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General Election Propaganda from Mark Beech, Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party

A Future Fair for All? It seems
that the Labour party manifesto writes have forgot the party’s slogan, they promise a future fair for all, but fail to offer one example of this in their manifesto. Where are the bumper cars, where are the rollercoasters, the ghost trains and the candy floss?
But if your feeling let down by Labour’s lack of fairground attractions, disappointed by the past performance of the Liberal Democrats and have a good enough memory of the 80s not to vote Tory what can you do?

Vote for Real Change? If you
want real change, the only obvious answer is to vote for Mark Beech, the Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party Candidate for Cardiff Central. Mark offers a refreshing change not being a career cartel politician but an independently minded human being with great hair, and able to talk common sense. