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the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal decision-making; economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment. UNIT TITLE: Community Helpers GRADE: PS2 JD, LO, SF, SUBJECT FOCUS: Social Studies DURATION: Nov-Dec 09 ( 6 weeks) CENTRAL IDEA: INQUIRY INTO: Within our community there are people who • What a community is help us • What community helpers do and why TRANSDISCIPLINARY SKILLS , ATTITUDES, LEARNER PROFILE ATTIRUBUTES to be taught within the Unit of Inquiry Communication Skills -Listening to information: guest speakers, special visitors, field trips -Expressing ideas orally -Viewing a variety of materials related to Community Helpers (viewing and presenting) -Presenting information through pictures, drawn or painted -Discussing observations Knowledge/Thinking Skills -Gaining relevant facts, information and vocabulary - Using art, drama and role-playing to express an understanding of the central idea. Research Skills -Using the five senses to gain information –being exposed to different kinds of tools and learning how community helpers use them. (e.g.: stethoscopes, gauze, band-Aid, etc…) -Working towards independently gathering information -Using graphs to record information Self Management Skills Using small and large muscles to model, act out and dramatize various jobs that Community Helpers do -Safely engaging in personal behaviour that avoids placing oneself or others in danger or at risk Social Skills -Listening attentively and respectfully to guest speakers and visitors -Adopting a variety of roles in a group setting Attitudes Curiosity – Being curious about the world, its people and different jobs they do in the community Appreciation – Appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world and its people. Learner Profile focus Caring: Realizing that communities provide helping services for our families Inquirer: Seeking to know more about the roles and tools of community helpers Risk-taker: Trying out a variety of roles; presenting information about a community helper to the rest of the class Specialist Integration (Music, German, Physical Education) PE- The children will practice their climbing and “rescuing” skills (such as balancing on beams, climbing rungs and climbing over and under obstacles) also an action game to incorporate movement from other community helpers.

ISB PYP UNIT OF INQUIRY PLANNING OVERVIEW Grade PS Music – The children will perform a “fire ballet”, a movement activity depicting the outbreak of a fire and its extinguishing, with some children portraying the fire and some the fire fighters. German – The children will learn the vocabulary of community helper roles and tools in German through songs, stories and role playing. Assessment of the Understanding of the Skills and Concepts Taught within the Unit: The children will be asked to play a game, matching pictures of helpers with the tools they use, both at the beginning and at the end of the unit. The children will also be asked several times to draw and interpret their understanding of how community helpers carry out their roles. The children will be observed role playing to assess how much they understand about particular community helper roles and how well they interpret them. NOTES TO PARENTS: (important dates, project information, etc.)
Classes will organize field trips according to the main interests in their classes (e.g., doctor’s office, post office, fire station, etc.) Each class will send out relevant notification. Parents are invited to contribute materials relating to their professions ( e.g., medical supplies like syringes, surgery masks). While the community helpers will vary from classroom to classroom, common helpers will include doctors, nurses, firefighters, mail deliverers, and construction workers).