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Seavus DropMind™ - Web is a dynamic mind mapping software for visual thinking and organizing activities that provides

a unique experience. This mind mapping tool increases productivity and saves time. It is useful for developing plans, improving communication and solving problems faster and easier.

Turning ideas into concept

Provides real-time collaboration

Facilitates brainstorming sessions and offers simultaneous collaboration, tracking map progress in a timeline of changes in a Map and Chat History.

Offers versatile integration

Includes powerful project initiation functionality that organizes the daily work load and easily turns ideas into decision making process with powerful integration options between desktop and web application, Basecamp, Google Docs and Google Contacts.

It is available in 5 different languages

Enables communicating more easily using different languages: English, Spanish, French, German or Japanese.

It provides rich experience with MS® Silverlight™

Offers a unique experience and avoids the constraints in the map space with the powerful and unique four-sphere mind map layout.

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Simultaneous collaboration

Seavus DropMind™ offers unique collaboration with friends and colleagues, working on the same map and making changes at the same time. Each action during the collaboration is recorded. It is possible to see how the map was built using the timeline slider of changes, which empowers the education process and facilitates the business uses of the application itself. Having this feature available, the overall communication process is improved and a wide range of time is saved for further actions.

Seamless integration

This feature gives the best from desktop and web solution together. The automated synchronization allows the user to always get the latest changes and be updated anytime and anyplace, without losing any information. Having this feature on hand, Seavus DropMind™ offers a platform to merge the web-based and desktop integrations with different software, such as: MS Project, MS® Outlook, Google Docs and Basecamp.

Integration with Basecamp - project management application

The Basecamp integration offers possibility of importing and exporting project data and task information between Seavus DropMind™ and Basecamp. The opportunity to import entire projects, to-do lists or to-do items from Basecamp, or export mind map topics as tasks’ names from Seavus DropMind™ offers powerful project initiation functionality. This feature provides complete solution for project related activities, such as collaborative brainstorming, discussions and task delegation and offers complete overview of the project in visually distinctive way.

Integration with Google Docs, Google Contacts and Google Search
With the Google integration users are offered well-built solution for complete control over their documents, by uploading and attaching their Google Docs to any topic within their mind maps. Moreover, it provides importing Google Contacts in the mind map community and making advanced search through the content of their Google Docs. This integration allows the user to always get the latest changes and manage attachments and contacts from both sources, Seavus DropMind™ on one side and Google Docs and Google Contacts, on the other side.

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Chat and Publish maps

Seavus DropMind™ offers close collaboration and chatting in a real time with collaborators, colleagues and friends. Everyone can share their mind maps with other Seavus DropMind™ users by assigning them as collaborators or viewers, as well as to publish their maps and make them accessible to all Seavus DropMind™ users who can view, print or save the published maps as their own maps.


The powerful presentation mode gives possibility for creating, exporting and viewing presentations from the created mind maps directly within the application. The presentation is displayed in a "full-screen" view and presents different parts of the mind map without distraction. It offers presenting facts and important data in stylish and interactive way, with choosing what should be included in the presentation, allowing the application itself to generate the whole presentation and export it to MS® PowerPoint for further usage.


Seavus DropMind™ offers vast interactivity while working on mind maps. By selecting a single topic gives possibility to search words or phrases written in the selected topic and find related information online, via Google, Delicious, Live Search and Wikipedia. With the Twitter integration it allows users to receive map alerts as direct messages on their Twitter account or tweet the selected topic’s content, simply by allowing twittering from each map separately and following Seavus DropMind™ on Twitter.

In-house solution

Seavus DropMind™ can be used as in-house solution by offering automated setup of complete Seavus DropMind™ service that can be easy deployed on customer’s server.

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