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Practice response on beliefs

The free gift of God is eternal life. (Romans 6:23)

How is salvation realised for Christians?
Salvation is the belief that humans require deliverance by God from
the power of sin and darkness. Christians believe that to experience
Gods love is to experience the essence of salvation meaning and
mystery. Some Christian churches hold that those who strive to do
Gods will as it is made known to them in conscience can be saved,
even if they are not members of that particular church. For
Christians, salvation has three main features, salvation is here now,
humans can only attain salvation through God, and Jesus Christ is
central to salvation. The three main features highlight how
Christians realise salvation and note why the free gift of God is
eternal life.
The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in
Christ Jesus our Lord. Means the person who does not place his or
her faith in Jesus Christ will receive the wages of sin. "The wages"
refers to a payment of entering into heaven. When a person
demonstrates freely their belief in the Christian Faith, the person
receives a wage or payment for the work. For example, James wrote
of "the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields" (James 5:4).
First Corinthians 3:8 teaches, "Each will receive his wages according
to his labor."
It is the belief of salvation that it is here now but not fully
complete, is possible for one to experience salvation in their current
form however will not fully achieve their deepest desires for love,
peace and justice in the world. This is due to salvation can only be
fully understood in the afterlife, one can only understand the full gift
of salvation once in the presence of God. The Free gift of God is in
eternal life because solely eternal life allows Christians to become
full in the presence of God, or reach the next life, which means they
acquire salvation.
As a result, the belief by Christians of salvation cannot be fully
comprehended in the present life due to the persecution faced
throughout lifes obstacles. Making it harder for salvation to be fully
reached. As salvation only being completed in the presence of God
and the after life, humans can only achieve full salvation through
God and God alone. This is why eternal life is the free gift of God as
it creates a connection with God and the fulfilment of salvation.
Furthermore the fulfilment of salvation would have never been
realised by Christians, if Christ had not been sacrificed for all of
humanity. Christians profess that Jesus became incarnated ..For our
salvation. Through his death and resurrection of Christ, God offers
salvation to all of humanity demonstrating the centre of Salvation.

In conclusion, Christians believe that to experience Gods love is to

experience the essence of salvation meaning and mystery. Through
the main features of salvation, to gain the essence of salvations
mystery and meaning, showing why the free gift of God is the
eternal life he has given to everyone.