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Main Goals: Continue to Discuss the History Slavery, Analyze Primary Sources, and Introduce Interviewing Monday Topic: Lab: Primary Source Assessment Tuesday Underground Railroad Wednesday Civil War & Slavery Thursday Lab: Life of a Slave Girl Primary Source Assessment Analyze Harriet Jacobs' Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. Using this, they will answer the Document Based Question, which will help them learn how to asses primary sources and interpret their information. They will also gain an understanding of the life of a slave around the time of the Civil War. Friday Introduction to Interviewing Protocol and Questioning

Students Will:

Be listening to a lecture about the Underground Railroad and the role it played in slaves' lives and of the Life of Frederick in escaping. Students will Douglass, an American Slave excerpts. Students will see pictures and slides of Underground Railroad use this resource to answer a Document Based Question conductors' letters. We will then have a class (DBQ). Students will learn discussion about the roles how to assess primary and dangers of helping sources and interpret their fugitive slaves and what information. Students will choices the students also gain a better would make. understanding of slaves' lives.

Analyze Frederick Douglass's A Narrative

Be listening to a short lecture about Civil War slavery and abolitionists. They will then be using internet resources to find and read a northern black soldier's journal entries and a Southern white soldier's journal to observe differences in each perspective. Students will then create a small poster using words and pictures to compare these perspectives.

Students will be learning about the interview lab assignment, the correct way to interview someone, how to approach the interviewee, how to develop good questions for a narrative assignment, and what questions to ask for their interviews. The actual interview will take place in the English classroom.

Teacher Will:

Providing a short lecture Introduce Harriet Jacobs Teacher will be discussing Provide a short presentation Lecture about the on Frederick Douglass, and Underground Railroad and about slavery and the excerpts and help put the interviewing assignment, Civil War along with the assist students as they use this into historical present images and the topics of interviewing soldiers' online journal primary sources to complete examples of documents. context. Teacher will and questioning using entries. He or she will the DBQ. also assist students as The teacher will also lecture, PowerPoint also make sure the they use primary sources facilitate discussion on presentation, class students are on task and to complete DBQ why/why not students discussion, and a modeled would help fugitive slaves. are understanding the interview.. material. Assess students' DBQ. Assess students' DBQ on their Assess students' discussion Students will produce a Students will project their Look at how they ability to construct an understanding of the topics and class participation. poster comparing the argument/thesis and through an informal Look at what they write in perspectives of white construct their argument support it with relevant and their ending journal. Assess and black soldiers during and the relevance of assessment by the teacher, the Civil War. their supporting details. meaningful information and by their final result of their short homework through their analysis of the interview lab. assignment primary sources.