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com LAP Media The Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) provides us more profitable solutions for solving the problems. Nowadays, the ADR has become one of the most important role plays in the Judiciary branch even in my own country, Cambodia or in other countries. 90% of the case files are solved by the ADR in the United States; furthermore according to the article 92 of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Kingdom of Cambodia (CCPKC), stated that "The court should try to reconcile to both parties even in any circumstances. That why lead the ADR seem to be more important and the ADR can really provide both parties and also the whole country with many advantages such as; 1. Expenditure Saving: Saving is the profitable strategy for solving all disputes. It is also contributed for leading us the popularity negotiation. Expenditure Saving doesn't have any court money or another spending. 2. Privacy: The ADR MUST is done by privacy with only the joining of either parties or only their represent such as. No active from the court or the press, etc; moreover, the lawyer who are sometimes not needed even in the theory, the lawyer is the active reconciler in the ADR game. However, the lawyer MUST need to keep secret if he or she is invited to join. 3. Flexibility: The ADR can be flexible in the processing or resulting of the negotiation. First, the processing of the negotiation can be flexible because as in the mentioned, the ADR can be informal or formal. The negotiation ca be informal by few people doing or talking while formal way are be done by both parties and their lawyer sending the formal letter to each other. Second, the resulting of the negotiation is also flexible, too because of the both parties can be reconciled. 4. Faster: The ADR can be work faster and easier and also more effective, too. Both parties no need to wait for the slow-processing judge for hearing and for making the judgment because as we should know there are many case files are being wait for hearing, too.

5. The Party's Management Ability: The parties in the ADR can 100% surely manage and control the processing and the ending. Both parties manage to notice about how the ADR game will work? In the negotiation, both parties can not be forced or force, too. 6. Keep in Touch: The ADR can also keep both disputers getting in touch because the negotiation is the trade between one party and another dispute party. Now one will lose in the game. 7. The Practice: The reconciliation can be included to the court procedure in front of the judges and can be practiced as the same as the judgment.

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