.

the World by the Guiness World Record?

Q: “Ice Bucket Challenge” is organized for awareness against which disease?
C1: T.B
C2: Malaria
C3: Ebola
C4: Lou Gehrig’s disease
C5: None of these.
Q: She is called “Iron lady of Manipur”. She is
She was recently released from jail. Her name is?
C1: Arundati roy
C2: Irom sharmila
C3: Marykom
C4: Pragya Shadvi
C5: None of these.
Q: “Pink Panther” team in “Pro Kabbadi
C1: Hyderabad
C2: Mumbai
C3: Kolkata
C4: Jaipur
C5: None of these.

on fast against AFSPA from many years.

League” belongs to which city?

Q: Which 5 Indian Companies were listed as the
“Words 100 Most Innovative Companies” in
Forbe’s list?
C1: Hindustan Unilever, Tata Consultancy Service (TCS), Larsen & Toubro (L & T) Pharma
Industries and MRF.

Tech Mahindra. Larsen & toubro (L&T). A: CHOICE 3 of RBI? Q: Government recently approved “Digital India” Programme. A: CHOICE 3 . C4: USA C5: None of these.P.Chakrabarty C5: None of these. Agarwal C4: Rajni Razdon C5: None of these. Sun Pharma Industries and Bajaj Auto. Larsen & toubro (L&T). D.C.C2: Wipro. C3: Hindustan uniliver. C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 4 Q: Who took over the as the 4th Deputy Governor C1: Urjit patel C2: H. C1: A only C2: B only C3: A and B C4: None of these. khan C3: S. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). C5: All of the above. C) It is planned to be implemented 2017.K.Mundra C4: K. A: CHOICE 4 Q: Who is the new Chairman of UPSC? C1: Alka Sirohi C2: Vinay mittal C3: Prof. A: CHOICE 3 Q: Where is World’s first “eco-temple” for Hindu religion built recently? C1: India C2: Vietnam C3: U.S. Which Statements are CORRECT about it? A) It is Focused on broadband connectivity for all gram panchayats. B) It is planned to be implemented by 2019. Sun Pharma industries and Bajaj Auto C4: Hindustan uniliver. Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Sun Pharma Industries and Bajaj Auto.R. Tata consultancy Services (TCS).

A: CHOICE 4 provide Rs.100 Crore for “Clean India” Q: Recently. C4: Jhansi in U. India ranked 5th among top ten wind power producers in world. From which district Q: Rotavirus vaccine will help in improving which socio enonomic indicator? C1: Mother Mortality Ratio C2: Infant Mortality Rate C3: Female Sex Ratio C4: Literacy Rate C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 3 River linking Project”. C5: None of these. Government approved “Ken-Betwa Ken originate? C1: Betul in MP C2: Dholpur in Rajasthan C3: Jabalpur in M. A: CHOICE 4 . Which country is the leading wind power producer in world? C1: Japan C2: Germany C3: China C4: Netherland C5: None of these.P.Q: According to Renewable 2014 Global Status Report. A: CHOICE 3 Q: Which Software company has announced to initiative by Government of India? C1: Wipro C2: Infosys C3: Google C4: TCS C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 2 Q: Which animal is natural carrier of “Ebola Virus”? C1: Mosquito C2: Fly C3: Beetle C4: Fruit Bat C5: None of these.P.

first jelly fish lake is recently C1: Rajasthan C2: Andhra Pradesh C3: Orisha C4: Gujarat C5: None of these .Rangarajan C5: None of these. C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 2 .Thambidurai C3: L K Advani C4: Amit Shah C5: None of these. C4: making ethanol mandatory in petrol. A: CHOICE 2 Management Commission”? Q: Recently India rejected WTO offer. What was it related with? C1: Removing import restrictions on food items. A: CHOICE 3 Q: Who has been elected as Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha C1: kamalnath C2: M.Q: In which state. C3: Signing Trade facilitation agreement. A: CHOICE 2 Q: Which has been appointed as Iraq’s new prime minister C1: Faud masoom C2: Haider Al Abadi C3: Sohail Nouriki C4: Mohamadd Abadi C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 4 discovered? Q: Recently announced REITs are related to which sector? C1: Banking C2: Insurance C3: Real estate C4: Education C5: None of these A: CHOICE 3 Q: Who will head the first” Expenditure C1: Raghurajan C2: Bimal jalan C3: Arun Jaitely C4: C. C2: Removing fertilizer subsidy to farmers.

