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What is Prana Violet Healing?

Prana Violet Healing is a no-drug, no-touch, healing with Prana or Prana Therapy.
What is Prana Therapy?
Prana Therapy is a way of healing the area that needs healing by providing that area
with the required flow of prana that would heal the energy body and physical body.
What is Prana?
Prana is the life force that is around us, surrounds the earth and the universe. Its also
known as Chi by the Chinese, Manna by the Polynesian and Prana was introduced to
the western world as Life Force and as Lifetrons by Paramhansa Yogananda.
Where does Prana come from?
Prana comes from the Sun, from the Earth and the Cosmos. They are known as Sun
Prana, Earth Prana and Cosmic Prana or Cosmic Energy. From these sources of Prana
they then transform into other sources of Prana
Other sources from where Prana comes are from the Air we breathe, from trees, from
holy places, from holy persons, from crystals, certain structural configuration, geometry,
from objects etc
How does the Prana Violet Healing work ?.
Healing is done with the Prana Healing Wand (PHW). This Wand is used to transmit
prana to the area of the energy body that needs healing. Subsequently the physical
body receiving this Prana would start to heal and rejuvenate.
What is the Prana Healing Wand (PHW)?
The PHW is a Divine Cosmic Geometry that generates Prana, Chi or Life force, it is
shaped in a wand fashion so that it can be easily used. Energy from this Cosmic
Geometry flows to recondition and heal the energy body
The PHW look like a cocktail stirrer and is it made from plastic.

Yes, it does look like a cocktail stirrer and its made from plastic, this is the best shape so
that aura sensing and aura healing can be done easily. It can also be carried around
easily. The PHW has two parts, one end for sensing the subtle bodies and the other part
to transmit Prana Energy that can heal and energize.
Where is the origin of the PHW ?
The origin of the PHW is after 35 full moon visits at the Candis of Jogjakarta, Indonesia,
The PHW is from the ancient Borobudur monument in Magelang, Jawa, Indonesia.
Borobudur was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. The PHW has been blessed
and programmed by the Devaraja and the cosmic beings of Borobudur.
Does the PHW need to be cleaned or cleared of any negative energy?
The PHW does not need any cleaning or cleansing of any kind. If needed, only cleaning
with a moist cloth is enough. The PHW emits Prana continuously.
Does the PHW gets contaminated with the disease energy?
The PHW would not get contaminated by disease energy as it continuously emits Prana
energy that keeps it clean.
Does the PHW need to be charged and does it have a lifetime?
The PHW does not need to be charged, it has been charged and no recharging is
required. There is no lifetime and the life time would be age of the PHW material only.
The energy coming out of it has infinite life.
How do you use the PHW to perform the healing?
There are four simple techniques that need to be followed to perform the healing using
the PHW. Aura Cleaning, Ida-Pingala Balancing, Chakra conditioning and healing at the
required area. All these are taught.
Is the PHW healing based on any religion?
No, this is not based on any religion, the PHW is used to heal the subtle energy body.
Everyone from any religion or race can learn and start healing with the PHW.

Who can learn Prana Violet Healing?

Everyone above the age of 5 years or anyone who can hold the PHW can heal with this
If I am doing some other alternative healing can I also learn PHW technique?
Yes you can, there is no attunement with the PHW technique and everyone can learn
and apply this technique. The healing with the PHW compliments all other healing
Are there any Gurus or Masters?
No, there are no gurus, the Supreme God and the Supreme Intelligence is the only
guru. We use only the Devaraja and the Cosmic Beings of Borobudur for our healing if
Do you have to recite any mantra during the Prana Violet Healing session?
No, no mantras are required, only the intention that one wants to heal and the intention
that one wants to get healed is sufficient.
What type of sickness can be cured with the PHW ?.
All sickness starts within the human subtle body and by healing the subtle body the
physical body heals soon after that. All sickness can be healed except for karmically
induced sickness which may require divine intervention and balancing of the karmic
condition would be required by the patient.
What are subtle bodies?
These are energy bodies that surrounds our physical body. The physical body consists
of the external body that we can see and touch and the internal body that we cannot
see, such as the organs and other glands inside our body. The subtle energy body
interpenetrates the internal physical body and extends beyond the external physical
body. These subtle bodies consist of the Energy / Etheric Body or Bioplasmic Body, the
Astral Body, the Mental body and the Causal body.

How does the subtle body affects our health ?

