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The Kill in Her Mind Lucy, Anna and Nora were friends since kindergarten.

They live in the same neighbourhood. Lucy, the extra-rich girl who always get what she wants. Nora and Anna on the other hand, having life as simple as they can be. Despite the differences, they were close to each other. They had lunch together, they sit together, and they always stick together. Whatever happens, they will always stick together. One day, Lucy told Anna that she·d hooked up with Anna·s ex -boyfriend; Eric. ´It·s not that I want you to feel bad, but I think he·s such a great guy,µ Lucy told Anna. Anna replied, ´No, it·s okay. Go for it, girl.µ They both smiled and hugged each other. Anna began to think. It·s not okay, Lucy. I·m not okay for you. He·s a liar, but how can I tell you without breaking your heart? This is not good. ´Are you okay? You don·t look good,µ Lucy asked. ´I·m totally fine,µ she replied. ´Hey, what·s the deal going on here?µ Nora interposed. Anna and Lucy both said ´no, nothing.µ The y flashed a smile and went away different way. ´This isn·t right. Something·s wrong,µ Nora said to herself. In her room, Anna laid her head down on the pillow. How can this happen. What should I do? He·s just going to fool her. I have to do something. The phone suddenly rings, ´Anna, this is for you,µ her mom called for her. ´Hallo? Who·s this?µ Anna asked. ´You·re not going to tell her anything. You·re just going to break her heart. You know that she loves me. What·s the big deal? Let me go, okay?µ Eric said. ´Let you go? Fuck! I·m totally not into you man. What·s wrong with you? Revenge on me for dumping you? That·s totally messed up. You·re weird,µ Anna shouted. He hung up. This is freaking me out. She went to bed and took a nap so she can take a rest. Hours later, she opened her eyes and saw Lucy sitting in front of her. ´Hi Lucy. What·s the deal coming here? Is there anything wrong?µ Anna asked Lucy. ´Yes. There·s something wrong with you. You seduced him on the phone!µ ´No I didn·t. He told you that?µ Anna shouted. ´What·s wrong with you? Can·t you see me happy at least for a day? I can·t believe you did this!µ Lucy said. This is what I·m afraid will happen. Oh God, help me. She dumped me for this boy. How dare her. ´We·re totally over. No more ¶we· after this!µ Lucy shouted loudly. Days went. Weeks elapsed. It·s near school holidays. Holidays for two months. Working and studying and relaxing time. ´Anna, I feel sorry for us. But being with one of you will make things worse. It·s better for me to go on my own. I·m really sorry. I love both of you. Promise me you·ll be okay with Lucy.µ That·s what she wrote on her letter. Now it·s just me and holidays. Without close friends. It·s so boring. ´What happened between you and Lucy?µ Anna·s mom suddenly asked. ´It·s nothing mom. You know, boys. She·d hooked up with you know-who,µ she replied. ´Oh my. That·s horrible. You -know-who isn·t a good guy for any girls,µ her mom replied. ´I knew, mom. Huh! But she won·t listen to me,µ

Anna cried. ´It·s okay darling. She·ll be fine. She·s not an idiot. You know that too,µ her mom said. ´Thanks mom. You·re the best,µ Anna replied. I·m sorry Lucy. I can·t take that you trusted him more than me. You don·t even want to hear my explanation. What friends are for? I·m sorry. You hurt me badly. I swear never to give you forgiveness even if you beg for it one day. You·ll regret. ½ ½ ½

´I should have believed her on the first place! You·re a liar!µ Lucy shouted. ´I get what I want. I do what I want. You·re such an idiot. Trusting me, not your forever-best-friend Anna. How can you not see? I did this because she dumped me. For nothing? That·s bad,µ Eric said. ´Nora told me everything and it·s your entire fault. You cheated on Anna, for Nora. Now who·s bad? And Nora was an idiot back then. She didn·t know you·re still with Anna that time. She trusted you. Now me. I·m the biggest idiot. How could you did this! She·s such a wonderful girl back then,µ Lucy uttered.

It·s been four years. Now Nora·s in London, wo rking on her salon. Lucy, still finding for her true friend; Anna. Anna, still missing. One day, Lucy came to her house and search for her mom. ´Oh my God! Is that you Lucy?µ Anna·s mom said. ´Yes aunt. It·s me, Lucy. How are you? Where·s Anna?µ Lucy repli ed. ´I·m fine. Getting old. Anna·s not here. Three years ago she moved to Paris,µ Anna·s mom said. ´She·s not very well.µ ´Is she sick?µ Lucy asked. ´No. Not that. She·s just, being very quiet. She didn·t talk much. She didn·t smile much. I know that becau se I·ve been to Paris to see her last week.µ Anna·s mom uttered. ´This is her address. You·ll know where to find her.µ ´Thanks Aunt Alice,µ Lucy replied. Therefore, she went to Paris to see her. ´Is that you, Anna?µ Lucy shouted from back. ´Yes. Do I know you? Have we met?µ Anna said. ´How can you not know me? It·s me Lucy.µ Lucy. I missed you. How can I not know you. You·ve been in my mind like forever. I really missed you. ´Oh. Hi there Lucy. I·m kind of busy now. I·ll talk to you later.µ ´You·re not busy. You didn·t do anything when I came here.µ ´I·m thinking. I need space. So could you please come back again next time?µ Anna said. ´Are you mad at me? Anna, I·m sorry.µ ´I·m fine. Not mad at all. Just a little upset. You trusted him more than me. That·s n ot very refreshing. You know,µ she replied. ´I said I·m sorry.µ ´Yeah, like sorry is enough. Let·s go talk outside.µ ´You·re a teacher and author at the same time?µ Lucy asked. ´Yes. I find it very relaxing,µ Anna replied. Why do you have to ruin my day ag ain? I hate seeing your face here. ´What are you doing here in Paris? Working?µ ´No. I·m here for you. I want to ask for your forgiveness.µ Now this is what I expected. You asked me for forgiveness. That easy? No. I·m not that fool. I swore the other day w hen you hurt me. ´Four years. You let me live with this bad feeling about you. And now you want my forgiveness?µ Anna uttered. ´Sorry,µ Lucy replied. She hugged Anna

and they both cried. Revenge is now mine. You chose him. Not me. Now, let me hurt you. I·ve learnt about life these years you·ve left me alone. Now it·s my turn to bring you down. ´I missed you Lucy.µ ´Me too darling,µ Lucy replied. Of course I missed you, but I hate you. Lucy, you are an idiot. ´How about Starbucks?µ ´That sounds great,µ Lucy said. I will hurt you. Not now. But I will. I·ll do it slowly and let you suffer slowly. I want to see you suffer. The day you die, it·s the day I·ll never stop smile.