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Enrich and enhance children's cognitive development.

Leads to greater achievement in core content areas (reading, writing, social studies, science & mathematics) in both languages. Assist children with developing different learning styles, problemsolving abilities and reasoning skills. Program Design: In our Spanish Immersion classrooms, students do not learn the Spanish language per se; rather students acquire Spanish as they learn content (language arts, mathematics, science and social studies). Teachers are bilingual in both Spanish and English. Students split their educational time between both languages. Preschool • • • 90% Spanish/l0% 85% Spanish/15% 80% Spanishl20% English English English Kindergarten First Grade One grade will be added each year. Program Goal: Our program's goal is twofold. The first is to promote global citizenship. A Global Citizen is an individual who moves effortlessly between the languages, cultures and customs of two or more different societies. He/She is fluent in the native language of two countries and is able to effectively communicate with individuals and groups from each nation a Global Citizen: 1. Understand and value the customs and traditions of at least two different countries. 2. Is fluent in the verbal and written languages of at least two different countries. Improve children's understanding and fluency in the native language. Foster a sense of humanity and friendship across cultures. Increase children's ability to adapt to different environments. Increase children's ability to be more flexible in their thinking. Open the door to other cultures and increase sensitivity to and understanding of language, values, customs and traditions of others. Increase career and educational opportunities.

3. Maintains personal and professional relationships with individuals from at least two different countries. 4. Identifies needs in both cultures and facilitates mutually beneficial collaborative initiatives.

Our second goal is to promote academic achievement and ensure our students receive a strong academic education in both languages.

from: Language and Children: Making the Match (3rd ed.), Curtain, H. and Pesola, C. Adapted (2003)

Grades available for 2009/2010
Preschool, Kindergarten and l" Grade
Growth 200912010 201012011 201112012 201212013 201312014 l" Grade 2nd Grade 3 Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade

Principal: Rosa Thill 517-755-1220

Director of Bilingual Education, FLAP and Preschools: Sergio Keck 517-755-1391

MSRP Program Specialists ThomasMumby 517-755-3391

This progression will continue until there is a comprehensive Preschool through 12thGrade Spanish program.

Lansing School District
Averill Elementary
3201 Averill Drive Lansing, MI 48911

Imps: GA verill School

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