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Fire Department New York

Incident Report
Amended By
Amended By
Incident Reviewed B
Battalion Chief
906983 - Hart Michael Lieutenant
0411312010 16:25:20
04/0112010 19: 11 :23
Incident #
Incident Date/Time
Incident Type
Apmiment/Sui te
Action Takenl
Rescued (civilians)
Evacuated (civilians)
Propeliy Use
Unit Responsible for Report: BCI0
Unit Type
Action Taken I
Dispatch Date/Time
Enroute Date/Time
Arrival Date/Time
Cleared Date/Time
Unit Report By
902715 - KELTY EUGENE T. Battalion Chief
111 - Building fire
1751 2 AVE 14-J 14 Manhattan
1 - Manhattan
11 - Extinguishment by fire service personnel
429 - Multifamily dwelling
92 - Chief officer car
81 - Incident command
03/20/2010 17:12:40
03120/2010 17:13:16
902715 - KELTY EUGENE T. Battalion Chief
Incident Narrative
Incident number 03/20/2010-1-0550-0
04/15/2010 - Page 1
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Incident Report: 1-0550-0
On Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 17:12 hours the following units were
dispatched to a report of a building fire. The incident location is street
address 1751 2 AVE Apt. 14-J Manhattan NY, 10128.
Primary incident actions taken are as follows:
Actions taken - extinguished
The Times for Incident #03/20/2010-1-0550-0 are as follows:
Signal: Time: By Order Of:
10-75 17: 17 eng-22 Lt. Sambrato
All Hands 17:24 BN-JO B.C. Kelty
2nd Alarm 1724 Bn-JO B.e. Kelty
'P.W.H. 17:49 DIV-3 D.e. Mullins
U.e. 18:26 Div-3 D.e. Mullins
10-41-1 1820 Div-3 D.e. Mullins
Total Time of Incident - 05:02:33
Upon arrival Units operated as follows:
BC10 arrived at 17: 18 hours and cleared at 21 :24 hours.
Actions taken - incident commander until relieved by Div-3 Deputy
Chief Mullins. Operated under his command and supervised the
operations on the fire floor and above. Monitored H-T transmissions
and coordinated operations with EMS regarding injured civilians and
Members of the department.
Investigation by the 1st Ladder (L-43) that the fire was in the middle
bedroom by the window. There was an Air Conditioner located here
and that is the window that failed allowing the fire to extend to the
outside of the building and auto expose to the apartment above.
(Apatiment 15-J). It is believed the fire statied in a power strip located
on the floor by the Ale. Fire Marshals alTived and conducted an
investigation with the tenant, her sons, and the Fire Units on the scene.
Fire extended out into the main hallway and partially into the small
children's bedroom. A locked file cabinet, and one live hamster was
turned over to the owner in her sister's apartment # 32-N..
All injuries were Green tag by EMS with the exception o f ~
Ewho was yellowed tag and sent to the hospital in EMS unit
11 X. EM'S hospital code # 74
E022 arrived at 17: 17 hours and cleared at 20:21 hours.
KNOCKED DOWN THE FIRE IN APT 14J. Overhauled and was
relieved by Eng-44.
E091 arrived at 17: 19 hours and cleared at 19:32 hours.
Actions taken - arrived 3rd due- we stretched the second line for the apt
above the fire-- there was a repOli of extension in the apt above--- L-13
was able to extinguish it with the can---- E-91 stood by with the
uncharged line.
E044 arrived at 17: 18 hours and cleared at 19:32 hours.
Actions taken - extinguished or put under control, assist engine
company with stretching handline, stretch 2 1/2" line and extinguish fire
and supplied standpipe system
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Incident Report: 1-0550-0
LO13 alTived at 17: 17 hours and cleared at 21 :21 hours.
