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Executive Summary and Research Essay Outline Assignment This assignment has four parts.

A new page must be started for each part. All parts must be submitted electronically as a single document. I. Cover page The cover page should include the student’s name, assignment title, and course name. An appropriate design can be added to the cover page.


Executive Summary An executive summary is an important part of the presentation of a report or project. Compared to the actual report, the EC is analytical, examining the decisions for developing the report. The EC should contain the following information:

• •

The definition, objective, and scope of the project A brief summary of the project; the key points or issues (can use bullet points if appropriate)

A description of the methodology used to determine the decision, solution or recommendation

A brief justification for the decision, solution or recommendation

The actual decision, solution or recommendation made • • • The executive summary should be brief, no more than two single spaced pages able to stand on its own (complete enough to communicate the important features of the project by itself • placed at the beginning of the report

The decision or recommendation should be definite (not “here’s the information, you decide what to do or how to interpret the meaning”) III. Outline of Essay

Following the Executive Summary, please develop an outline of your research essay. This outline should show the flow and development of your research paper as if you were actually going to write the essay. Please make sure that you have a one to two sentence thesis statement as the introduction. The body of your outline should show the scope and depth of your research using one of the outlining forms discussed in your book. This can be developed with full sentences or phrases/words depending on the situation. Remember, the essay and the EC should stand on its own. How you creatively convey the information is part of your decision process. Please show in which paragraph you would place your quotes, summaries or paraphrases from your research to support your topic. Incorporate the quotes under the main idea that your quote supports. At the end of the quote or paraphrase, please include a parenthetical notation. IV. Work Cited page (Not all your annotated Bibliography citations might make it into your essay. The work cited page is only the quotes, summaries, or paraphrase you used in the report. Remember that you should not rely on a single source or type of research. Make sure your research is diversified and the sources have authority to address the topic. Be sure to have at least one primary source such as an interview or personal experience and one secondary source such as a periodical or book.)