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Mark G.

January 1, 2014

Ms. Karyn A. Bart

Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission
One Prudential Plaza
Chicago, IL 60601-6219
Subject: Violation of Rules of Professional Conduct by attorneys Rob Parker, Drew Parker and G.
Edward Murphy
RE: Peoria County Case 10-D-633
Ms. Bart,
I am reporting Rob Parker and Drew Parker with the former law firm Parker & Halliday (now
Parker & Parker) for committing fraud in my divorce case and not identifying that a conflict of
interest existed. They Parkers collaborated with G. Edward Murphy, my ex-wifes attorney, and
failed to represent me, instead they worked against me.
I am reporting G. Edward Murphy with the law firm Murphy and Dunn for committing fraud,
harassment and failing to act competently to preserve the confidentiality of my financial
We corresponded in March and April 2012 when I filed a complaint against G. Edward Murphy
for his multiple violations of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys. Copy of that
complaint is attached. The context was that Murphy is a pathological liar and does whatever he
sees fit. I also provided you a draft copy of my response to the fabricated Order of Protection
(OoP) Murphys firm and his client filed against me on April 9, 2012. The fabricated OoP
contained one side of a conversation with my ex-wife who was involved with at least four men
during our marriage, stole marital funds and then played the victim. She has perfected the art of
playing the victim. The OoP was filed by Murphy so he could include the order with his response
to the ARDC due April 12, 2012 and continue to paint me as a scum. He even fabricated dates in
the OoP to make events appear more current. I filed a final copy in the Peoria District Court in
June 2012.
I have learned a great deal since we corresponded in 2012 and Ive been able to piece together why
my attorneys would sacrifice my sons and me during my trial. First, Ive learned that in July 2011,

my ex-wife Sherri and her friends Donna Verheyen, Karen Smith and Mari Halliday got together
and her friends decided to help Sherri with her divorce settlement. Sherri then fired her first
attorney and hired G. Edward Murphy. Donna and Karen are in the same social circle as Murphy.
Donnas daughter dated Murphys son. Karens son played baseball with Murphys son. The
Murphys, Smiths and Verheyens take trips together. Both Karen and Donna attended the trial
and sat in the conference room with their friends Sherri Hexum and Ed Murphy. During that time
my financial information was shared with them even though I work with their husbands at
Caterpillar. This is the first instance of Murphy failing to preserve confidentiality of my financial
Mari Halliday is the wife of Ronald Doc Halliday, partner at the firm Parker & Halliday that
represented me in my divorce. In December 2010 I learned Sherri was planning to have her
breasts enlarged by Dr. Steven Bloc, a plastic surgeon in Chicago. Dr. Bloc was referred to her by
her friend Mari Halliday. Mari was going to take Sherri to her appointment. February 2011, I
learned my ex-wife received a referral for her first attorney, Judy Serritella, from her friend Mari
Halliday. I immediately raised my concern with Rob Parker on a conflict of interest over Sherris
friendship with Mari and Doc Halliday. Rob assured me he had to adhere to the Illinois Rules of
Professional Conduct and Sherris friendship with Mari would not impact my case. When I
learned in May 2012 about Sherris friends getting together to help her, I thought Mari Halliday did
a little pillow talk with her husband Doc who talked at the firm and that was the reason Rob and
Drew Parker collaborated with Murphy and threw my case. In October 2013, I learned the word
on the street in Peoria is that the 30+ year partnership of Drew Parker and Doc Halliday was
dissolved because Rob Parker was having an affair with Mari Halliday. That would mean two
attorneys in the firm representing me were very closely involved with Mari, my ex-wifes friend.
Either situation is a conflict of interest. Attached are photos of my ex-wife with her friends.
Mari Halliday, a realtor, in December 2011 arranged a lease with option to purchase for Sherri on
one of her listings. In March 2012, three weeks after the coerced unconscionable judgment that
was obtained through fraud was entered, Sherri went with the Hallidays to Las Vegas. This was just
a little trip to celebrate Sherris success in court. In January 2013, Mari Halliday relisted the
property so Sherri could purchase. Listing sheet attached. The above is inappropriate given that
the law firm Parker & Halliday represented me in my divorce. Me being nave I didnt think Sherri
and Mari were that close, but Sherri had many friends I did not know about.
Let me provide a timeline of the major events supporting in my complaint:
September 7, 2011: A hearing was scheduled to resolve outstanding discovery issues. Rob Parker
informed me that Murphy wanted to cancel the hearing. I informed Rob via e-mail on August 18,
2011 that I did not want the hearing cancelled. That did not matter, ten minutes before the hearing
Rob called me and informed me that he and Dad (Drew Parker) had a teleconference with
Murphy and cancelled the hearing. Murphy was too busy. Rob informed me outstanding