Actions taken - L-13 arrived 2nd due and assisted L-43 on fire floor by
searching the 14th floor hallways. L-43 roof man along with L-13 roof
man gave a report of fire auto-exposing to the 15 floor. L-13 Officer and
inside team finished the search on the fire floor hallways and
immediately proceeded to the 15th floor to investigate the auto-exposure
problem. Aniving at the 15th floor fire was observed inside the
apartment and communicating to drapes and furnishings. L-13 can man
used the 21/2 gal water extinguisher to control the fire while a line was
called for. L-13 forcible entry man with the officer commenced
searching the apartment resulting in a negative primary search. L-13's
OV operated the fireman service elevator. L-13's Chauffeur took the
fireman service elevator to the 12th floor and walked up to the 40th
floor using stairwell "A" searching in a smoke filled environment using
SCBA (both stairwells "A" and "B" were charged). Stairwell "A" was
vented on command from Battalion 10. All members ofL-13 completed
the secondary search of the 14th floor original fire apartment and
finished the overhauling needed.
L043 arrived at 17: 16 hours and cleared at 2115 hours.
Actions taken - responded to a report of a building fire, (no address)
unknown floor. Upon arrival, L-43 received reports from several
civilians that the fire was in Apt. 141. Dispatcher was advised of the
building address and a signal 10-77 was ordered.
L-43 inside team proceeded to the fire floor. Apt. 14 J was located, the
door was unlocked and partially closed. L-43 tried to control the fire
with the "can". A primary search was conducted, negative results. After
E-22 extinguished the fire, L-43 roof, irons & can conducted overhaul in
the fire room. L-43 roof proceeded to floor above (apt. 15 J) with
assigned tools. KO curtain was not deployed. L-43 OVM operated
Fireman Service elevators. L-43 LCC walked to roof with L-13 LCC
from 12th to 40 th floors, checking both Stairwells (A&B). The smoke
condition in both was heavy - negative results.
BCOS arrived at 171:25 hours and cleared at 19:02 hours.
Actions taken - as Safety Officer and operated in the street,
stairwells, fire sectpr and above the fire sector checking for safety.
.When the Safety arrived BC08 assisted them.
BC I I arrived at 181:29 hours and cleared at 18:47 hours.
Actions taken - Re$ponded on signal 10-77. Third to arrive Battalion
Chief. Ordered to operations on floor above. Fire had
extended to floor apove through window in apartment above fire
apartment. Fire wa$ controlled with extinguisher. Searches were
negative. was confined to window frame and built in air
conditioner below window.
E039 arrived at 17:25 hours and cleared at 18:49 hours.
Actions taken - E-3,9 went as a High Rise unit. E-39 set up the fans and
ventilated the attack stairway.
FCOl an'ived at hours and cleared at 18:31 hours.
Actions taken - field headquarters. Monitored all radio
communications. Assisted Division and Resource Unit Leader in
maintaining the cOljnmand accountability board, locating all operating
forces to account for their safety. Provided necessary incident print-
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Incident Report: 1-0550-0
outs and reports.
SB01 arrived at 17:36 hours and cleared at 18:41 hours.
Actions taken - Monitored progress of incident en-route. Reported to the
I.C. upon arrival. Surveyed the scene of operations. Monitored handi-
talkie communications. Observed units operating procedures. Monitored
co levels. Checked on members for any injuries.
RSOI anived at 17:26 hours and cleared at 18:12 hours.
Actions taken -
RBOI arrived at 17:27 hours and cleared at 18:12 hours.
Actions taken - stood fast at the command post. Monitored
transmissions with Rescue 1 and Sq 1. and advised Incident Commander
of conditions and results of the special units progress.
L026 alTived at 17:22 hours and cleared at 19: 17 hours.
Actions taken - arrived at lobby command post and was ordered by
chief kelty B-1 0 to report to 15 th floor. L-26 searched the public halls,
gained access to and searched numerous apt's on 15 reported negative
findings to chief Stephens B-ll the floor above chief, who then ordered
L-26 to check conditions on 16 th floor at which time members split into
teams to also check the attack and evacuation stairs all with negative
findings. After reporting such to chief Stephens, L-26 was put to work
overhauling in 15J to check for extension around window. L-26 was
then ordered to take up by Chief Stephens.
