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Seavus DropMind™ - Desktop is platform friendly mind mapping software that enables companies and individuals to capture important

data in an intuitive and powerful visual format. This tool organizes complex information in interactive, memorable and visually distinctive mind maps.

Turning ideas into concept

Offers versatile integration

Saves time, effort and energy with powerful integration options between desktop and web application, MS® Outlook, MS® Project.

Improves memorizing process, boost productivity and creativity

Allows generating and viewing presentations with smooth, tasteful "click-to" presentation mode and exporting slides to MS® PowerPoint or as images in .zip file.

Solves problems and improves communication

Offers powerful project initiation functionality that organizes the daily work load and easily turns ideas into decision making process.

It can be installed on any platform It has Multilanguage support

Offers flexible installation across different operating systems - Windows, Mac or Linux.

Enables communicating more easily using different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese or Portuguese.

It offers wide space for creating mind maps

Offers a unique experience with one-of-a-kind four-direction map layout where topics are automatically arranged left, right, above or below the central topic.

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Personalized Visualization

Seavus DropMind™ - Desktop allows working on a smooth and flexible user interface that stimulates brain creativity and saves time by choosing different map styles and structure. It offers variety of colors, borders, relationships, images, shapes and ties. Moreover, applying different mind map patterns or background colors offers creation of a unique mind map.

Import/Export Options

Seavus DropMind™ is information visualization mind mapping software that offers variety of import and export options and seamless integration. It imports mind maps from Mindjet MindManager®, XMind, FreeMind, MS® Word document, MS® Project and MS® Outlook. Moreover, it export mind maps as PDF document, Image, MS® Word document, Rich Text document, HTML file, PowerPoint Presentation, XML file, FreeMind, Mindjet MindManager®, MS® Word document, MS® Project and MS® Outlook.

MS® Word and MS® Power Point
Seavus DropMind™ allows advanced exporting options of created mind maps to MS® Word and MS® PowerPoint. The whole map content is exported in a very intuitive visual format. Exporting mind maps gives complete overview of the inserted topics and all other visual elements created in Seavus DropMind™. The export to MS® Word makes the created document very useful handout for meetings, reports, contracts or summaries. The export to MS® PowerPoint offers stylish and fancy presentations that offer distinctive way for managing attentions of involved parties.

Seamless Integration between the Desktop and Web application

The seamless integration between the desktop and Web application merges the best from desktop and web solution together. The automated synchronization allows the user to get the latest changes and be updated anytime and anyplace, without losing any information.

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Task Management

Task Management feature allows to add and update task information directly within the mind map. Besides the basic task info, such as: start date; end date; duration; priority, % complete and resources, it provides advanced options to set task dependencies, assign summary task and track task at risk and overdue tasks. Offering the powerful integration with MS® Project and MS® Outlook, Seavus DropMind™ provides a complete solution for managing projects, tasks and resources.

MS® Project integration
The MS® Project integration offers complete overview of the project in visually distinctive way. Importing .mpp files in Seavus DropMind™, allows information to be shown as task info in every topic. Having this feature on hand, Seavus DropMind™ offers powerful project initiation functionality. Together with the seamless integration, it provides complete solution for all project activities: from collaborative brainstorming, discussions and task delegation, up to export to MS® Project and completing the project planning.

MS® Outlook integration
With MS® Outlook integration it is possible to exchange and synchronize task information between MS® Outlook and Seavus DropMind™, without losing any important data or notification.

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