discovery issues would be resolved at the trial. Rob then went to the courthouse to meet with the
judge to inform him the hearing was cancelled and arrange the corrupt events that took place on
September 27. I was quite upset that Rob went against my wishes but he blew it off. The law firm
of Parker and Halliday that was supposed to represent me was already working for my ex-wife. I
just didnt know it. I should have fired him then but I was nave and thought this was just a divorce
September 27, 2011: The divorce trial. It was not a trial. It was a pre-arranged lynching on the
part of my attorneys at Parker & Halliday and G. Edward Murphy. As stated above Murphy is a
pathological liar and very effective at manipulating the courts. Murphy even has to fabricate
reviews on attorney review websites such as to counteract the actual reviews. If you care
to look, scroll to the bottom of the reviews, read up and be sure to check the dates.
During my pre-arranged lynching, Murphy presented nothing but lies about me while Rob Parker
sat silent. I was nave, I thought at a trial I would get the chance to respond to those lies, but I was
denied that Constitutional Right. After the pre-arranged meeting the attorneys had with Judge
Risinger I was told that the judge would award 50-60% of my gross pay as permanent maintenance.
Murphy then dictated my life long sentence while Rob Parker sat silent. Murphy on December 5,
2011 confirmed I was told the judge would award 50-60% of my gross pay as permanent
maintenance and that he was part of it all. Judge Risinger issued an order in February 2012 stating
he never said he would award 50-60% of my gross pay as permanent maintenance. But he
protected the Parkers and Murphy and said it was irrelevant. In my position it was quite
relevant. The above facts clearly show the Parkers and Murphy committed fraud to coerce me into
an unconscionable judgment. The judgment I am sentenced with is worse than any divorce
judgment anyone has ever heard of.
The Parkers and Murphy could not be satisfied with destroying me financially. All of them
completely disregarded the financial needs of my dependent youngest son and the educational
needs of both sons. On September 27, 2011 as Murphy decided my sentence, I asked about child
support and educational needs for my sons Murphy lied and said its all factored in while Rob
Parker sat silent during that comment and never brought up the needs of my sons. Judge Risinger
stated in February 2012 that he is very specific about child support and did not know how he
overlooked it in my case.
If I had an attorney working for me, that attorney would have addressed Sherris plan for
rehabilitation. Rob Parker was not working for me. Sherris efforts to rehabilitate herself were
never addressed by Rob. He sat silent when I asked if maintenance could be reviewed in two years.
Murphy stated, no, it could be reviewed in ten years. Judge Risinger sided with Murphy when he
said in a decade we would have pretty good idea of what Sherri had done to rehabilitate herself.
She was awarded a life long vacation. I would have done better without Rob there.