The subtle energy flows within the energy bodies just like the flow of blood in our
internal body. Any blocks in the flow of these energy bodies would result in pain,
discomfort or disease in the physical body and its organs.
What are these subtle energy bodies made of ?
These subtle energy bodies are made of Prana or Chi or the Life force.
Is Prana the same as Chi ?
Yes Prana is Sanskrit and Chi is in Chinese; both are terms used to denote the Life
force in the various regions or parts of the world.
Can we generate our Prana.
Yes we can. We can generate our own Prana by Breathing, by Meditation, by Chi-Kung
practices, by Yoga practices or by receiving the prana directly from the sun, the earth
and the cosmos etc.
What is an Aura and what is it made of ?
The Aura is the combination of all the energy bodies. Aura is made up of the subtle
energy that surrounds the physical body. It is made of Prana. Auras can also be found in
animals, plants, fruits, crystals, food, water, etc. Our planet earth has an aura of its
Are Auras colorful ?
Yes, the Aura is colorful and these colours are derived from the light energy that
surrounds us, just like how the rainbow gets its color.
Can Aura of a person be seen ?
Some are born with the gift of being a Clairvoyant and can see aura. One can also
develop the clairvoyant faculty by activating certain chakra and certain spiritual

practices. Now aura can be pictured using the Kirlian Photographic technique and ones
aura can be easily pictured.
Does subtle energy affect our well being?
Yes, subtle energy is required for the wellbeing of our physical body and used-up
energies or energy toxins need to be removed and any un-removed used up energies
would affect the well-being of the physical body. The more dirty the subtle body the
more it would affect the well-being of the physical body.
Are there any side effects from this healing for the healer and patient?
There is no side effect of any kind for both the healer and the patient when healing with
the PHW. It works in a unique way such that all the diseased and toxin energy is
How long does it take to heal a patient?
Some sickness such as headache, gastric pain, stomach pain can be relieved within 3
to 4 mins. Other ailments would take longer periods and with constant healing the
ailment will be cured. Fever would require healing every 3 or 4 hours for a period until
the toxin energy is removed and fresh prana enters the body and stays there.
Do you need to be a vegetarian to learn PVH or healing with the PHW.?
No, you are not the healer, the PHW is healing, the healer can continue his regular
Do you need to meditate to heal with the PHW?
No. If you are already doing any form of meditation that would not affect the learning of
the PVH.
How many steps are there in this healing?
There are simply two steps Aura Sensing and Prana Healing.
For Prana Healing there are 4 steps for total energy healing.

1) Aura cleansing, 2) Ida-Pingala Balancing, 3) Finding and Removing cords and

Chakra Conditioning and 4) Healing at the required area.
What is aura cleansing?
This technique would clean the aura of any disease energy, energy toxins or unwanted
energies attached to the aura.
What is the Ida-Pingala balancing?
This technique conditions the autonomous nervous system. It balances the flow of
prana energy in the Ida-Pingala Nadis or energy channels. This technique conditions
the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system that is responsible for the proper
functioning of the organs and whole body.
What is removing cords and chakra conditioning?
This technique would allow one to know the cords attached to the chakra or the part of
the physical body and then condition the individual chakras by balancing them. Some of
these chakras could be over activated or maybe under activated; this technique
balances the chakras and returns them to their normal condition and function.
What is healing at the required area?
This technique is done by showing the PHW to the area that requires prana and this
would remove all the blocks and make the flow of Prana energy better in that area. If the
pain is in the knee then the PHW would have to be shown at the knee area.
Do you have to have a strong energy body to heal?
No, the PHW is doing the healing. The healer is only the instrument of the healing
How long do the healing steps take?
Some ailments like headache, toothache gastric pain would take about 3 minutes to
completely heal. Other healing can be performed within 10mins. More critical ailment
would take somewhere about 20mins. Some would require regular healing.

Can self healing be done with the PHW?

Yes, self healing is easily done with the PHW. Doing self healing regularly one can keep
the subtle body clean and free flow of the subtle energies is maintained. Just by
spending 5mins daily one can keep the energy body free from stress and accumulation
of energy toxins and disease energy in the aura.
Can distant healing be done ?
Yes, with the PHW the healer can heal anyone around the globe just like if the person is
in front of you.
What is the forgiveness affirmation? what is it for?
This is to remove any unhealthy links that come into our energy bodies and cause
problems to the physical body. The affirmation removes all the energy cords and these
cords are one of the causes of very terminal disease such as cancer, depression,
unexplained pains and disease and sickness that cannot be treated by medical
What are cords?
Cords are energy links directed knowingly or unknowingly to a person that can affect the
subtle energy body and affect the health of the physical body. Cords can be on chakras
and on the energy body and also on the organ. The link can be from person who may
have ill thoughts that may be causing the health problem. Cord can also originate from
the person suffering with an ailment.
Can these cords be removed?
Yes, by reading the forgiveness affirmation most of the cords would be removed and
any stubborn cords can be removed by contacting Prana Violet Healing
Does the PHW replace any other medical or alternative treatment?
No, it complements all forms of treatment. By healing the subtle energy body, all other
treatment would start to work better and heal the physical body faster.

