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9 April 2010

It was eerily silent and I could sense the tension in the air. We were having breakfast and I could see the nervousness in their faces. I exclaimed, “You guys will be fine, just remember to give your very best, that’s all that matters”. That was the morning of 27th of March, at Nanyang Girls School, Singapore, and a team of 18 students from SWA were getting ready to battle it out in the Regional Scholar’s Cup with the best schools in Singapore. The students started the day with Essay Writing and Scholars Challenge (Multiple Choice Questions on 6 different subjects). After a short lunch break the student were back in class for the debates. One group won both their debates, another won one and the rest put up a good fight. Thus the hectic first day ended. I could see that the students were feeling more relaxed, and brimming with more confidence. They talked about the skills they needed to sharpen for the next tournament. The next day students competed in the Scholars Bowl that involved answering questions within 17 seconds using some cool technology. In the afternoon we had a Junior Debate Showcase and Eunice was one of the chosen 6 to display her talents in front of all the participants. SWA students showed great boldness and wisdom as many of them went up the stage to share their arguments. Well-done kids! Later on, the prize giving ceremony commenced. Unsurprisingly, the Singapore schools won most of them. Keep in mind the Singapore Regional’s are considered to be the toughest in the world. Last years champions were also from Singapore. SWA and Australian International (Malaysia) sprung a pleasant surprise by winning two medals. Christy won a silver medal in Psychology of War. Marc was awarded as the best participant from SWA. Overall, we were fantastic considering it was our maiden event. I am so proud of the hard work they all put in reading hundreds of pages on very challenging subject matters. The next day we all took some time off to relax by visiting the new Universal Studios. Lastly, a big thanks to Ms. Sam, Mr. Aryo, Ms. Judy and Mr. Robin for assisting in coaching the students. Some students are geared up for the World’s in Shanghai in June and you’ll be hearing more news from us later this term. Manoharan Karthigasu

SWA Scholars Cup Team in Singapore

Dogs, pigs and babies all joined in the workshop run by five SWA teachers during the March break in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Frida Dwiyanti, Jan Kean, Agnes Zebua, Rina Mariana and Meildah Zakaria from SWA, accompanied by Fedra Kulit from Mindlab, all went on this adventure to run a two day workshop on ‘Information Literacy & Reading’ for over 30 Indonesian teachers in west Kalimantan, almost three hours drive from the city of Pontianak. This workshop arose from the Nehemiah Project, a project set in motion by Meildah Zakaria, to develop libraries in Kalimantan schools, and get programs started to use these resources effectively. More than one hundred people have been involved in launching this project and, so far, the Nehemiah Project has established libraries in five schools in Kalimantan and one orphanage in Surabaya. It is the dream of Miss Meildah’s to see libraries in all schools across the islands of Indonesia, and her next target is to continue with the project to set up school libraries in Mentawai, on the islands of Sumatra and Sumba, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Teachers travelled from near and far points of west Kalimantan to attend the workshops, (some using crowded public transport!) to attend this two day seminar, with several teachers bringing their small children along rather than miss the seminar because of babysitting problems. The second day of the workshop was also a public holiday, which teachers gave up to attend this seminar. The conditions were hot, sticky and crowded, and several times we lost the electricity and couldn’t use our digital presentation tools. But this did not trouble the enthusiastic participants who just opened all doors and windows and continued to show their eagerness and

commitment to the workshop, as dogs wandered in and out, and jungle boars roamed around the building. It was joyful being part of this experience, to be in the heart of the tropical forest and to see the dedication and interest these teachers showed to their learning, despite their isolation, lack of resources and basic facilities in their schools. They participated eagerly in all activities in their devotion to improve the learning of their students. The teachers from SWA who were part of this unique experience want to stay involved in the project as it strives to empower the students of our host or home country to live in a 21st Century environment. This project needs a lot of support and is happy to accept your donations or involvement. Please contact Meildah Zakaria at or Jan Kean at for more information. Lontar - Page 1

On a cheerful day on 26 March 2010, 18 students from Sinarmas went to the Soekarno-Hatta airport to fly to Singapore. They all had no idea what was coming on their way! The first day went wonderfully; we went shopping and explored part of Singapore. Then we went to ‘Nanyang Girls Boarding School’ for our stay. We rented four rooms there where many different conditions apply. Six girls (Stacy, Christy, Chelsea, Monica, Nathalie and Elena) shared one room. All the boys (Jae Jun, Won Jun, Reyhan, Gary, Marc, Peter and Sean) also with Ms. Monica and Pheobe shared the other room. Then we had a surprise guest! A boy from Australian International School, Malaysia was joining us in that dorm! Mr. Mano stayed in one room with another teacher from that same school too. We must not forget Eunice, Stephanie, Han Na and Natasha who were in another room!