If I had an attorney the duration of maintenance would have been discussed. But it became
permanent maintenance out of thin air. Never discussed in the court.
Rob Parker sat silent as Murphy threw future stock options into the judgment. Stock options were
never discussed prior to Murphy throwing them in.
I even had to endure the perverted comments from Murphy telling me how attractive he found
Sherri. He said she wouldnt be single long. He told me all men get screwed in a divorce. All this
happened as Rob Parker sat silent. I had seen Rob in previous hearings with Sherris first attorney
and he was not silent.
Attached is a copy of the transcript of the pre-arranged lynching that took place in Peoria County
Courthouse in Courtroom 323 on September 27, 2011.
Little did I know September 27, 2011 was just the start of Murphy and his client being court
sanctioned to do whatever they pleased against me as they protected themselves and their
accomplices, the Parkers. I had no idea what I was in for or the relentless harassment. Let me
September 29, 2011: I had a teleconference with Drew and Rob Parker. They trashed Judge
Risinger and said he never should have been elected. I was still nave and numb from what had
happened two days before and had not pieced together that the Parkers threw my case and
collaborated with Murphy.
I sent a letter to Judge Risinger expressing my concerns that I never got to testify at my trial and told
him I hoped he did better for future victims in his court. I sent a copy to Rob Parker who sent a
copy to his accomplice Ed Murphy. That letter is sealed in the court file. Unbelievable that a prearranged meeting was held with the judge in the middle of a trail to see how he was leaning
regarding maintenance when I never testified and all he heard were Murphys and his clients lies.
On October 1, 2011, based on the fraudulent judgment I am ordered to pay $6250 in maintenance,
~$4600 in mortgages and all household expenses, apartment expenses for me and my youngest son
and the education and living expenses for my oldest son who was going to school in Minneapolis.
This amounted to $8000 per month more than my net monthly pay. Again Murphy lied that the
children born into the marriage were factored in and Rob Parker never mentioned my sons needs.
October 2011: I met with attorney David Lynch. He suggested that I talk to the Parkers so at least
I received equity gains while I paid the mortgage, maintenance and borrowed to exist and take care
my sons. I addressed the equity issue with Rob Parker but he said if it wasnt in the transcripts it
couldnt be added while Murphy attempted to add what ever he saw fit into the final judgment. But
Murphy does whatever he pleases and gets judges to protect him.

Murphy authored multiple iterations of the final judgment while Rob Parker tried to string me
along and said if Murphy did not finalize the judgment within 30 days he would file a Motion to
Vacate. At that point I was getting smarter and not sucked in to Robs games. I knew Murphy
would finalize the judgment. Murphy was just boosting his billing and manipulating so he could
look good for his friends.
I met with attorney Maribeth Dura and provided her the facts of my case. She told me I had no
choice but to fight the judgment and she filed a motion to vacate.
November 1, 2011: My youngest son, Brandon, and I moved into the Residence Inn because we
were homeless. I went to work that day with my car loaded with our remaining personal
possessions as the rest of our belongings were scattered in friends garages through out Peoria. A
friend opened their home and my son and I moved in the second week in November 2011.
December 5, 2011: The first hearing in the Motion to Vacate. Judge Risinger stated he had no
recollection of what was said in his chambers. Murphy continued to paint me as a scum and called
me a bully. Murphy admitted he was part of it all when Rob Parker told me Judge Risinger would
award 50-60% of my gross pay as permanent maintenance. Murphy again lied, this time on the
record, that the living and educational expenses of my sons were all factored in. Because Murphy
said I should move into the marital home and he wanted paid from cashing in a life insurance
policy, Judge Risinger ordered my son and I to move once again and move into the marital home
and that I must comply with the corrupt and fraudulent judgment.
December 6, 2011: I took out a $25,000 personal loan to comply with the judgment. I went further
in debt, because my attorney Rob Parker was working for my ex-wife and the attorneys involved
committed fraud.
December 8, 2011: I received an email copy of a letter from Maribeth Dura to Murphy that he
could not garnish my wages without a court order. Murphy makes his own laws and to this point
has gotten by with it. It was harassment.
December 16, 2011: I regained possession of the disgustingly filthy marital home that was for sale
and then I assessed the extent of personal property Sherri stole. Sherri moved into a brand new
home that her friend Mari Halliday, a realtor, had listed.
January 19, 2012: A hearing was held in Judge Risingers court. Murphy went on one of his rants
about his poor client not having health insurance. Then Murphy lied that his office contacted
Caterpillar and they informed him Sherri did not have health insurance. I had the documentation
to prove Sherri did have health insurance. No one mentioned that if poor Sherri made some
attempt to find employment she might be able to earn it on her own.

