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Energy Price Fact Sheet

AGL New South Wales residential electricity standing offer - AGL139051SR

Customer type

Fuel type


Tariff type

Offer type

Release date



Essential Energy

Time of use

Standing offer


Electricity offer
Contract term

No contract term

Contract expiry details

Bill frequency

Every 3 months

Electricity pricing information

11 Jul to 10 Jul

Price (exc. GST)

Price (inc. GST)

Domestic Time of Use Peak 7am - 9am and 5pm - 8pm, Monday to Friday.
All usage

28.85 cents per kWh

31.735 cents per kWh

Domestic Time of Use Off-Peak 10pm - 7am, Monday to Friday and all day on weekends.
All usage

15.47 cents per kWh

17.017 cents per kWh

Domestic Time of Use Shoulder 9am - 5pm and 8pm - 10pm, Monday to Friday.
All usage

28.85 cents per kWh

31.735 cents per kWh

Daily supply charge

127.89 cents per day

140.679 cents per day

Daily supply charge: a charge that applies for supplying electricity to your property for each day of the billing period, regardless of how much
electricity you use.
kWh: 'kWh' stands for kilowatt hour and is the unit of measurement for your electricity usage.
Price changes
Are these prices fixed?


We may vary these prices not more than once every 6 months and we will publish the variation in a newspaper and on our website at least 10
business days before it starts. We will also include details with your next bill after the variation takes effect.
Electricity key contract features
This standing offer applies to residential customers in New South Wales within the Essential Energy
electricity distribution area.

Eligibility criteria
Payment processing fee

Percentage of bill - 0.60%

The amount is GST inclusive and applies to payments made by debit and credit cards.

Direct debit dishonour payment fee

Fixed rate - $7.27 inc. GST

Amount is not subject to GST. Flat rate - $7.27

Cheque dishonour payment fee

Fixed rate - $15.00 inc. GST

A Dishonoured payment fee is charged when AGL attempts to process a payment via cheque and
receive a dishonour notification from your bank. This amount is not subject to GST

Late payment fee

Fixed rate - $12.73 inc. GST

A late payment fee may be charged when full payment has not been received by the bill due date.
This amount is not subject to GST

Other fee

Fixed rate - $88.71 inc. GST

This fee will be charged when you move into or out of your address.

Additional fee information

Additional fees and charges may apply. Please see the AGL standard retail contract fee schedule at

Charge type

Amount (inc. GST) /


Amount per unit

$0.055 (inc. GST)
of usage

For 5.5c / kWh inc. GST we ensure energy equal to 100% of your usage will be fed into the
grid from Accredited GreenPower generators.

Electricity offer terms and conditions

For further information about the terms and conditions applicable to this standing offer, please contact AGL on 131 245 or visit

Contact details and more information


Phone number

Retailer's website


13 12 45

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