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Genuine Accessories

for the CLA-Class.


Light Alloy Wheels





Carrier Systems
Cargo Management
Car Care
Car Utility
Child Safety Seats





Highly effective.
The CLA has a powerfully expressive design, its elegant
coupe contours combined with taut flanks. What better
way to complement those looks than with exclusively
designed light-alloy wheels, each of which in its own
way underlines your vehicles different characteristics,
from elegant to sporty.

Quality. Precision tailored and impeccably styled for your CLA, Mercedes-Benz Light-Alloy Wheels do so much
more than enhance your vehicles looks. To help ensure safe travels, all wheel designs must pass a variety
of endurance tests, based on exacting Mercedes-Benz standards. These include special test routines which
simulate real challenges on the road and material tests in cutting-edge x-ray facilities. High-sheen wheels
undergo additional durability testing, such as exposure to highly corrosive salt spray. Only after these wheels
have passed rigorous testing may they be included in the range of Genuine Mercedes-Benz Light-Alloy Wheels
offered to you, allowing you to hit the open road with confidence.

03 18" Twin 5-Spoke Wheel

04 18" Triple 5-Spoke Wheel

05 18" AMG 5-Spoke Wheel

Finish: Matte black,


Finish: Black, polished

Finish: Tremolite metallic,


Finish: Black, polished

Wheel: 7.5 J x 17 ET 52.5

Tire: 225/45 R17

Wheel: 7.5 J x 18 ET 52
Tire: 225/40 R18 XL

Wheel Size: 7.5 J x 18 ET 52

Tire Size: 225/40 R18 XL

Wheel: 7.5 J x 18 ET 52
Tire: 225/40 R18 XL

Wheel: 7.5 J x 18 ET 52
Tire: 225/40 R18 XL

A246 401 1002 7X28

A246 401 2102 7X36

A246 401 1602 7X23

A246 401 2202 7X44

A176 401 0602 7X23

01 17"

Accessory wheels are only for specified tire sizes and may require the use
of wheel bolts other than those originally supplied with your vehicle.
Failure to use proper equipment could result in an accident or vehicle damage.

02 18"

03 18"

04 18"

05 18"

Light-alloy wheels

02 18" Twin 5-Spoke Wheel

Finish: Tremolite metallic


01 17" Twin 5-Spoke Wheel

See your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for details and installation.

Not compatible with snow chains. Serious wheel and tire damage may occur if the vehicle is
operated on rough or damaged road surfaces or upon encountering road debris or obstacles.




02 AMG Door Pin

This round door-pin enhances the appearance of your
vehicle. Features premium steel and a bright polished
topside with black AMG logo. (Sold as single piece.)
03 Wheel Locks
Wheel locks can provide a subtle yet effective security
touch to your CLA, helping to protect your Light-AlloyWheels and tires from theft. One set secures four
wheels. Includes coded key.









01 Valve Stem Caps

A perfect finishing touch, these chrome -plated
tire valve stem caps dress up any wheel. Each a
set of four. Available in black, blue laurel, silver
or AMG designs.

Wheel Hub Inserts

Add an attractive finishing touch to your wheels with these
inserts. Various styles available:
04 Black with chrome Three-Pointed Star
05 Himalaya grey with chrome Three-Pointed Star
06 Classic Star & Laurel design in black
07 Classic Star & Laurel design in blue
08 Titanium silver with chrome Three-Pointed Star
09 Sterling silver with chrome Three-Pointed Star



Note: Illuminated Star not applicable on models equipped with


02 Illuminated Door Sill Panel

Light up your CLA in eye -catching style each time
you open the front doors with luminous white-colored
Mercedes -Benz stainless steel door sills.

03 Trunk Handle
Made of stainless steel in satin finish, this handle
attaches to the license plate and trunk lid to help
prevent fingerprints and reduce the possibility of
scratching the finish on your CLA. Elegantly laseretched with Mercedes -Benz logo.

License Plate Frames

Choose from several quality stainless steel designs in an
assortment of durable finishes to enhance the appearance
of your license plates without blocking registration tags.
Design styles include: Mercedes -Benz frame, Slimline
frame, AMG Logo frame, and Star Marque solid plate.
Please see Index for finish options for each design.

