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Dear Interpol,

By this email that I send as an open letter, I have a several background to

present before I spell out my request of assistence and consideration.
International crime prevention is abselutely required to ensure global peace,
because the criminal or criminal organization will always find a way to avoid
themself out of justice. One of the several ways that is used to avoid justice in a
certain country is to runaway to another country, even running the crime from
outside the country, while the local police organization only have yuridiction
within its country. In PBB (United Nations) convention, it is stated that
international crime prevention include :

Exchange of Criminal Information and Intelligence

Mutual Legal and Assistance in Criminal Matters
Transfer of Criminal Proceeding
Transfer of Sentenced Person
Joint Investigation
Joint Operation

The criminal put an action in almost every aspect of global activity, including
sport game like football. This sport game is one of the most famous sport in the
planet, including in Indonesia. Therere a several news that state a number of
crime involving the holly name of Football in Indonesia, including mass supporter
brawl, match disturbance, etc. Those crime can be handled well by Indonesian
Police, beacuse there are a special unit that focus on these kind of crime. But not
every crime in Indonesian football only involve a local Indonesian person. Theres
one illegal network that can take Indonesian Football down really bad if this
network isnt cleaned, there is football mafia or the Indonesian might say Mafia
Bola. One of the most distrubing crime that is done by this illegal organization is
an illegal score arrangement where the team is paid for lose, bribed referee, etc.
These kind of crime has put Indonesian name of football to its knee, and even to
its own people, beside I believe these kind of crime involve an illegal money
based activity either. Even if our Indonesian intelligence is entering the network,
our activity is still limited because most of the criminal arent from Indonesia.
One of the illegal score performer has been interviewd in mata najwa, local
news in one of the private TV station in Indonesia stated that a couple of mafia
come from Malaysia, China, etc. By this electronic mail, I represent the entire
Indonesian civilians who cares a lot about sportivity, justice and fairness toward
every aspect of life hopng that Interpol, or any division that moves specialized in
this certain criminal area to work together with Indonesia Police and Intelligence.
Because with the experience that Interpol have are rich enough to take care this
kind of situation.
At this moment, I think Ive written the entire things to present. Me and the
entire Indonesia civilians and supporting organization is looking forward for your
feedback and considaration. Lastly, Id like to say thank you very much by giving
me an opportunity to send you this email.

Faithfully Yours,