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Presented by Rashmirekha Das. Jitendranath Saha. Rajat Sahoo.

1. Whenever you are in need of antiseptic lotion what name comes first in your mind? i. Dettol ( ) ii. Savlon ( ) iii. Suthol ( )

2. Are you a loyal customer of the brand you prefer to use or you switch over to different brand. i. Loyal Customer ( ) ii. Switch Over ( )

3. Do you think there is volatility, barriers to entry for new comers and growth prospect of the market is a matter of concern for these brands? i. Yes ( ) ii. No ( ) iii. Can t Say ( )

4. Which one among these you think has got the most geographical spread (internationally)? i. Dettol ( ) ii. Savlon ( ) iii. Suthol ( )

5. Which one of these brands provides the product and service according to the consumer s needs and convenience? i. Dettol ( ) ii. Savlon ( ) iii. Suthol ( )

6. According to you who give the best support in respect of advertisement and consumer awareness campaign while promoting their brand? i. Dettol ( ) ii. Savlon ( ) iii. Suthol ( ) do you concerned about the

7. At the time of purchasing a particular product or brand owners legal right, the registered trade mark etc. of that brand? i. Yes ( ) ii. No ( )

8. Whether you checked all these brands has got this information or not? i. Yes ( ) ii. No ( ) 2

Place of Survey: Forum mart (Big bazaar), Ram Mandir (Jana path). Sample Size: Twenty. Segments of Survey: Educated Middle and High middle class people.

‡ We found that according to the first criteria of Interbrand method (leadership) Dettol takes the leadership position in the market. ‡ When we ask consumers whenever you are in need of antiseptic lotion what name comes first in your mind? ‡ ‡ We got six out of ten replies Dettol ; another four is Savlon ; Suthol gets none. In the second criteria (Stability) we found that both Dettol & Savlon gets the same ranking according to the consumer but Suthol as a new entrant in the market still needs to prove its worth to the consumer. ‡ In the third criteria (Market) we found consumers think that trading environment of these brands in terms of growth prospect, volatility & barriers to entry is not a matter of concern. They thought that the growth prospect of these products is very good as the population of India is huge. The market of these brands is not volatile. As it is a healthcare product people are very much concerned before purchasing any product and they always prefer renowned brands or the brand prescribed by the Doctor. They also told doctor usually prescribed Dettol for antiseptic lotion. ‡ In the fourth criteria (Geographical Spread) we found customer think that Savlon has the better geographical spread than Dettol. Savlon is a product of Johnson & Johnson which has the spread of almost every country in the world in comparison to the Dettol, a product of Reckittbenckiser and Suthol a product of GD Pharmaceuticals is still unable to make a mark in Indian market.



In the fifth criteria (Trend) we found customers trend in choosing the particular brand comes from the ancestors, they told that from the childhood they used to the name Dettol whenever there was a cut or something related to antiseptic there was always one solution Dettol. But after the launch of Savlon which is also an antiseptic lotion without burning that is still present in Dettol. Now the trend is changing and people shifting from Dettol to Savlon.


In the sixth criteria (Support) we found that both Dettol & Savlon have the consistency in the market.


The company also spent money in communicating to the customers about the brand and their usefulness. We found Dettol is more aggressive in creating the awareness to the customer than Savlon. Suthol is far behind in the competition.


In the seventh & last criteria (Protection) we found that all the brand we choose have the owners legal title & registered trade mark.


We also found that customers become very sincere they always check the registered trade mark before purchasing because it provides assurance to the customers about the genuinity of the company.

Interbrand Method:
Leadership Stability Market Geo.Spread Trend Support Protection Total (25%) (15%) (10%) (25%) (10%) (10%) (5%) (%)

Dettol Savlon Suthol

25 20 10

15 15 05

08 10 05

20 25 10

07 10 05

10 07 04

05 05 05

90 92 44


Brand Equity:
Dettol: Reckittbenckiser s total Income 1578 cr. Product line: 19. So, each product has the
contribution of 83.05 cr. As Dettol is a renowned name in market; we assume Dettol contributes 90 cr. In India we have 29 states. But the population density varies from state to state. We assume that metros contribute 40% and semi-metros like Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar etc. contribute 30% and other parts of the country contribute the rest 30% of the total Income. So, in that way Bhubaneswar contributes 2.70 cr. From the survey we found that in Bhubaneswar Dettol has the Brand strength of 90%. So, in Bhubaneswar the brand value of Dettol is 2.43 cr.

Savlon: Johnson &Johnson s total income 3310 cr. Product line: 29. Each products
contribution 114.13 cr. We assume Savlon contributes 100 cr. In India, whereas Bhubaneswar contributes 30 cr. In Bhubaneswar Savlon has the Brand Strength of 92%. So, in Bhubaneswar the brand value of Savlon is 2.76 cr.

Suthol: GD Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. s total income is 70 cr. Product line: 4. Each products
contribution 17.5 cr. Suthol is a new entrant in the market. So, we assume the contribution is 10 cr. in India. It means Bhubaneswar contributes 3.33 cr. In Bhubaneswar Suthol s Brand Strength is 44%. So, in Bhubaneswar the brand value of Suthol is 1.46 cr.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Suthol is the most favorable brand when comes to the antiseptic lotion. Dettol is the second preferable brand. Suthol needs to market the product aggressively. People shifting from Dettol to Savlon very rapidly. Dettol needs to customize the product according to changing customer s requirements to stay competitive in the market. ‡ As Dettol touches the wound it starts burning; Customer wants to remove that. 5