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6-1 Persian War Press Conference King Darius: 1) Why did you invade Greece? a. I wanted to expand Persia.

2) Did you think it was a good choice to invade Greece? a. At first I had control over Ionia, Greek city-states on the east coast, but they wanted freedom and Athens helped them rebel against me. So, yes, I think revenge was a good reason to invade Greece. 3) How many soldiers did you take? a. About 20,000 to 60,000 soldiers. 4) What was your fighting strategy? a. We use bow and arrows. We wait for the enemy to come close and then attack. This didn’t work in Greece because they had shields to protect themselves from our arrows. 5) How many men did you lose? a. About 6,400 men and 7 ships. 6) How did you die? a. I got sick and died of natural causes. 7) Did you use horses in the Battle of Marathon? a. Mainly used ships. 8) How long was the Battle of Marathon? a. It lasted for 8 days. Phiddipides: 1) How long did it take you to run from Marathon to Athens? a. It took 26 miles and about 3 hours. 2) How did you know to run? a. A general told me that the Persians might now sale to Marathon, so I had to run to warn them and tell them that we defeated the Persians at Marathon. 3) Why did you take a horse? a. The shape of the land made it difficult to take a horse – running was easier. 4) What was your condition when you made it to Athens? a. I was bruised and had cuts. I also was exhausted and died shortly after I arrived. 5) Where else did you run? a. I also ran 150 miles in 36 hours to ask the Spartans to help us at the Battle of Marathon when the Persians first invaded. They said they would, but had to wait until after their holiday. Eventually the Spartans did come and help. 6) Why didn’t they send someone else? a. Because I’m the best professional runner in Athens!

7) How old were you? a. I was 24 years old. King Xerxes: 1) Why did you attack Greece for a second time? a. I wanted revenge and to fulfill my father’s plans to invade Greece. 2) How did you plan to attack Greece? a. I planned a land and sea invasion. 3) Did you have any allies? a. It was mainly Persian soldiers and people under our control, like the Phoenicians, Indians, Egyptians, and Arabs. We did have a special group of elite soldiers called the Immortals. Also, some Greek citystates supported me. 4) How did you lose at the Battle of Salamis? a. Themistocles, the Greek navy general, lured us into a narrow channel and was able to defeat us. King Leonidas: 1) Why did you help Athens? a. Because Athens is a great city and we were all Greeks. I wanted to give Athens more time to prepare for battle. If it wasn’t for me, the people of Athens wouldn’t have had time to leave the city and find protection. 2) Why did you only have 300 men? a. Well, that’s not exactly true. I had about 4,000 to 7,000 men at first, but then I realized I was going to lose and so I sent home all but 300 men. You see, there was an oracle message that said either I would die or Sparta would be defeated. I thought it was better to sacrifice myself instead of the entire city. 3) What was your battle plan? a. We wanted to hold them back, but a traitor, Ephialtes, helped the Persians. He showed them a passage way and they came and sneaked up behind us. If it wasn’t for him, we might have won. 4) How long did you hold off the Persians? a. We held them off for 7 days, but were only fighting for about 3 days. The Persians had about 80,000 to 290,000 men on their side. 5) How did you die? a. I died in battle. Luckily, my men protected my body. 6) Why did you have to fight? a. For my honor – I am Spartan. 7) What does Thermoplyae look like? a. It’s on the coast and has tall mountains with a narrow passageway that the Persians were trying to get through.

Themistocles: 1) How did you encourage Greece to build up the navy? a. Well, we found some silver and, usually, in Athens, when we find that, we divide it equally among citizens. However, after much debating, I convinced the people to use the money to build more ships. 2) What problems did you face? a. Well, there was this other politician, Aristides, who opposed my idea to build up the navy. 3) How many ships did you have? a. We built 200 ships, or triremes, with the silver we found. At Salamis, we had about 366 ships, but not all of them were ours. The Persians had about 1,200 ships. 4) Why did you plan to build the navy? a. I knew – everyone knew – the Persians would attack again. So, I knew we needed a stronger navy if we wanted to defeat them. 5) What was your strategy? a. Well, at the Battle of Salamis, I sent a message to King Xerxes that said that there was fighting among the generals and I wanted to surrender. All the Persians needed to do was come into the narrow channel and block us from leaving. King Xerxes believed everything and brought his huge navy into the narrow channel. Then, we easily surrounded them and defeated them. I knew that by fighting in the small channel, it wouldn’t matter that the Persians has a larger navy. 6) Did you take time to train Athenians? a. Well, our citizens had to serve in the army, but our marines weren’t as well trained at the Persians. Our navy was still new and learning.