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Project Report On Business Incubation Management System (BIMS


For Science and Technology Park, Pune University, Pune.

Submitted By Hanmant G. Rachmale

Master in Computer Application (MCA) University of Pune Vidya Pratishthan’s Institute Of Information Technology (VIIT), Vidya Nagari, MIDC, Bhigwan Road, Baramati, Dist Pune 413 133 2009-201

Guide Certificate
This is to certify that, Hanmant G. Rachmale of MCA Course, SEM-VI has successfully completed his Project Work Titled “Business Incubation Management System (BIMS)”, under my guidance.

Signature of Guide Miss. Snehal Jadhav Project Guide


Place: Baramati


I take pleasure in presenting my project work done for Science and Technology Park, Pune University. Since last 4 months. The training period was an enriching experience for me from professional as well as personal front for getting an opportunity to familiarize myself to the world’s best IT industry. I am thankful to my project guide Miss. Snehal Jadhav, who keeps monitoring my project continuously to complete it in time as per the expectations by Science and Technology Park, Pune University.

“Ability is of little account without opportunity”, and I want to thank our Director
Dr. Amol C. Goje, who gave me a very bright learning opportunity, during my course to prove my ability and skills. From bottom of my heart, I must appreciate and express my gratitude towards the effort taken by Mr. Ramaswamy Iyar, Project Leader Science Technology Park, Pune University. And Mr. Ashok Saraf for providing technical support all the time. I would also like to thank Miss. Sushama Patil (Head of the Department Computer Course) for providing all the necessary facilities at college during the development of this project. Last but not least I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards staff members of VIIT, my colleagues and friends for their moral and technical support throughout the duration of the project.

Index Chapter Table of Content No. 1. Introduction 1.1 Company Profile 2. Proposed System 2.1 Existing System and Need for System 2.2 Scope of Work 2.3 Detail Description of Technology Used 3. Software Requirement Specification 4. Analysis and Design 4.1 Class Diagram 4.3 Use Case Diagrams 4.5 Activity Diagram 4.5.1 Activity Diagram for User 4.5.2 Activity Diagram for Manager 4.5.3 Activity Diagram for Moderator 4.6 Sequence Diagram 4.6.1 Sequence Diagram for Admin 4.6.2 Sequence Diagram for User_Community 4.6.3 Sequence Diagram for Manager 4.6.4 Sequence Diagram for User Mentor 4.6.5 Sequence Diagram for Services 4.7 Deployment Diagram 4.7Component Diagram 4.8 Site Map of the System 4.9 Table Specification 5. User Interface Design 5. Testing and Implementation 6. User Manual 7. Drawbacks and Limitations 8. Proposed Enhancements 9. Conclusions 10. Bibliography 10.1 Annexure 1 Output Reports 10.2 Annexure 2 Sample Program Code Page No. 1 2-5 6 7-10 10-12 13-26 27-34 35 36 37-40 40 40 41 42 43 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51-62 63-97 98-104 105-108 109-110 111-112 113-114 115 116-122 123-130