C) Agency to support mainstream PPP Procedures.V. B) Agency to implement infrastructures projects.Q: Which Typhoon has hit south west coast of C1: lemchaong C2: Pynogerw C3: Nemnheng C4: Halong C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 3 and Kashmir is located on which river Q: Who has been appointed as Chairman of central board of direct taxes C1: Krishna Kumar C2: K.Chowdary C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 3 she was Governor of which state . C1: A only C2: A&B only C3: C only C4: A and C only C5: All the above A: CHOICE 3 Q: Governor Kamal Beniwal has been removed. A: CHOICE 4 Q: What is true about “3P India” as proposed in Budget 2014? A) Agency to fund PPP Projects. A: CHOICE 4 Japan? Q: Nimmo Bazgo hydropower project in jammu C1: Chenab C2: Zanskar C3: Indus C4: Jhelum C5: None of these.Giriprakash C3: Ranjit Singh C4: K. C1: Rajasthan C2: Assam C3: Mizoram C4: Manipur C5: None of these.

System Initiative award 2014. Q: Which of the payload of NASA’s Mars Rover mission 2020 will generate oxgen at Mars? C1: Supercam C2: Mastcam C3: MOXIE C4: ROXIE C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 4 Q: How many Golds have been won by India in C1: 5 C2: 8 C3: 15 C4: 22 C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 3 Q: Opening the Savings Bank Account of a minor girl will be called as which of the following in Banking terminology? C1: Retail Banking C2: Merchant Banking C3: Institutional Banking C4: Social Banking C5: Corporate Banking A: CHOICE 1 . A: CHOICE 3 Q: Which Bank has bagged Core Banking C1: Bhartiya Mahila Bank Limited C2: SBI C3: PNB C4: Canara bank C5: none of these A: CHOICE 1 Common Wealth Games 2014. he was associated with which field C1: Human right protection C2: Deaf studies C3: Women’s right C4: Environment C5: None of these.Q: Robert Frederick Panara has died. A: CHOICE 4 Q: Construction of world’s tallest Railways bridge began at which Place C1: Tura (Meghalaya) C2: Shimla C3: Leh C4: Noney (Manipur) C5: None of these.

the arrangement is generally known as _______ C1: Participation C2: Consortium . C2: Prices of essenties commodities C3: Inflation C4: Borrowing power of the banks C5: All of the above A: CHOICE 5 carried out with a view to regulate Q: When more than one bank are allowing credit facilities to one party in Coordination with each other under a formal Arrangement. A: CHOICE 1 Q: Which of the following terms is related with C1: Grand Slam C2: Half Nelson C3: Ashes C4: Screen C5: Love A: CHOICE 3 the game of crickets? Q: RBI’s open market. C1: Demat Account C2: NRI Account C3: NRIO Account C4: Current Account C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 2 Q: An Account in which trading of shares in their electronic form is done.Q: Which of the following terms is NOT used in C1: SLR C2: NPA C3: Credit Rating C4: Fixed C5: PURA A: CHOICE 5 Banking Sector? Q: Banking Sector will fall under which of the following sector? C1: Agriculture Sector C2: Service Sector C3: Manufacturing C4: Industrial Sector C5: None of these. operation transaction are ______________ C1: Liquidity in the economy. is known as ____________ .

A: CHOICE 2 Q: The Bank rate means ____________ C1: Rate of interest charged by Commercial banks from borrowers. C1: Sale or purchase of Govt. A: CHOICE 2 Q: Open market operation. C5: None of these. Securities. C2: Issuance of different types of bonds. one of the measures taken by RBI in order to control credit expansion in to economy means ________________. C5: None of these. C2: Rate of interest allowed by commercial banks on their deposits. C3: Rate of interest allowed by commercial banks on their deposits.C3: Syndication C4: Multiple banking C5: None of these. A: CHOICE 4 . C3: Auction of gold C4: To make available direct finance to borrowers. C4: Rate at which RBI purchases or rediscounts bills of exchange of commercial banks.