L022 alTivcd at 17:23 hours and cleared at 19: 14 hours.
Actions taken - assigned and operated as the FAST Truck. L-22
monitored FAST truck radio, stood at the ready and then took up on
transmission of the "under control".
LO16 arrived at 17:22 hours and cleared at 19:02 hours.
Actions taken - reported to BC Kelty B-1 0 @ command post; ordered to
15th floor (floor above) to conduct searches of hallways & apartments.
Vented hall windows as needed to assist clearing hallways of smoke.
Worked with L-26 to carry out assignment due to large hallways.
Searched hallways & apartments on the 15 floor with negative results.
E041 mTived at 17:24 hours and cleared at 18:22 hours.
Actions taken - SQ-41 was ordered by Battalion 10 to search the A and
B stairway from top to bottom. All searches were negative.
DC06 did not arrive.
Actions taken -
BC12 alTived at 17:23 hours and cleared at 18:49 hours.
Actions taken - Operated as fire floor sector. Primary and secondary
E040 alTived at 17:26 hours and cleared at 19:00 hours.
Actions taken -
E047 alTived at 17:25 hours and cleared at 19:20 hours.
Actions taken - E47 assigned as high rise nozzle. Stood fast in lobby.
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Incident Report: 1-0550-0
HR02 did not anive.
Actions taken - Members ofE39/HR2 responded to the above box, and
set up two fans in stairwell "A" - one on the 2 nd fir. and one on the
11th flr. to help with the ventilation of the building.
E053 anived at 17:21 hours and cleared at 18:56 hours.
Actions taken - E-53 anived 4th due and assisted E-91 with stretching
the second line to the floor above the fire via the attack stair.
DC03 arrived at 17:35 hours and cleared at 20:03 hours.
Actions taken - Arrived on the scene and relieved Bn-l 0 as the incident
Commander. Monitored all H-T transmissions and coordinated fire
tactics with the Units on the Fire floor and floors above. Transmitted
radio transmissions to the dispatcher as to the conditions happen and
actions taken to suppress the fire and conduct searches of the fire
apartment, adjourning apartments and the floors above.
RAG I did not arrive.
Actions taken - Served refreshments to working members
BC14 arrived at 17:35 hours and cleared at 18:53 hours.
Actions taken - Battalion 14 responded as 1st BC on the 2nd Alarn1.
Ordered as SAE Supervisor for floors 15 to 40, operating with L-14 and
Additionally L-25 joined SAE operations.
L-25 forced apt. 27M for an alarm ringing. Search Neg.
All Primary and Secondary searches of floors 15 to 40 and "A","B","C"
stairwells neg.
EMS unit lOW operated with occupant of fire apt. 141, who self
evacuated to apt. 32N, minor burns to her hair
BC45 arrived at 17:37 hours and cleared at 19:48 hours.
Actions taken - BN 45 operated as the Resource Unit Leader and
monitored all H-t and radio transmissions to keep the Incident
Commander apprised. Coordinated with EMS supervisor as the the
number of injuries to members and tenants in the building.
E008 arrived at 17:34 hours and cleared at 18:51 hours.
Actions taken - Engine Co. 8 responded, stood fast at Command Post,
assisted civilians out of the fire building and assisted EMS remove one
female occupant to ambulance. Engine 8 was ordered to take up by
Division 3 and returned to quarters without incident.
E035 arrived at 18:30 hours and cleared at 18:30 hours.
Actions taken - E-35 responded 2nd due on the 2nd alarm, reported to
the lobby command post, stood fast until relieved.
L014 arrived at 17:33 hours and cleared at 19: 11 hours.
Actions taken - Upon anival Ladder 14 was ordered to operate as part 0
the Search and Evacuation Sector under the command ofB.C. Scherma
(Batt 14). Ladder 14 performed a search of the 15 floor up to the
31 Door. L 14 vented, monitored for CO readings and searched all
stairways for those floors.
