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Accessories and spare parts

Equipment furnished shall be provided with all required accessories and spare parts
sufficient for 2 years of operation after the warranty period.


Waste water systems

A site effluent disposal system for 15 gas turbine open cycle configuration is required to
ensure that all potentially contaminated wastes generated by the construction, operation and
maintenance of the power station shall be controlled in accordance with World Bank guidelines and
local legislation. This layout and arrangement of the waste water system shall take into account the
requirement to extend the system for combined cycle conversion.
Effluent from the drains of the laboratory, battery room, plant and chemical dosing drains
shall also be suitably treated.
Surface water with the potential of oil contamination shall be directed to an oil/water
separator prior to discharge. All waste oil shall be collected for off-site disposal.
Gas turbine compressor wash effluent shall be segregated and stored at a suitable location
for off-site disposal.
Sampling and instrumentation shall be included in the final discharge to ensure compliance
with the requirements of relevant legislation. As a minimum, this shall include equipment to measure
flow, temperature and pH. Provision to take a manual sample shall be provided. Discharge of
wastewater outside agreed limits shall be prevented by the control system.
For Qurayyah OCGT plant no discharge sewer is available, the final effluent disposal shall
be routed to an evaporation pond. Two 100 per cent evaporation ponds shall be provided for the
OCGT plant installation and the proposed site layout should take into account the requirement to
construction additional evaporation pond(s) for the combined cycle plant conversion. Details of the
proposed discharge system shall be provided within the Tender.
For further details of the site waste water systems, refer to Section 9 of this Specification.

Packaged sewage treatment plant

A packaged sewage treatment plant shall be provided to cater for the total foul water
treatment requirements of the station, with adequate margins, under all conditions of operation. The
plant shall be complete with sanitary drainage piping, manholes and grease traps required for
conveying sewage, comminutor and bar screen, pre-engineered activated sludge modules, chlorination
equipment, treated sewage holding facility, treated sewage transfer pump sets, interconnecting piping
valves and supports, associated instruments and controls, associated electrical work, associated civil
work and all tanks shall be fitted with access ladders, platforms, vents and access ports. Level and
contents gauges shall be located for operational convenience.
The plant shall be capable of treating 300 litres per day of raw sewage per person during
normal operation together with a provision for peak demand at 2.5 times normal operational flow.

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PTS # 06EG902 - PROJECT-B, VOL-2