Marque Plate with Star logo


Slimline Frame (Black and Polished)


Mercedes -Benz and AMG Frames



01 Illuminated Star
The Illuminated Star is the ideal personal touch. Its
subtle, but eye -catching. Bright, but sophisticated. Its
a new and exciting way to make your Mercedes -Benz
truly yours.



Various styles available. Please see index for complete listing.


Electrifying looks.
With its dynamic design, the CLA sets new standards in its
class. Refined Mercedes-Benz Sport Equipment helps
underline your sporting ambition. Ready. Get set. Go!

02 Exterior Mirror Housing, Black

For an individual, sporty and dynamic
look. Set of 2.



01 Rear Spoiler
A subtle, lip -type rear spoiler adds
sporty punctuation to the sleek shape
of your CLA. It's also functional, with a
wind-tunnel-developed shape designed
to reduce aerodynamic lift at the rear
wheels when traveling at higher speeds.
Comes primed ready for painting.

03 Black Window Trim

Upper and lower window trim in black.


02 03


Whether youre on your daily trip to work or
traveling with family and friends, you can rely on
the extensive range of genuine accessories such
as Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone and Navigation
to keep you and your passengers entertained.


The "Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone" comprehensively integrates your iPhone 4/4S
into the CLA. Integration is based on the combination of the Mercedes -Benz "Digital
DriveStyle" app and the "Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone" the on-board interface to
which the iPhone is connected and via which it is charged.
The "Digital DriveStyle" app is available free of charge from the iTunes App Store.1
In the app an extensive range of functions are seamlessly integrated into the new,
revolutionary user interface which appears on the vehicle display.2 When an iPhone
is connected, the "Digital DriveStyle" app can be operated safely and conveniently
using the ergonomic central controller.



01 Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone

Some functions of the "Digital DriveStyle" app:

Advanced navigation solution from Garmin, with internet-based real -time
traffic information, point of interest search and 3D map views.
Local search for points of interest powered by Google with Street View
and transfer of destination to navigation system.
Siri 3 can act as a personal assistant, providing answers to questions or
carrying out commands which would otherwise require manual input.
AUPEO! Personal Radio for an individual music program.
Internet radio from national and international broadcasters.
Access to songs saved on your iPhone.
Facebook feeds and Twitter tweets from friends are read aloud.4
Socially interactive experience with option, for example, of sharing and posting
current song choice or navigation destination on Facebook and Twitter.
Glympse share your location and estimated time of arrival with your
friends [in real time].
Intuitive CarFinder automatically stores vehicle's location in iPhone. Integral
pedestrian navigation on the iPhone makes it easy to find your vehicle again.


02 Becker MAP PILOT

Transforms your standard Audio 20 radio into a
high-performance navigation system with 3D map
views. Becker MAP PILOT uses the standard-fit 5.8"
display with TFT technology and is conveniently
operated via the vehicles Controller and key pad.


The plug-in navigation module can be connected

to your PC via USB to download the latest
updates and additional services from the Becker
MAP PILOT website.
03 SD Memory Card
The COMAND system in your vehicle features a
slot for SD memory cards. Play music directly from
the SD memory card or upload it to your COMAND
systems hard drive.

1 "Digital DriveStyle" app available in iTunes App Store.

2 In conjunction with standard display or COMAND screen.
3 Audio support only. A list of Siri commands can be found at
4 Languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese.

While operating the Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone or the Becker MAP PILOT, the driver must
remain focused on safe driving behavior, including paying attention to traffic and street signs.
The driver should utilize the systems audio cues while driving and should only consult the
map or visual displays once the vehicle has been stopped in a safe place.


You decide where youre heading. And versatile, intelligent
carrier systems and trunk accessories from Mercedes-Benz
make your journey possible. Sit back and enjoy the drive.
Whether youre off to the beach, the mountains or just
shopping, everything can be safely stowed away in your
CLA. And within easy reach if you have a change of plans.

330 model holds 11.5 cubic feet.