E076 arrived at 17:32 hours and cleared at 18:27 hours.
Actions taken - Engine 76 anived first due on the second alarm at box
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Incident Report: 1-0550-0
1219. After reporting to the command post, Division 3 ordered E76 to
proceed to the floors above the fire to assist with searches of upper floor
hallways and stairwells. E76 searched the stairwells and the odd
numbered floors from floor 15 up to the roof.
STO] did not alTive.
Actions taken - Sat 1 responded to box 1219 and stood fast
TSOI alTived at 17:49 hours and cleared at 18:39 hours.
Actions taken - operated with Res-Batt take up by orders of command
MKO1 did not alTive.
Actions taken -
L040 alTived at 17:37 hours and cleared at 18:26 hours.
Actions taken - The members of L-40 performed a secondary search of
the fire apartment. All searches proved negative.
E037 arrived at 17:35 hours and cleared at 18:55 hours.
Actions taken - Responded on 2nd alarm. Stood by in lobby performing
size up and awaiting orders. Ordered to take up.
E009 arrived at 18:41 hours and cleared at 19:34 hours.
Actions taken - Eng 9 responded to box 1219 and stood fast
CTO1 arrived at 17:42 hours and cleared at 18:50 hours.
Actions taken - take action other
L025 arrived at 17:44 hours and cleared at 19: 12 hours.
Actions taken - Ladder 25 ordered to search to top floors and halls
searches negative.
L035 arrived at 17:50 hours and cleared at 18:38 hours.
Actions taken - L-35 WAS CALLED INTO 2ND ALARM BOX 1219
Agency Onscene - Board of Health, EMS and Red Cross
Reporting Member: 902715 EUGENE T KELTY
Unit Responsible: BClO
f - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~ ~ ---------------------j
City, State ZipCode
Person / Business that OCCUPIES area where incident occured
17512 AVE
New York City, NY 10128
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Incident Report: 1-0550-0
Business Name
CitY,State ZipCode
City, State ZipCode
City, State ZipCode
City, State ZipCode
City, State ZipCode
Residential Units
Buildings Involved
Cause of Ignition
Area Of Origin
Heat Source
Item First Ignited
Condition on Arrival
Factor Contributing To Ignition I
Equipment Involved Type
Equipment Involved Power
Equipment Involved Portability
Mobile Property Involved
04/15/20 I()
Person / Business that OCCUPIES area where incident occured
17512 AVE
New York City, NY 10128
Person / Business that OCCUPIES area where incident occured
17512 AVE
New York City, NY 10128
Person / Business that OCCUPIES area where incident occured
1751 2 AVE
New York City, NY 10128
Person / Business that OCCUPIES area where incident occured
17512 AVE
New York City, NY 10128
Person / Business that OCCUPIES area where incident occured
17512 AVE
New York City, NY 10128
5 - Cause under investigation
21 I - Bedroom < 5 persons
13 - Electrical arcing
14 - Floor covering or rug/carpet/mat, surface
3 - Flame and Smoke Showing
34 - Unspecified shOli-circuit arc
263 - Extension cord
II - Electrical line voltage (>= 50 volts)
2 - Stationgry ,,>
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Incident Report: 1-0550-0
1 - Enclosed building
1 - Fireproof Structure
2 - In normal use

2 - Confined to room of origin
1 - Fireproof Structure
I - Wet
,L -Standpipe and used
I - Present
1 - Smoke
I - Battery only "
3 - Detector failed to operate
U - Undetermined
N - None Present
Fire Service Casualty (8)
Structure Type
Building Type
Building Status
Floors Above Grade
Floors Belows Grade
Building Length
Building Width
Story of Fire Origin
Fire Spread
Building Type
Stand Pipe System Type
Stand Pipe System Operation
Stand Pipe System Present
Detector Presence
Detector Type
Detector Power
Detector Operation
Detector Failure
Alc.:S Presence
Stories Significant Flame
Stories Minor Smoke
Stories Significant Smoke
Stories Minor Water
Stories Significant Water
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