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Kevin Rudd PM . AND TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN . Kevin, It is my understanding that when a 14-year old Aboriginal girl was pack raped (Queensland) you were allegedly involved in the destruction of documents. (Heiner affair). . Today ABC Four corners presented the Home Insulation fiasco and about matt Fuller being the first person to die by electrocution. . More then 3 decades ago I was a insulation consultant and as such have a certain understanding about home insulation (as I wrote to you about previously). . the four corners program did mention 4 items of correspondences that were forwarded by Mr peter Garrett to your office and I request that you provide me with copies of those 4 items of correspondences as after all we do not want the same to have happen as happened with the 14 year old rape victim case of investigation that documents were destroyed. . I may use the opportunity that while at times destruction of documents might be lawful if however it is done by conspiracy to pervert the course of JUSTICE then the destruction as such can be an unlawful conduct. . Hence, now that I have requested you formally to prove me with copies of the documents you will be aware that I have a valid lawful claim for this. . If you are not willing to just like that to hand them over then consider the request to be one under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT and I request that all charges and fees are waived. After all you are employed by the taxpayers and as a constitutionalist I do desire to remind you of the following: . Hansard 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates QUOTE Mr. BARTON.Having provided in that way for a free Constitution, we have provided for an Executive which is charged with the duty of maintaining the provisions of that Constitution; and, therefore, it can only act as the agents of the people. END QUOTE . Do understand that in view of my request it would be unlawful for you now to order any destruction of the documents and/or have anyone else to destroy the same and, so to say, I would recommend you place a battalion of soldier around the documents to safeguard it against anyone who may seek to destroy the documents as I for one will not be too kind to disregard any willful destruction as I would pursue to hold you legally accountable as you should as the pm have enough sense to ensure the documents are now safeguarded and copies are on record so that at all times copies will be available. . I understand from the comments made by the parents of Matt Fuller that you didn’t have the common decency to apologize for the death of their son, and I urge you to at least show appropriate compassion towards them as after all it was their only child who now has died. .
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Personally I view it as blatant stupid for anyone to use iron staples in roofs or under a house to affix foil and view that the commonwealth did better to provide grants for alternative material to be used as staples that will not conduct electricity. . More over, I view it is also stupid to use foil where there are electrical wiring because wiring tend to decay over time and so electrify the foil when this occurs. . The Four Corner program also showed that bats were ripped in half and clearly this is a fraudulent conduct as to charge for whole bats when only half of it was used. . Also, again having been an insulation consultant I am aware that the roofing area that exist must be reduced by 10% because of bats and blow-in type of insulation going between the beams and the beams themselves take about 10% of the entire roof space! Also, using any foil onto beams in the roof means that whenever an electrician subsequently has to work there he has to rip up the foil and this defeat the purpose of insulation also. Hence, foil should be fitted underneath the beams holding the roof-tile and not on the beams themselves that are holding the ceiling plaster. . When I saw how the little old lady had her roof bats basically left on top of the beams and she already had roofing insulation (pink bats) prior to this then clearly this was irresponsible and dangerous, as well as a total rip off because no such insulation was needed. . It seems to me that it was not at all about creating jobs rather to create millionaires as much seemed to be a rip off. I understand a call center was a insulation registered business who then engaged a electrician as a subcontractor who then as I understood it engaged basically staff who were ill equipped for the job. . As I recall it you made known that the buck stops with you, but after 4 deaths you didn’t resign and as such it seems that after all you are not taking any real responsibility for the utter mismanagement of not just taxpayers moneys but more over having directly or indirectly been involved in such conduct that resulted not only in numerous houses to burn down but even people being killed. Is this the kind of responsibility you are willing to take to ignore even an appropriate apology to the parents of the death? . One issue that was raised was that installers needed to have light when installing insulation material. Well, they do sell inverters in most hardware stores that you can charge up and then when the power is off you can use the inverter to run a 240 Volt lamp of. Also, I use battery charged neon lights so that I can use them whenever I need to work in darken area’s in the roof at home and have no electricity available. As such, I view the government having thrown all that money around without making clear there were to be safety protocols to be followed then I view the government must provide for a ROYAL COMMISSION to investigate matters. . I request you to ensure a ROYAL COMMISSION is held into the entire affair as after all people died and perhaps more may die as a result. . Gerrit . Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka . 26-4-2010

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