Available in titanium metallic [B] and matte silver [A].

Carrier Systems


Utility & Care

01 Mercedes -Benz Roof Boxes

Create additional space for sports equipment and luggage with
one of our aerodynamic, high-quality roof containers designed
to nicely complement your CLA. Constructed of lightweight, yet
exceptionally durable, impact-tested thermoplastic material.
Features pressurized struts for easy lid operation and a security
lock. Boxes open on both sides for convenient loading and
unloading. Requires Roof Rack Basic Carrier (sold separately).

400 model holds 14 cubic feet.

Available in black metallic [C] and matte silver [A].
450 model holds 16 cubic feet.
Available in black metallic [C] and matte silver [A].
02 Luggage set for Mercedes -Benz Roof Boxes
Made from durable, weather-resistant materials. Shoulder
strap included. (Luggage Set and Mercedes -Benz Roof
Cargo Box sold separately.)
Luggage Set for Roof Box 330
Set includes four luggage bags.

Boxes open on both
sides for convenient
loading and unloading.

Luggage Set for Roof Box 400

Set includes three luggage bags and two ski bags
(max. two pairs of skis per bag).
Luggage Set for Roof Box 450
Set includes four luggage bags and two ski bags
(max. two pairs of skis per bag).




01 Ski Rack Insert for Mercedes-Benz Roof Boxes

The Ski Rack Insert is designed to provide a secure grip on multiple
pairs of skis.
Ski Rack Insert for Mercedes-Benz Roof Boxes 330
Securely holds three pairs of skis.
Ski Rack Insert for Mercedes-Benz Roof Boxes 450
Securely holds five pairs of skis.


02 Ski & Snowboard Rack, Standard

This rack is made to tote up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards atop
your CLA-Class. Requires Roof Rack Basic Carrier (sold separately).
03 Ski & Snowboard Rack, Deluxe
This rack holds up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards and features a
pull -out function that makes it easier for loading and unloading without
the need to reach across the roof of the car. Requires Roof Rack Basic
Carrier (sold separately).
04 Bicycle Rack
This rack securely holds your bicycles and attaches to the Roof Rack
Basic Carrier (sold separately). Up to three racks can be mounted
simultaneously. Spiral Lock set available to help secure your bicycle
(sold separately).


05 Roof Rack Basic Carrier

Our basic carrier is an essential component for attaching a wide
assortment of items to the top of your CLA. After easy installation,
you can securely attach bicycles, ski and snowboard racks, or
a cargo container. (Racks and containers sold separately.)
06 Roof Rack Basic Carrier Storage Bag
Protect your Roof Rack Basic Carrier in this nylon bag when not
attached to your CLA.
07 Spiral Lock (Available as a single lock or set.)
Available to help secure your bicycle (sold separately).



Carrier Systems

Utility & Care







03 Load Sill Protector

Protects the rear of the vehicle from scratches when loading the trunk
and prevents dirt from the car from getting onto your clothes.

Cargo Management

02 Reversible Cargo Mat

With one high-quality velour side and one non-slip side. Can be
connected to the available load sill protector.

Utility & Care

01 Cargo Area Tray & Cargo Box

Protect the cargo area of your CLA with this large tray with two-inch
sides. Formed from durable, easy-to-clean plastic to fit your vehicle.
Use up to two optional Cargo Boxes to support and keep in place tall
objects, such as grocery bags. Cargo Box sold separately.

04 Collapsible Shopping Crate

Make your next trip to the market more convenient with this collapsible
shopping crate. To save space, it folds flat when not in use. Dimensions
folded: 2" x 13" x 18".
05 Flexible Cargo Stabilizer
This durable nylon and Velcro -clad piece of foam offers firm lateral
hold and helps protect objects from sliding around under normal
driving conditions. Measures 36" x 2" x 2".


06 Cargo Nets, Floor and Loading Sill

Versatile and convenient, strong and durable nylon nets help you to
secure objects in the back of your CLA. Each net is sold separately.



01 Car Cover
This UV-resistant three-layer cover helps protect the finish of your
CLA from the elements. Made from breathable Noah fabric, it
combines an excellent fit with durable construction. (Lock and cable
available separately.)