What are chakras?

They were seen as rotating vortices away from the physical body by ancient yogis who
were clairvoyants. Chakra is a Sanskrit word and means wheel.
Chakras are energy centers on the subtle body and they perform many functions and
one of the functions is to take care of the health of the organs and part of physical body
that they control. They receive prana and distribute them to these required areas.
Where are these chakras located?
These chakras are located on the subtle energy body and they are connected to the
nervous system and other chakras through the nadi network and some are connected to
the spine
How many chakras are there on the human body?
There are many chakras and most books would depict the 7 chakras, there are many
more chakras. These chakras can be divided into major chakras, minor chakras, mini
chakras and sub-mini chakras and chakras of nadi points
Can one detect the chakras?
Yes, the chakras can be detected using a simple pendulum made from tissue. Hold the
pendulum about 25mm or 1 inch above the chakra and soon there would be a
movement. The pendulum may rotate clockwise, anticlockwise, horizontal, vertical, oval
and no movement. All this rotation indicates the different conditions of chakras.
What are Nadis?
These are channels through which prana flows from one chakra to the other and to the
entire area of the physical body. Any blocks in the Nadis would reduce or stop the flow
of Prana and eventually cause problem in that area
How many Nadi are there ?
Ancient Indian texts indicate that there are 72,000 Nadis. The main Nadis in the subtle
body are the Ida, Pinggala and the Sushumna. The Prana flows along the main Nadis

i.e. the left (Ida) and right (Pinggala) sides of the spine and on the spine itself
(Sushumna). These Nadis are very similar to the Chinese meridians and acupressure
How does breathing generate Prana?
When we breathe we not only take in the oxygen but also the Prana in the air, this
Prana is then channeled through the Chakras into the Nadis and then to the physical
body. By doing certain types of breathing one can generate tremendous amount of
Prana where the whole body starts to absorb the Prana
What types of breathing are taught in Prana Violet Healing?
Simple Breathing, Prana Breathing, Yogi Breathing and Balance Breathing. Anyone
suffering from migraine can easily overcome it by just doing the balance breathing
Can any one do this breathing?
These are natural breathing ways and can be done by anyone. The moment we are
born we breathe naturally and this can be seen on babies and also on most people
when they sleep. As we grow older we have forgotten the natural way of breathing.
Many times we have met people who do not breathe with the nose but with the mouth.
Can water be energized with the PHW?
Water holds a lot of Prana and the PHW can be used to energize the water with Prana.
This water can be consumed to help the body rejuvenate.
Can White Magic, Black magic or Negative Occult practice be removed with the
Prana Violet Healing
Yes it can be done quite easily. If you think you are under such attack please contact us.
Can Spells and Curses be removed?
Yes, these can be done quite easily. Please contact us for detail on how this can be

Can Home, office and Building be cleaned of negative energies ?

Yes this can be done easily with a technique that would take about 4 to 5 mins
Can I teach Prana Violet Healing?
Once you start healing and can heal confidently you can start teaching as well.
Everything that we teach you here, you can teach to anyone. We expect to impart this
knowledge to everyone. There is no copyright on all of our teachings, one can freely
share this healing modality with everyone.
Can I charge when I heal with the PHW ?
You are not expected to charge when healing with the PHW, but you can receive a
token of appreciation and gratitude from the patient. If you spend a lot of time when
healing with the PHW then you can charge for your time. The best way is to accept
some money when the patient is healed and part of that money can be donated by the
healer to some charitable fund or to the needy. If you are to charge for this healing then
every two persons you heal you would have to heal the third person free.
What are the benefits of healing others?
You will be blessed many times as you would be performing Gods work in healing the
needy. More so you will be generating abundance of good karma. Remember what you
give returns to you many more times
Why do you provide the Prana Violet Healing -Teaching and Healing free?
We have received the teaching for free and we give it out free to everyone freely as
well. This is between God and us.
What workshops are offered by Prana Violet healing ?Prana Violet Healing
conducts the following courses
1] Prana Violet Healing ( Basic )
2] Prana Violet Healing ( Advanced )

3] Food
4] Emotional Freedom Healing
5] Prosperity
6] Black Magic & Psychic Attack
7] Art of Dying
8] To Become a teacher of Prana Violet Healing
Please read


We will teach you how to become a teacher of Prana Violet healing if you agree to
abide by our Guidelines and have a passion to be of selfless service to others.
Thank you God. Bless Everyone.
On Behalf Of The Devaraja and Cosmic Beings Of Borobudur