January 26, 2012: Judge Risinger denied the Motion to Vacate. He said to draft the Final
Judgment. Murphy stated he would draft the Final Judgment reflecting the transcript. I laughed,
because that was a hell of a concept. I said I would not sign the judgment. Moments later Judge
Risinger learned I would appeal the corrupt and fraudulent judgment.
February 6, 2012: Judge Risinger reversed his denial of the Motion to Vacate and took the issue
under advisement.
February 22, 2012: Judge Risinger issued an order stating he never said he would award 50-60% of
my gross pay as permanent maintenance but the issue is irrelevant. He stated that I agreed to the
judgment. Yes I did agree. What option did I have? Accept paying 50-60% of my gross pay for
the rest of my life? On September 27, 2011 I repeatedly stated I could not afford the judgment
and that my son and I would eat macaroni and cheese. Rob Parker barely uttered a word during
my pleas. No one cared.
February 23, 2012: The coerced unconscionable final judgment obtained through fraud was
entered. Sherri threatened me on the record. Judge Risinger stated he is very very specific about
child support and did know how he overlooked in this case. A hearing was scheduled in March to
address the personal property stolen by Sherri and to finally address child support. Rob Parker
should have done that well before my September 27, 2011 pre-arranged lynching.
March 2012: I hired Joseph Gentleman out of Chicago to represent me in my appeal because I
knew I could not fight The Fraternity in Peoria. I particularly liked Mr. Gentelmans comment to
me regarding my trial. He told me, You went to court unarmed and they came with knives.
Well said. Even my attorneys were against me.
A notice of appeal was filed.
I filed a complaint against Murphy with the ARDC.
Sherri went to Las Vegas with the Hallidays.
April 9, 2012: Murphy filed a fabricated Order of Protection so he could include it with his
response to the ARDC that was due April 12, 2012. Its very strange that I do not have the right to
see the response Murphy filed and the lies it contained. I have no rights when attorneys are
involved and if Murphy says something it is taken as fact. When someone with integrity finally
reviews the facts in this case Murphy will likely be disbarred.
April 10, 2012: I was told by my attorney Maribeth Dura, that if I did not comply with the corrupt
judgment I would be sent to jail, regardless that I had to borrow the money to comply. I hocked

my car as collateral and took out a personal loan equating to $51,000 to comply with the judgment.
I now had 48 months of car payments when I couldnt pay the bills I had. I continued to support
my sons and myself on borrowed money. I borrowed gas money to go to work to keep my job and
stay out of jail. Sherri continued to party and live in the house Mari Halliday arranged for her.
May 2012: The hearing for child support and personal property was scheduled. I lower my ethics
as a father and had my youngest son subpoenaed to verify that he lived with me and that his mother
lied during the trial when she said he spent 50% of his time with her. Once again I was
blindsided by Murphys manipulation and the fabricated Order of Protection was used as a threat
against my job to once again coerce me into to a significant financial loss. Based on the guidance
from Maibeth Dura I sacrificed the child support and personal property due me. I believe
Maribeth knew Judge Risinger would issue the Order of Protection. That was to see if I would
crack and they could brush the corruption that took place on September 27, 2011. I protected my
job with the thoughts that the Appellate Court would right this insane and corrupt judgment. Once
again, Murphy successfully manipulated the court so he and his client continued to profit from their
corrupt acts.
The 30+ year partnership of Drew Parker and Doc Halliday was dissolved. I assumed Drew was
upset because he knew he and his son Rob would be disbarred for committing fraud as a favor for
Doc and Mari based on me appealing the judgment. Then to hear the rumors in Peoria that Rob
Parker was having an affair with Mari Halliday, his partners wife and my ex-wifes friend was the
reason for the split and I find it all quite disgusting.
June 2012: I went pro se because I could not afford additional attorney fees. I filed a motion to
Modify. Judge Risinger did not know if I could do that since an appeal had been filed. Murphy
had filed a motion to show cause because I had not paid the unconscionable maintenance. It was
pointed out I had paid attorney fees to fight the corrupt judgment. I begged the court to review the
financials but instead I was found in indirect civil contempt and had to comply with the judgment or
go jail. My sons again were ignored. The message was clear I was wrong for fighting the attorneys
and the unconscionable judgment obtained through fraud. Those involved would do everything
they could to make me go over the edge so they could get by with their corrupt and criminal acts.
My Appellant Brief was filed clearly showing the Parkers and Murphy committed fraud based on
transcripts and orders issued in this case.
July 2012: A hearing had been scheduled for July 3 but was cancelled with Murphys agreement
since I was in compliance. Its strange that Murphy showed up for the cancelled hearing (I have the
correspondence from his office showing it was cancelled) and then I received another jail threat via
email from the court even though I was in compliance with the order. Again harassing me in an
attempt to get me to go over the edge so they could get by with their corrupt acts.