02 UVS -100 Sunshade

Helps keep the inside of your CLA cool, while protecting the interior all
year long from harmful UV rays. Practical and durable. Made of reflective
fabric laminated to a foam core.
03 Mud Flaps
Protect the underbody and the sides of the vehicle from loose chippings
and dirt. Available in pairs for front or rear axle. Black.
04 All-Season Floor Liners (Available for front and rear.)
Designed specifically to match the precise contours of the floor of your
CLA -Class, these floor liners feature high sides to contain dirt and liquids
for the best possible carpet protection. Available in black only.
05 Car Care Kit, Interior
Keep the interior of your Mercedes -Benz looking its best with the superior,
specially formulated products in our exclusive Interior Car Care Kit.
Includes Cabin Care Spray, Glass Cleaner, Auto Glass Sponge and a
Car Care Cloth, all neatly packed into a Mercedes -Benz Leisure Bag.
06 Car Care Kit, Exterior
Clean and protect your Mercedes -Benz with the superior, specially
formulated products in our exclusive Exterior Car Care Kit. Includes
Car Shampoo, Light-Alloy Wheel Cleaner with brush, Car Sponge and
a Car Care Cloth, all neatly packed into a Mercedes -Benz Leisure Bag.
07 Battery Trickle Charger
For those extended periods when your CLA will not be used, this
charging device will help ensure that your battery is fully energized
when you need it.







Car Care
Car Utility

Utility & Care

up to 29 lbs.

approx. to
15 months

01 BabySafe Plus Infant Seat (up to 29 lbs.)

Deep, molded rear-facing seat design provides extra protection and
padding designed to help protect very young children up to 29 lbs. or
31 in. long. Features integrated head support, adjustable sun/wind
canopy, comfortable three-position carry handle, and variable recline
angle adjustment. Light grey fabric cover is removable for washing. Can
be used in the vehicle with or without the base. Approved for use in
commercial aircrafts. Weighs less than 8 lbs. This seat is BabySmart*
compatible and LATCH* compatible with provided LATCH belt.*

* Please consult your Owners Manual or dealer for proper installation of your child seat.


1 to 4 years

3.5 to 12 years

02 DUO Plus Toddler Seat (20 to 40 lbs.)

Designed to afford excellent protection for children approximately
1 to 4 years of age. Features include single -handed adjustment to
change from the upright position to the reclined and sleeping positions,
height-adjustable shoulder belt, back area ventilation channels, and an
additional tether for securing the top section. Fabric cover is removable
for washing. This seat is LATCH* and BabySmart* compatible.

All current Mercedes -Benz models are equipped with the Occupant
Classification System (OCS) (with exception of the G -Class) which
is designed to turn off the front passengers front airbag when the
system senses the weight of a typical child 12 months old or less
plus the weight of a standard child restraint. See vehicles Operator's
Manual for important additional information on this system and further
information regarding the transportation of children heavier than a
typical 12 month old.

Child Safety Seats

33 to 79 lbs.

Utility & Care

20 to 40 lbs.

03 KidFix Child Seat (33 to 79 lbs.)

Booster seat for optimum side-impact protection, with height-adjustable
backrest. The KidFix seat is secured using the three-point seat belt and
ISOFIX attachment points. Available with automatic child seat recognition
as an option. For children between the ages of around 3.5 and 12.
Important information regarding use of KidFix child seat in the rear seat
of the Cabriolet: Due to the vehicle's low roof height in the rear seat, it
is important to ensure there is no contact between the vehicle's soft top
and child seat headrest (when in extended position). This is necessary to
avoid any potential damages to roof or child seat.

BabySmart/OCS Safety Information: Most Mercedes -Benz vehicles

from MY 1998 through 2003, select models from 2004 through
2006, and current G -Class vehicles are equipped with BabySmart.
Mercedes -Benz vehicles equipped with BabySmart have a device
that recognizes the presence of BabySmart-equipped child seat
when properly installed in the front passenger seat and deactivates
the passenger front airbag (check your vehicles Operators Manual
or labels located on the sides of your dashboard to verify).

