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1) An Oil Company Licensed and Found in Kuwait according to the
Kuwaiti Law.
Address: Kuwait, Khalid Ben al Waleed St. Abdulmogny Building Office
Postal Address: P.O. Box 15450 Deeya code 35455 Kuwait
2) Al Roumi United Group for General Contracting & Trading
Postal Address: P.O. Box 15450 Deeya / Code 35455 Kuwait

The basic root of the company was found by the main AlROUMI senior
father in 1962. It was AlROUMI commercial establishment for general
trading and contracting - inside Kuwait locally for construction
contracting, electricity, general merchandise for cosmetics, marine tools
and food stuff. It had been upgraded and developed every year especially
in 1996 when our activities exceeded local market in many vast scopes
of local contracting, Free Zone import / export marketing - and
moreover- it became Group of Joint companies of the family, composed
of two main mother companies:

. AL ROUMI United Group - For General Contracting and Trading
It is very active in the local market into the following aspects:
A. General Construction contracts.
B. Free Zone import export date.
C. Food stuff (Sugar, Frozen Chicken, Cooking Oil, Wheat, Barley, and
Chicken Feed)
D. Pharmaceutical accessories including dental products.
E. Real Estate Trading
F. Foreign companies' representation
G. Mobile / Auto trading.
H. All types of steel scrap (HMS1, HMS2, various)
I. Grand Bakery including DONUT Sweets

we have the biggest fishing concession directly from the government. 10 & 15 years. Crude Oil (buying & selling as coordinators) from Iraq. backed up by AAA world prime banks. Azerbaijan. We can secure and guarantee legitimate sellers and buyers as well to sell and buy Diesel Oil. Our Activities in this field is categorized as per the following details: A. waste Oil and Heavy Crude Oil. Oil products brokers between main sellers and main buyers. Iran and Algeria in long term contract for 5. Iran. Sudan. PVC F.Petro Quip International Oil Company It is an oil company dealing in all types of petroleum. 2002 Global activities Throughout the real and mutual relationship with big oil companies many important fields had been subdued and opened such as: 1) World Wide Investment Opportunities We have over 10 major investment areas in Canada. Fuel Bitumen. Kazakhstan. Yemen and Iran. . Petrochemicals: We have 100% confirmed suppliers for Chemical Fertilizer . Asian and American Oil Companies having their refineries with satisfactory financial capabilities. Russia. We are acting on behalf of the government.Urea 46% Nitrogen. India. USA.on 1200 kilometers sea coast. We are searching for investors by major Japanese and European fishing companies. Arabian Gulf countries. In North Somali land in Africa . D. Saudi Arabia and Nigeria) B. Base Oil. Ammonia Phosphates E. . In IRAN we are in position to secure the Iranian Central Bank coverage and guarantee for all the investments. LPG (Liquidated Propane Gas) and NPG (Natural Propane Gas) from direct gas suppliers from Qatar. Naphta. C. we are the representative of qualified European.

water and environment from pollution and dirtiness. we had offered our approach to Iraqi Oil Head quarters for obtaining oil drilling contracts. European Oil Drilling Co. They need USD 1. legalization and feasibility study.8 Billion and ready to provide bank guarantees from one of the biggest European Bank in Germany.50 Million. In INDIA: We have major petrochemical project which consists of a huge refinery. Total investment is USD 1. high level technicians.In SOUTH AFRICA: we have precious stones mining investment to produce diamonds with feasible income over USD 1. and now-a-days. For oil wells digging.Gas Chemical Project with a major 200. C. B. We can secure a contract of 32 rigs and oil wells as well. Nurses for all Medical Jobs . We are trying to allocate a JV Corporation investment from Japan or Europe. 2) Project Financing corporations We are in direct links with financers that can finance viable projects against collateral assets and concessions in real state and government project.000 barrels crude refinery per day. We have the provision of Crude Oil from gulf area. 3) Companies Representation Agencies: We represent the following companies A. engineers. petrochemical site and pipeline. legalization and feasibility study. We are agents of an anti pollution and anti contamination product disinfection which is used to purify the air.5 billion. The investment scale requested is USD 25 . It is the most sophisticated formula which is invented by famous chemical scientists in Europe. soil. In SUDAN . We have all the documents of the legislation.25 Billion in 5 years. It has offshore and on shore platforms and rigs.North Part: A Jumbo Petro . We have all the documents of the legislation. all grades of laborers (skilled and unskilled). We represent a recruitment company in the Philippines which supplies all categories of manpower.

In cases ready to be exported. Now. . D. E. G. we have right contracts of importing and selling gold dust with various purity. Also. Petroleum Engineers. for gold production into the gold refinery. erected and operated . F. Pipeline Experts. This is very important in construction materials. We are agents and distributors for GGBS from India which is produced from the best slag in India. we have the possibility to shift operating refineries with different and various capacities to any part of the Hospitals and Medical Centers.through same group.000 (One Million & Two Hundred Thousand) metric tons per year. we have a Chinese huge Cement Factory can produce 1. Refining Engineers and Oil Wells drilling stuff. We are the coordinators for the sale of a major oil contract of 1000 metric tons. We have the original contract from the seller / owner.200. We have direct European Group in Germany can provide brand new & second hand Mercedes Benz of different models with excellent prices CIF. We are in contact with major machinery and equipment sellers.