On the second day, we started competing! Daniel Berdichevsky’s, (the manager of Scholars Cup) first impression of SWA students was: “Wow, I have never seen this kind of thing! Students fully armed with laptops”. Moving on, our first task was to write an essay about any of our chosen topic sentences. We had one and a half hour to do our essays. When the essays were finished we continued to the Scholars Challenge. We did the scholars challenge in the 5 main topics of Scholars Cup; Literature (Movie, Book and Poetry), Arts (Music and Art), Psychology, Science, History and Economic (for seniors). After we finished those tests, we all felt so exhausted; we never thought it would be that hard! After those draining tests we got into debating. In debating, we were matched up against different people from different schools and assigned to different rooms in Nanyang Girls High School. Some of us felt real pressures when we had to compete with high-standard school like Raffles, Nanyang and The Learning Lab! But some of us took it easy with Anglo Chinese School, Australian International School, Vietnam International School, St. Nicole’s Girls School and Math and Science Singapore School because it was also the first time for those schools to go to ‘Scholars Cup’ too. After those debates we got our first debate showcase for the seniors division. We watched them and all of us were very interested. The second day started with the Scholars Bowl where we were expected to use clickers to choose answers from the big screen in Nanyang School’s theater. The Scholars Bowl made us very dizzy and nervous because in The Scholars Bowl we didn’t know if we make a mistake or not because it appears on the big screen. Then we got our second debate showcase for junior division, which was our division! I’m proud to announce that one of our representative from SWA, Eunice Simbar (Grade 9)

was chosen to be one of the best debaters from the competition! The showcase went well and here we had to say goodbye to the competition because it was the end of what we had been working toward for the past 5-6 months! Daniel and some member of his team announced the award winners and you may find this difficult to believe; there were around 124 awards been given out. Singaporean Schools almost won nearly all of the awards except for two. One bronze medal award was given to somebody from The Australian International School and one silver medal award was presented to our school and Christy Zakarias (Grade 7B) who won the psychology scholars challenge test. SWA were delighted to have a winner among us. From all of the SWA students, Marc Soedibjo (Grade 8M) got the highest score out of 100,000 which is not easy. Well done to Eunice, Christy and Marc!

Marc (left) receives medal for highest score

On the fourth day of our stay in Singapore we went to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!! We did so much and had tons of fun with our friends! After our work was finished in Singapore it was the time for us to go back to SWA! Maybe some of you noticed that some of your friends who went to the Scholars Cup didn’t appear in school on Tuesday. It was because we did not get back from the airport till 2.00 am on Tuesday. But I’m sure by now they have told you what happened! So here I am, trying to summarize all the fun experiences we had! I think I’ll never actually regret stepping in one of the most fun events in my life such as Scholars Cup. I think you will have to go to your next class after this homeroom time, I don’t want to be a ninkenpoop that skip classes so thanks for hearing our story and see you on the next one! Written by Christy Zakarias (Grade 7B)

From the CEO

With the end of the school year almost in sight, we are already firmly focused on preparations for the start of the new school year on 9 August 2010. We hope that students and families are looking forward to the lengthened end of year vacation. Over the years I have been involved in recruiting hundreds of teachers, but this year’s challenge of recruiting more than 50 new teachers for the SWA and JWA campuses, which we started in November, has been the largest single recruitment exercise yet, and we are all but finished. Throughout that time we kept a clear focus on high standards and fit to our school community. The outcome is a total faculty of 97 teachers, 16 at JWA and 81 at SWA representing 12 nationalities, including broad regional representation – Indonesia 22%, Australia/New Zealand 20%, China 17%, USA/Canada 17%, UK/Ireland 11%, Asia 8%. As well as new teachers, for many we also welcome their families 12 children who will join us the SWA campus in grades from Kindergarten to Grade 11. I recently attended the IB Regional Conference in Singapore and was inspired by guest speakers who challenged our thinking on internationalism, cultural diversity, and the difference that education and the efforts of committed individuals, groups and schools can make in our world. Each of the guest speakers was introduced by Grade 11 Diploma students from IB schools in Singapore. Watching them speak to an audience of 1,000 educators reminded me of the unique qualities that IB students exhibit and made me very proud to be part of this special community and the great things that we can look forward to in the future. A very special congratulations to our students who recently participated in international trips, two firsts for SWA – the regional Scholars’ Cup in Singapore, and the Global Lontar - Page 2