All Mercedes -Benz child safety seats meet or exceed U.S. Department
of Transportation standards. They are also suitable for use in older
vehicles that do not have integrated LATCH (Lower Anchors and
Tethers for Children) attachment points. Visit the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administrations website at for
additional information about child safety seat laws and proper use.


When you drive a Mercedes-Benz, you do so for the best of reasons.

Why should your choice of accessories be governed by different
standards? Pioneering when it comes to design and technology, Genuine
Mercedes-Benz Accessories deliver on the promises of a major brand.
Design and Development.

Function and Operation.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories make your

dream car a reality while ensuring that it
remains a Mercedes-Benz through and through:

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories form part

of the vehicle concept from the outset. This
results in impressive functional solutions:

Individualization options are developed in

accordance with the Mercedes -Benz car design

Fully integrated telematics products can

be operated safely and conveniently using the
multifunctional steering wheel.

The use of CAD data from Mercedes -Benz Vehicle

Development ensures precision-fit accessories.

Roof - mounted carrier systems can be fitted

quickly and without the use of additional tools.

Quality & Safety

Through and Through

Instructions and manuals are in standard format

and easy to understand.

Quality and Safety.

Advice and Fitting.

When it comes to Mercedes -Benz vehicles,

quality and safety are paramount. You can
feel equally safe with Genuine Mercedes-Benz
Accessories as a result of:

No one is as familiar with the ins and outs of

your vehicle as our dealers. And the same goes
for Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories:

Stringent safety measures and extensive load

testing, including the use of crash test facilities and
the wind tunnel.

Contact your authorized Mercedes -Benz dealer

for expert advice.
Trust Mercedes -Benz specialists when it comes
to fitting Genuine Mercedes -Benz Accessories.

Harmonized development of both vehicle and

Genuine Mercedes -Benz Accessories.


Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories for CLA-Class.


P. Part no.


All -Season Floor Liner, Front

20 A117 680 2800

License Plate Frames

All -Season Floor Liner, Rear

20 A117 680 3100

AMG Frame (polished)

BQ 688 0087

AMG Door Pin (sold as single piece)

AMG Frame (polished with carbon fiber inlay)

BQ 688 0123

Battery Trickle Charger

20 A000 982 0221

Marque Plate with Star (polished)

BQ 688 0058

13 A166 900 8908

Marque Plate with Star (black powder coat)

BQ 688 0059

Bicycle Rack for Roof Rack Basic Carrier

16 A000 890 029364

Mercedes -Benz Frame (polished)

BQ 688 0086

Black Window Trim

11 A117 673 0500

Mercedes -Benz Frame (black powder coat)

BQ 688 0088

Car Care Kit, Exterior

20 A211 986 0100

Mercedes -Benz Frame (polished with carbon fiber inlay)

BQ 688 0122

Car Care Kit, Interior

20 A211 986 0000

Slimline Frame (polished)

BQ 688 0005

Car Cover

20 BQ 660 0096

Slimline Frame (black powder coat)

BQ 688 0007

Cargo Area Tray

19 A117 814 0041

Slimline Frame w/MB etch (polished)

BQ 688 0124

Cargo Box

19 A000 814 0041

Slimline Frame w/MB etch (black powder coat)

BQ 688 0125

Cargo Net, Floor

19 A204 868 0774

Cargo Net, Loading Sill

19 A117 868 0174

A246 401 1002 7X28

A246 401 2102 7X36

A246 401 1602 7X23

A246 401 2202 7X44

A176 401 0602 7X23


A176 680 2100

A000 890 0411
A000 890 0911
A000 890 0511


A000 766 0228

Child Safety Seats

BabySafe Plus Infant Seat (up to 29 lbs.)

22 B6 686 8214

DUO Plus Toddler Seat (20 to 40 lbs.)

23 A000 970 2300 9G43

KidFix Child Seat (33 to 79 lbs.)


