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A330 ± Electrical Power (ATA 24) AC SOURCES 02 - Engine Driven AC Generators (IDGs

01 - APU AC Generator (APU TR, APU BCL, APU Battery - in bulk cargo compartment) 02 - External AC Power sources on ground ± 2 Connectors named A & B 01 - Emergency Generator - Driven by Green hydraulic system, if main generators fail, it can supply to certain essential AC & DC networks. 8.6 KVA/ 115 Volts/ 3 Phase, except when RAT powers green hydraulic system & A/C speed < 260 KTS, 3.5 KVA. It is located in RH Fourth Flap Track Fairing Assembly. 01 - Static Inverter ± If no AC power source is available, it provides 1 phase AC power to the AC Essential Bus. During operation, the static inverter voltage & frequency can be displayed on ECAM Page. This is the same as electrical emergency configuration or battery configuration.

04 IDENTICAL TRS 01 For each main AC bus to convert 115 VAC to 28 VDC.

01 For APU (for charging APU's battery, can also assist Starter while APU starts if Ext PWR Supplied) 01 Essential TR for essential DC Loads

DC SOURCES From AC through TRs
02 Ni-Cad Batteries ± 24V, 37Ah each, as backup, supplies Hot Battery Bus, controlled by BCL

RATINGS IDG, APU & Ext Power External Power Emergency Gen Static Inverter


115 V, 115 KVA, 400 Hz, 3 Ph 115 V, 90 KVA, 400 Hz, 3 Ph 115 V, 8.6 KVA, 400 Hz, 3 Ph 115 V, 2.5 KVA, 400 Hz, 1 Ph

IDG Servicing - If the oil level is within Green Band (IDG Cold) or within Green & Yellow (IDG Hot), IDG Servicing is not required AC & DC Ground Flight Buses are normally supplied by aircraft network or directly by External Power Unit through upstream of External Power Contactor without energising the whole aircraft network. Normally, AC Ess bus is supplied by AC Bus 1, however in case of loss of AC Bus 1 when AC Ess feed push button is set to ALTN following µFault¶ legend, AC Bus 2 supplies it Each external power supply can be switched ON or OFF from the cockpit by its associated push button switch named Ext A or Ext B. Only EXT PWR A can supply the ground/flight network by using the Maintenance bus switch, located in the cabin.

06 Pins in each Ext PWR plug, 3 for 3 phases of ac, 1 for neutral & 2 for dc - which enable GAPCU to check the quality of external power & to allow, if ok. External power when selected - on external power receptacle ± NOT IN USE ± OFF, AVAIL - ON - in cockpit ± AVAIL light extinguishes, ON light comes

Separate ELEC AC & ELEC DC pages are available in ECAM SD

CONTACTOR MANAGEMENT (ECMU) - 02 electrical contactor management units control & monitor the main ac & dc contactors CBMU - 01 circuit breaker monitoring unit monitors the CBs & indicates on ECAM ± C/B Page NO BREAK POWER TRANSFER FUNCTION (NBPT) - Transfers between two sources (IDG, APU, EXT PWR) without busbar power supply cutoff. Only during this small time interval the two sources run in parallel. It is available on ground only, managed by ECMU/GAPCU/GCU PRIORITY OF SOURCES - for AC BUS 1: GEN 1 / APU GEN / EXT B / EXT A / GEN 2, - for AC BUS 2: GEN 2 / EXT A / APU GEN / EXT B / GEN 1.