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American schools: The beginning of the social classes

The United States of America is a country with more of 320 million of people,
this population determines a lot of subcultures inside the nation (Berau, 2016). The school
education system in this country may be different depending of each culture; in that way,
these cultures determine how are going to be the teaching systems in the schools, and how
the kids are going to learn in the same time they grow up. Precisely, the cultures of the
American country may be determined by the social classes, which can be differentiated
because of the economic status of each individual: Upper, middle, working and lower
class (Leondar-Wright, 2016). As above, the education system can be different for the
kids which live in diverse social classes; specifically, one may find important
differences between two schools in the city of Philadelphia: The La Salle College High
School and the Strawberry Mansion High School and their relation with the social classes
in the United States.
Beginning, talking about the coverage, one can find two important topics; the first,
if one looks for a school for the upper class in the city of Philadelphia, one may find the
La Salle College High School which is a private institution and is located in Wyndmoor
(near to Philadelphia), the tuition for this school is near to 21000 dollars per year, and it
is required to do an entrance exam for the admission; besides, the school consider the
academic achievements and recommendations of the students for their admission (School
L. S., Admissions, 2016). In contravention, if someone doesn't have enough money or
any other resource for an expensive school, he or she would like to find a cheaper school
like the Strawberry Mansion High School which is a public school (free) located in
Philadelphia, the tuition for this school is free and there is not required to do an admission
exam for the entrance (School S. M., 2016). Second, if one visits the La Salle College,
the people will see only men, that means this school is directed only for boys and there

are about 1050 enrolled students (School L. S., Admissions, 2016). In contrast, the
Strawberry Mansion admits both men and woman and there are about 400 enrolled
students (School S. M., 2016). The data previously presented, declares important
differences for the two schools which propose a division between the upper class and the
lower class, because of the income of each group.
Following the theme of the essay, talking about the learning skills, one can find
other two important topics; third, if one talks about the La Salle College, one can observe,
this school presents diverse academic departments (in concrete 10) where each one
present about 8 courses, and where at least two teachers teach per department (without
counting the directives) (School L. S., Academic Departments, 2016); in addition, the
school has a lot of technological services for improving the learning of the students, like
computers, personal tablets or laboratories where the students can participate. On the
other hand, the Strawberry Mansion doesnt present concrete academic departments and
it counts with less teachers and courses, besides, the technological facilities are limited.
Fourth, another important point to know about both schools is the extracurricular process,
in the La Salle College High School the students can practice about 18 sports and can
participate in more of 30 extracurricular activities, like language clubs or robotic teams
(School L. S., Team Sports, 2016). On the contrary, the Strawberry Mansion High School
doesnt count with official sport teams and presents few extracurricular activities which
may be originate by the student themselves (School S. M., 2016). As the information
presented, the schools describe different ways of teaching where the upper class school
may have better methods of teaching.
To conclude, it is important to see the relation of each school presented and the
social class related. The differences between each school determine the advantages and
disadvantages presented in the education of people of different social classes. These

differences establish important factors that involve the lives of the people, since they were
children, and it determines how these persons are going to be in the future. Finally, it is
important to declare if it is impartial to think that the people of different social classes
deserve different education services, only because of the economic status; this kind of
things are the principal aspects which can prejudice the equality in a society!


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