July 16, 2012: A hearing was held where I was ordered to set up direct deposit per another of
Murphys rants which was really a bank transfer for poor Sherri. I complied.
A fraudulent Appellees Brief was filed that Murphy authored but was submitted by his partner Jeff
Dunn. In the brief Murphy stated Judge Risinger did say he could award 50-60% of my gross pay.
With this statement Murphy called Judge Risinger a liar. This fact has been ignored in the District
and Appellate Courts while I serve my sentence for the crimes of the Parkers and Murphy.
Murphy lied that the parties requested the pre-arranged meeting with Judge Risinger and that I
was presented options. Of course in Murphys standard behavior he stated what a scum I am and
that Ive have gotten every thing I wanted in life and in my marriage. Ive worked honestly and
ethically for everything I have. My ex-wife lied and stole throughout the marriage and was involved
with least four men. She refused to do anything to better herself. Thats not really what I was
looking for in my marriage. Just more lies from Murphy who has fabricate reviews on
and earns a living lying and committing fraud.
A motion was filed to strike the brief because it violated Supreme Court rules.
August 2012: A hearing on sanctions. I filed a response stating Murphys legal fees were a direct
result of Murphys lies and his fraudulent acts. In my filing, I stated based on Judge Risingers
biased rulings to that point I knew I would not be treated fairly and in May 2012 I sacrificed child
support and personal property because of Judge Risingers biases. My filing was sent to the Peoria
County Chief Judge. The Chief Judge issued an order where he stated, No order was filed.
Once again attorneys were protected as well as Judge Risinger. But I guess I won because nothing
ever happened with Murphys demand for sanctions.
During the hearing, Murphy went on one of rants that the direct deposit was not set up per his
demands. Like me, Judge Risinger was unclear what Murphy was asking for about direct deposit or
bank transfers. Murphy ranted once again and I was ordered to change how the bank transfer was
structured. I did. Another hearing was scheduled for September to make sure I complied with
Murphys latest demand. I did and the hearing was cancelled without a jail threat. I viewed that as
a win.
The Appellee Brief was struck.
November 2012: I finally received a low-ball offer that I accepted on the marital residence.
Obviously someone was interested since the house was clean. Shortly after, Sherri damaged my car
and threatened to slit my oldest sons throat as well as the woman I was dating. I had to take a
business trip to Mexico for the job that somehow Ive been able to maintain and could not address
her threats immediately.

