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PRESENTED BY ----- Manoranjan patra ROLL NO.----- BIMO308BMO48

1. Whenever you are in need of food what name comes first in your mind? i. Reliance fresh ( ) ii. Bigbazaar ( )

2. Are you a loyal customer of the brand you prefer to use or you switch over to different brand. i. Loyal Customer ( ) ii. Switch Over ( )

3. Do you think there is volatility, barriers to entry for new comers and growth prospect of the market is a matter of concern for these brands? i. Yes ( ) ii. No ( ) iii. Can t Say ( )

4. Which one among these you think has got the most geographical spread (internationally)? i. Reliance fresh ( ) ii. Bigbazaar ( )

5. Which one of these brands provides the product and service according to the consumer s needs and convenience? i. Reliance fresh ( ) ii. Bigbazaar ( )

6. According to you who give the best support in respect of advertisement and consumer awareness campaign while promoting their brand? i. Reliance fresh ( ) ii. Bigbazaar ( ) do you concerned about the

7. At the time of purchasing a particular product or brand

owners legal right, the registered trade mark etc. of that brand? i. Yes ( ) ii. No ( )

8. Whether you checked all these brands has got this information or not? i. Yes ( ) ii. No ( )

Place of Survey: Reliance fresh, Forum mart (Big bazaar), Pantaloons Sample Size: Thirty five Segments of Survey: Educated Middle and High middle class people.


We found that according to the first criteria of reliance fresh (leadership) all food products take the leadership position in the market. 

When we ask consumer whenever you need the food item which company names comes first in your mind.  We got 20 out of 35 reply reliance fresh another 15 Big bazaar. 
In the second criteria (stability) we found that both reliance fresh food items & big bazaar food items gets the same ranking according to the consumer. 

In the third criteria (market) we found consumer think that trading environment of these branded products in terms of growth prospect is very good, market is also volatile & barriers to entry is almost nil. It means there is huge competition in the market. As it is a food items product people are very much concerned about freshness of the product. In the fourth criteria(Geographical spread) we found customer think that reliance fresh food item has the better geographical spread than big bazaar food items reliance fresh is a small retail store & till now it has the better spread in comparison to the bigbazar. In the fifth criteria(trend) we found customers trends in choosing the particular brand comes out from the service point of,they told that till now every food items available in the reliance fresh & bigbazar also but we are satisfied in reliance fresh. In the sixth criteria (support) we found that both reliance fresh & bizbagar have the consistency in the market.    

Reliance fresh & bigbazar also spent money in communication to the customers about the brand and their usefulness we found reliance fresh food items more aggressive in creating the awareness to the customer than bigbazar food items . In the seventh &last criteria (protection) we found that all the brand we choose have the owners legal title & registered trade mark. We also found that customer become very sincere they always check the registered trade mark before purchasing because it provides assurance to the customers about the genuinity of the co mpany.   

Interbrand Method: Brand
Reliance fresh Big bazaar
20 15 10 20 08 09 05
Leadership Stability Market Geo.Spread Trend Support Protection Total (25%) (15%) (10%) (25%) (10%) (10%) (5%) (%)








95 87

Brand Equity:
Reliance fresh: Reliance retails total Income 1578 cr Sources say that Reliance believes
each Reliance Fresh outlet could earn annual revenues of Rs 3 crore. That¶s a sale per sq. ft of roughly Rs 12,500. Industry sources say this is in line with what other chains have achieved in the past. For instance, at its peak FoodWorld had managed a Rs 300-crore turnover on its 80 stores. The average size of a store was about 3,000 sq. ft ² or sales of Rs 12,500 per sq. ft.If Reliance Fresh can match that, the 3,000-outlet chain could be in line to clock revenues of about Rs 9,000 crore. We assume that metros contribute 40% and semi-metros like Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar etc. contribute 30% and other parts of the country contribute the rest 30% of the total Income. So, in that way Bhubaneswar contributes 2.70 cr. From the survey we found that in Bhubaneswar reliance fresh has the Brand strength of 95%. So, in Bhubaneswar the brand value of reliance fresh is 2.43 cr.

Big bazaar: future groups total income 10000 cr. Big Bazaar± though not flagship± is the
single most important, retail chain of the group. Big Bazaar, part of the µvalue¶ segment that accounts for over 60 per cent of the group¶s retail turnover, is the biggest and most successful, hypermarket format chain which operates 118 stores across the 71 cities of the country. Apart from regular hypermarket format, Big Bazaar has also carved out Big Bazaar Express and Big Bazaar Best Deals sub-formats to cater to specific market and customer needs.. In India, whereas Bhubaneswar contributes 30 cr. In Bhubaneswar big bazaar has the Brand Strength of 87%. So, in Bhubaneswar the brand value of big bazaar is 2.76 cr.


From the findings we come to the conclusion that -------- 

Still reliance fresh gets the support of most favorable brand for the every consumer.  Bigbazar food items also favorable but not that mhch.
favorable customer told bigbazar service is no so good. The trend of the people is changing very fast in accepting the new brands if it fulfills the requirements of the customer.  People shifting to reliance fresh very rapidly .  If bigbazar unable to adopt themselves through necessary changes then reliance fresh becomes the market leader in the near future.