Issues Conference in Hong Kong. We are excited at the prospect of possibly hosting next years national finals for Scholars Cup, and after this years great results, of doing even better! It seems that each week showcases a new example of student excellence, this week it has been on the sporting field as Steven Raul, outclassed all other competitors at a regional Athletics Competition – stunning judges in his wins in 60 m sprint and shot put events, being invited to compete at high school level! Enrolments for next year are looking very strong with around 450 students expected at SWA and 60 at JWA. New facilities at both sites are progressing very well and orders for new resources are on track to arrive in June. In the coming weeks we will be distributing the list of teachers and their teaching assignments, as well as the floor plans for how the new facilities will be used. The new Sports and Aquatics Center is truly set to be a stunning new facility and one that our 4 new sports teachers are looking forward to. Two new food outlets are set to open – the Sunda Kelapa Café in the Middle School, which features an Indonesian cultural theme, and the Sports Café in Sports Center. The first floor of the High School will provide for a strong community feel with special areas for PTA, meeting rooms, Student Council and Community Service right next to the Chinese Culture Center and Tea House. Our two new counselors will be very conveniently located next to the Tea House. Our new leadership team, including MSHS Principal Paul Sebastian, MSHS Assistant Principal Liz Carrick, PYP Coordinator Jacquie Patrick, will be visiting in two weeks and we invite you to a special Morning Tea to meet them. Our new Activities Director Gavin Robinson will also visit later this term. We also look forward to seeing you at the Teacher Appreciation Event coming up next month!

Knowledge and caring is no longer enough, student must learn how to ACT During the spring break 6 students, Elena Lie, Clara Averina, Bagus Adhiprokoso, Jesslyn, Peter Gunawan, and Jessica Liwang were selected to attend the Global Issues Network Conference taking place at the Chinese International School in Hong Kong. The conference brings together, students, teachers, administrators and specialists from development organizations to discuss and plan action to address Global Issues. At this years conference many of the development projects presented by students focused on taking action towards global issues at a local level. Actions varied from students setting up a Microfinance bank to assist support staff in their school with financial loans to persuading school boards to make their campus plastic bottle free. Our own student led project RiveRia that targets the global issue of education for all addresses the issue at a local level by offering children from a Lengkong village the opportunity to improve their English language skills. While students participated in workshops teachers and administrators also had time to share resources and ideas for further improving how global issues are taught in schools. The most significant discussion was about how to imbed knowledge about global issues into the K-12 curriculum and teach students the skills to take action towards them. It was determined that student knowledge and caring about issues is no longer enough, and that students need to develop skills and apply them to a process that will allow their actions to be effective and sustainable. I believe the conference was an empowering experience for all that took part and will lead to more SWA student led initiatives to combat global issues in our local community and beyond. Rick Hannah (K-12 Community & Service Coordinator) “Voice for the Voiceless” – Keynote by David Begbie from Crossroads Wow… How do I ever start this off? Well pretty much I’m stumped because not only this man, David Begbie really knows how to inspire and grab the audience’s attention. Out of all of the 6 hundred or more students that joined the Global Issues Network Conference in Hong Kong he had everyone’s full attention. For his keynote presentation he had talked about the work he has done with his Crossroads Organization. Crossroads takes materials in good condition such as computers, monitors, sofas, clothing, books etc.. that people don’t use any more and distributes them to those who don’t have them and need them. He now has a huge warehouse where he keeps all these materials and then ships them off to places where they are in need. Recently they made a website that allows people to donate their materials to those in need more quickly. Not only did he do that, he has now successfully created a simulation of slums and wars. Executives, business people, students and many more learn what it like to live in the shoes of those who are less fortunate. The simulations started in 2005 and since then more and more people have been able to experience what it is like to live like a refugee in a war zone or like a slum dweller in poverty. Written by Peter Gunawan (Grade 8R) HIV/AIDS Simulation – Facilitated by David Begbie, Crossroads International David Begbie from Crossroads International shared with us a simulation activity about HIV/AIDS. His first few slides were definitely something new. He just had numbers and we had to guess what those numbers represent. For example 33.4 million is the estimated number of people living with HIV/ AIDS in 2008. We participated in a simulation involving us having a cup of plastic and sharing water with everyone around us. Whoever’s water turned red would be considered HIV positive. Those people who had red water were the unlucky ones. We actually have the most chance of getting HIV from the age of 16 to 25, because in these ages we make big decisions that can affect the rest of our lives. The simulation made us think about and discuss the issue of HIV/AIDS with other students from other International school in an interesting way. Written by Peter Gunawan (Grade 8R) Riveria: English for All – A presentation to Students from around the world During the GIN Conference at Hong Kong, we presented the steps we have taken to set up the community service group at SWA called RiveRia. RiveRia focuses on teaching children English at Lengkong Village, near the Cisadane River, which is 5 to 10 minutes from our school. We explained some of the problems in Indonesia that prevent children from not being able to access good Education. We spoke about there not being enough resources, inexperienced teachers, and a poor learning environment in rural schools like Lengkong. We also explained the benefits of learning English, which included being able to communicate with more people and get better jobs. Towards the end of our presentation we explained about the fundraising events we have organized, and also about the challenges and successes we have experienced and how we will sustain the project. The day before we presented our presentation, we weren’t ready, but we had put in our best effort on the day and it was a success for all of us. Written by Bagus Adhiprakoso (Grade 7B) Lontar - Page 3