December 2012: I filed for an Order of Protection to protect myself. I did this as me and my son
prepared for our sixth household move in 2.5 years and also as I worked a very challenging job.
This was the second Christmas in row that we had to pack and move. All while Murphy continued
to profit from committing fraud; the Parkers rode off into the sunset; and Sherri lived in the house
her friend Mari Halliday arranged for her and went to her multiple social events.
January 2, 2013: The Order of Protection hearing was held. Since my oldest son was working in
Colorado and I would not put him through testifying against his mother a very strict restraining
order was filed in lieu of the OoP. Murphy, could not handle not being in total control of every
aspect of this case, so that same day he filed QDRO paperwork with Caterpillar when the QDRO
had sat dormant since November 2011. Of course Murphy failed to provide proof of service to
me. Adhering to legal process does not apply to Murphy.
January 13, 2013: I provided my realtor the fair equity split I obtained from the bank with Sherri
receiving 50% of all equity gains through October 1, 2011. After first agreeing that the spilt was
fair, Murphy then engaged in another of his angry outbursts and fought the fair equity split that Rob
Parker refused to address. In the end another $13,000 was stolen from me because the attorneys at
Parker and Halliday were working for my ex-wife and failed to represent me. So this meant, I
borrowed to feed my sons, borrowed to pay their tuition, borrowed to put gas in my car to go work
to keep my job, paid the mortgage and maintenance and Sherri received half the equity gains while
receiving maintenance. After the funds were distributed per the fraudulent judgment, Murphy
continuously sent me multiple strange and harassing emails while I was at work and I finally had to
tell him to leave me alone.
January 18, 2013: Sherri and Mari Halliday party it up at Biaggis in Peoria as Sherri signs her
purchase agreement to buy her house that Mari had relisted.
March 2013: I returned extremely ill from a business trip in Japan after twenty-six hours of travel
time. The same day, March 16, Sherri hurled a Yankee Candle jar at her man friend Mikes face,
in Bloomington, IL because he tried to stop her from driving. For his efforts, he received 80
stitches across his forehead, down his nose and across his cheek in the outline of the candle jar.
Both my sons saw the pictures of his face Sherri had saved on her phone. The both told me, Dad,
its really bad. The poor man has to be disfigured for life.
As Sherri raced from the disfigurement she caused, she was stopped in Morton, IL for speeding
and received her second DUI in 2.5 years. Its strange that with her first DUI, which occurred in
Peoria County in October 2010 that she did not lose her drivers license as would every other DUI
offender in the State of Illinois. Thats even though she wrecked her car, it burned to the ground
and she caused another accident with an injury for innocent victims, she got by with it. Her second
DUI was in Tazewell County where she lost her license for a year, was sentenced to thousands in
fines and ten days in jail. That was her third time in jail since I moved out in October 2010. She

should be in prison for what she did to the man in Bloomington. For some reason, she, like
Murphy gets by with everything. Sherri will kill someone either with a car or her actions. Its just a
matter of when.
At the same time, Murphy filed a motion to show cause on my lack of payment of my bonus to
Sherri. I responded that I was traveling in Japan, had been very ill, was organizing my seventh
house hold move in 2.5 years because of his fraudulent acts and that poor Sherri of course would
be paid. I also mentioned that Sherris friends had very close ties with attorneys. That would be
Murphy and the Parkers. The motion Murphy filed as well as his motion for sanctions were
dropped. I guess I won that one.
Murphy subpoenaed my pay records, of course without proof of service until I raised the issue with
Caterpillar. Again Murphy adheres to his own interpretation of the legal process, Murphys Laws.
April 2013: I was on a business trip in Lima, Peru. I awake to see email correspondence from
Murphy where I am copied on email that he sent to a production scheduler at Caterpillar. The
email contained a web link to financial files from my divorce. Again Murphy is allowed to do
whatever he pleases. Thats the second incident of Murphy failing to act competently to preserve
the confidentiality of my financial information.
July 15, 2013: After wasting seventeen months of my life and naively thinking three Appellate
Court judges would protect my Civil and Constitutional rights, once again I was wrong. The
Appellate Court judges, two who are based in Peoria, do nothing to protect my rights and like the
Peoria District Court, ignored that my sons even exist. They protected the attorneys involved and
Judge Risinger. They failed to even mention Judge Risingers February 22, 2012 order where he
stated he never said he would award 50-60% of my gross pay. The Appellate Court failed to
address the financial situation I was put in as a result of fraud and coercion. These two issues were
the basis of my appeal. Unbelievable.
July 27, 2013: I filed a complaint with the Illinois Judicial Board against the corrupt Appellate
Court Judges that like the District Court never gave me my right to address Murphys pathological
lies. I copied the FBI Corruption Bureau, the US and Illinois Attorney Generals, CNN, the Peoria
Journal Star and the ACLU. Awaiting responses. Copy of complaint attached.
October 2013: Murphy filed a Motion to Show Cause. I filed for a continuance to hire an attorney
and requested financial affidavits to document the financial devastation I have incurred. At the
hearing, Murphy lied, as he always does, that I have been found in indirect civil contempt five
times. I have been found in indirect civil contempt once because the Parkers and Murphy
committed fraud to coerce an unconscionable judgment. At this hearing, an order was issued that
stated I either complied or I would sit in jail until I did and my pay was garnished like I am a scum
because of the corruption of the Illinois Judicial process. My request for a continuance was denied


