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Main Goals: Understanding Primary Sources, Writing Narratives, Producing Oral History, and Interviewing Monday Topic: Reconstruction & Slavery Tuesday Civil Rights & the Legacy of Slavery Wednesday Film Watching and Discussion Thursday Friday

Lab: Interview Activity - Lab: Interview Activity Writing Writing

Students Will:

Be receiving a lecture from the Connect with material from Students will be using Students will be Students will be teacher about reconstruction and the previous lesson by their interview watching a portion of continuing to write slavery. They will be shown a reading excerpts from online recordings and the documentary their biographies. They PowerPoint with notes and various Civil Rights documents transcripts (From Unchained Memories, will have the entire images of Jim Crow and other (narratives and laws, etc.) English class) to begin period to work on this taking notes, and Reconstruction materials. Students along with material from writing biographies discussing slave assignment. If the will then be asked questions about their textbook. They will narratives. Focus will about their interviews. writing is not finished, certain portions of the lecture. write a short narrative about be on the recording of The students will be the paper will be Students will also be introduced being involved with a writing biographies narratives by an homework. with a writing assignment which will certain topic within Civil from the perspective interviewer. include reconstruction and Civil Rights. For example, one of the interviewee (the Rights Material learned in the final topic may be writing as one final result will appear lesson. of the Little Rock 7 student in the form of an from their perspective. autobiography).

Teacher Will:

Lecture about Reconstruction and Slavery by using a PowerPoint. Teacher will also lead a class discussion about this time period from the perspective of African Americans.

Provide the documents for Show the film, help led the students. The teacher a discussion of the film, will also explain the writing discuss how to properly assignment to the students interview and record once again, and make sure narratives, and the students begin writing. introduce interview activity for the following day.

Once again discuss Be reviewing the the portions of the parameters of the writing portion of the writing assignment and Interview lab. Teacher will allow student to will be taking students continue writing, while to a computer lab (or assisting students with questions and any allowing them to use in other problems. class computers if available) in order for them to begin writing.


Student will be evaluated informally Students will be writing their Students will be by the teacher through questioning own short Civil Rights evaluated by the and the class discussion. narrative as part of their teacher during portfolio. The students will discussion. The true not finish this in class, and will assessment will come be expected to finish this as from the evaluation of homework. interview lab.

Teacher will be Students will be observing students producing a while they are biography based on working. This activity their interview. They will be assessed will also transcribe their through the final draft interview and hand of the biography. this in.