23 A000 970 1500 9G43

Collapsible Shopping Crate

19 B6 647 0995

Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone, Standard Display

13 A176 820 0200

Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone, COMAND

13 A176 820 0100

Exterior Mirror Housing, Black

11 A212 810 0079

Flexible Cargo Stabilizer

19 A001 987 1414

Illuminated Door Sills

A246 680 8000

Illuminated Star

BQ 668 0130

Light-Alloy Wheels
Light - alloy wheels are supplied without tires, wheel bolts
or hub caps.
17" Twin 5 -Spoke Wheel (tremolite metallic)
7.5J x 17 ET 52.5; 225/45 R17
18" Twin 5 -Spoke Wheel (matte black, polished)
7.5J x 18 ET 52; 225/40 R18 XL
18" Twin 5 -Spoke Wheel (black, polished)
7.5 J x 18 ET 52; 225/40 R18 XL
18" Triple 5 -Spoke Wheel (tremolite metallic, polished)
7.5J x 18 ET 52; 225/40 R18 XL
18" AMG 5 -Spoke Wheel (black, polished)
7.5J x 18 ET 52; 225/40 R18 XL
Load Sill Protector
Luggage Set for Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 330
Luggage Set for Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 400
Luggage Set for Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 450

P. Part no.


P. Part no.


P. Part no.

Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 330 (Matte Silver)

Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 330 (Titanium Metallic)
Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 400 (Black Metallic)
Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 400 (Matte Silver)
Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 450 (Black Metallic)
Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 450 (Matte Silver)
Mud Flaps, Front Set
Mud Flaps, Rear Set
Rear Spoiler
Reversible Cargo Mat
Roof Rack Basic Carrier
Roof Rack Basic Carrier Storage Bag
SD Memory Card, 2 GB
Ski Rack Insert for Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 330
Ski Rack Insert for Mercedes -Benz Roof Box 450
Ski & Snowboard Rack, Deluxe
Ski & Snowboard Rack, Standard
Spiral Lock


Trunk Handle (Mercedes -Benz laser-etching in satin

stainless steel)
UVS -100TM Sunshade
Valve Stem Caps, AMG
Valve Stem Caps, Black
Valve Stem Caps, Silver
Valve Stem Caps, Blue Laurel Wreath
Wheel Hub Inserts
Black with chrome Three-Pointed Star

BQ 675 0035


BQ 667 0041
BQ 640 8127
BQ 640 8126
BQ 640 8128
BQ 640 8131

B6 647 0200

Himalaya grey with chrome Three-Pointed Star

A220 400 0125 7756

Classic Star & Laurel design in black

B6 647 0201

Classic Star & Laurel design in blue

B6 647 0120

Titanium silver with chrome Three-Pointed Star

B6 647 0202

Sterling silver with chrome Three-Pointed Star

B6 647 0206

Wheel Locks, Silver

B6 647 0155

Wheel Locks, Black

A001 990 1607

A000 840 4262

A000 840 4362
A000 840 0000
A000 840 0100
A000 840 0300
A000 840 0200
A246 890 0078
A117 890 0078
A117 793 0188
A117 680 0046
A117 890 0093
A000 890 0111
B6 782 3973
A000 840 4718
A000 840 4818
A000 890 0393
A000 890 0493
A000 583 1595


Mercedes -Benz USA, LLC

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Montvale, NJ 07645
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All illustrations and specifications contained in this brochure are based on the latest product information available at the time
of publication. Actual product offerings may vary from those shown or may be subject to availability delays or discontinuance.
Mercedes -Benz reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in colors, materials, equipment, specifications
and models. Any variations in colors shown are due to reproduction variations of the printing process. Illustrations may include
test situations. Some vehicles may be shown with non-U.S. equipment. Vehicles are shown with optional equipment.
Unsecured cargo can become hazardous in a collision. Always secure cargo using the floor-mounted tie-down hooks. Cargo nets
and organizers are not intended to prevent objects of excessive weight and bulk from sliding or rolling in the event of a collision
or sudden stop. Always drive with caution when driving with cargo.
Certain accessories may require professional installation and /or additional components to complete the installation in your vehicle.
Please consult your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for specific information about automotive accessories. Speak with a
representative at your local authorized Mercedes -Benz dealership for current pricing on Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories.
Visit for more information.
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