and my request for affidavits was completely ignored. I am suppose to accept that Parkers and
Murphy committed fraud and get by with it, yet, I am again threatened with jail and I am humiliated
by my pay being garnished. I will not accept that.
I met with a Peoria County Sherriff Detective and reviewed my case with him. He agreed the
judgment was obtained through fraud and coercion. He took the case to the Peoria County States
Attorney but the States Attorney does not get involved in civil cases. Just means I need to keep
going until I find someone that will get involved. And I will.
As I wrote this complaint, I relived every event of my pre-arranged lynching and the abuse of the
Illinois courts. I have lived with Murphy profiting from his disgusting unethical and court
sanctioned harassment. Murphy called Judge Risinger a liar in the Appellee Brief stating that
Risinger would award 50-60% of my gross pay as permanent maintenance but that was ignored by
the District and Appellate Courts; my ex-wife has disfigured another human being, has been in jail
three times, cant drive for a year, has done nothing to better herself, has zero responsibility, yet she
was highly rewarded by the Illinois courts; Judge Risinger got by with racist profiling; the Parkers
were paid to represent me but instead sacrificed me and worked for my ex-wife due to their ties to
the Hallidays; and three Appellate Court judges, two of which are based in Peoria, blatantly
ignored the issues of my appeal and protected the Parkers and Murphy. In the District and
Appellate Courts I was denied my Constitutional Right to a fair trial. In both courts I have been
denied the right to respond to Murphys lies. I have been financially devastated and threatened
with jail four times while the Parkers and Murphy get by with fraud. I wont accept that nor should
I have to.
The record clearly shows, Rob Parker and Drew Parker committed fraud in my divorce case. They
collaborated with Murphy to throw my case. They told me the judge would award 50-60% of my
gross pay to coerce me into an unconscionable judgment. The judge stated he never said he would
award 50-60% of my gross pay. That is fraud. The Parkers had a severe conflict of interest with the
friendship Doc and Mari Halliday had with my ex-wife and then to hear Rob Parker had an affair
with Mari Halliday, his partners wife and friend of my ex-wife. Whatever the reason, the Parkers
clearly were working for my ex-wife.
The record clearly shows G. Edward Murphy committed fraud in my divorce case. He has been
court sanctioned to harass me as he sees fit. He is a pathological liar. He shared confidential
financial files from my case and continues to profit from committing fraud.
Murphys harassment has been a relentless attempt to push me over the edge so I would quit
fighting the corruption listed above. I hold my head high that I have not succumbed to his
harassment. I have done nothing wrong. My crime is I married the wrong woman, stayed married
too long even after she had multiple extra-marital affairs and I was very nave on the corruption of
the Illinois judicial system. I thought my attorneys would represent me not my ex-wife. I thought


attorneys had to tell the truth. I thought judges would protect my rights and the rights of my sons. I
thought I had the right to at least be treated like a human being. Naivet is my crime.
I will fix this not only for myself but also to have the courts recognize that my sons exist. I will
continue to fight this and set an example for my sons that they must stand for whats right and their
constitutional rights. I will also do everything in my power to prevent this from happening to
another victim of the same corrupt attorneys and the judges involved.
Im in the process of hiring an attorney that specializes in Civil Rights violations. I believe I will be
successful finding an ethical attorney to represent me since a twelve year old with average
intelligence could review this case and know its wrong. I have the transcripts, orders and emails to
validate all statements listed above.
Please advise your findings on my complaint against Rob Parker, Drew Parker and Edward
Murphy. If you need any documentation for the issues I raised in this complaint, please advise.
Thank you for your consideration.
Standing strong,

Mark G. Hexum
Photos Of Sherri Wahl Hexum with her friends
Listing sheet for 2704 W. Sesame St., Dunlap, IL
Peoria District Court Case Transcripts from September 27, 2011
April 2012 Complaint Against G. Edward Murphy with the ARDC
Peoria County Court Order from Judge Risinger dated February 22, 2012
Appellant Brief
Appellee Brief
cc: FBI, Corruption Bureau
Illinois Judicial Board
Peoria County States Attorney
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
Nancy Grace, HLN