What are Global Issues? And where do they happen? On the second day of the conference, I went to the last Core Workshop that was presented by students from the Chinese International School (CIS) of Hong Kong. This workshop was designed, constructed, organized, presented and facilitated completely by the CIS students. We started this simulation by games and by the game we was divided into groups. In this simulation we will have a chance to co-operate with one another and complete challenges while interacting with the workshop’s main feature: an enormous, gym-sized world map. The challenges started with a crossword about global issues. Next we were asked to brainstorm any further ideas we had about these issues and write them down on our paper. After 5 minutes we moved to another group’s paper and discussed their issues and wrote down the countries affected by them. We then stuck the issues on each of the countries, which were part of the huge world map. From this activity we saw that Asia had the most problems. In my opinion, this simulation was really fun and challenging. Written by Clara Averina (Grade 7D) Inspiring words from Efren Penaflorida CNN 2009 Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida is from the Philippines and is also the founder of Dynamic Teen Company (DTC). He lived in poverty during his childhood years, in a place that is full of rubbish. When he walked out of his house, he would be confronted by a mixed smell of food and plastic. When he went to school, he stepped on layers and layers of rubbish instead of stones. This was where Efren lived. In places like this people can die of diarrhea, and they can suffer without food. When Efren grew up, he didn’t allow his circumstances to define his future, he didn’t want others to live in the same condition as he did, he wanted to make a difference. He wanted the children who lived in slum areas to get more education, so he and his friends taught basic reading and writing to the children living on the street. They didn’t have much money, their tools were a pushcart with books. They pushed this car whenever they went to teach, no matter how bad the weather was, they kept going. This project has been running for the past 12 years. On November 22, he was named CNN Hero of the Year for 2009. This project is similar to our community and service project-Riveria. We also wanted to make a difference starting with a small area. We are teaching the Keynote Speaker and CNN Hero of the Year students in Kampung Lengkong, 5-10 minutes away from our school. We found out that the kids in Kampung Lengkong really like to learn English during a Young Scientist Excursion. With the support of teachers, we decided to teach them English and we have successfully completed 12 lessons. We really wish that more students can join our group and sustain this project forever. Written by Jessica Liwang (Grade 10) Determination leads to Positive Change –Keynote by Spencer West from Me to We Spencer West was exceptionally inspiring. He spoke about the struggles of loosing both his legs when he was five and how he overcame these by never losing hope and spreading his message to create positive change. His experiences led him to join the social enterprise Me to We which supports Free the Children which is the world’s largest network of children helping children through education. He shared with us how Free the Children started with an effort to stop child labor. Even though he is physically challenged, he has created incredible change throughout society. His courage and determination are truly incredible. Written by Elena Lie (Grade 7D)
Left: Clara, Jessica, Elena with Keynote Speaker Spencer West


This was another successful opportunity to showcase our school. First time visitors are always overwhelmed by the openness, color, 21st century design and the community spirit. Students glide from one building to another enjoying the campus faculties and facilities. Parents and visitors take time to chat, socialize, have coffee or interact with their children. A huge thank you to year four and five students for their well rehearsed retelling of the famous French street performer, Philippe Petit. Did you know the grade five students wrote the script? Congratulations to all. The talent, skills and knowledge was equally entertaining and at an extremely high standard. To date this Open Day was the most successful. Many new families visited and left impressed and committed to joining the SWA community the next school year.

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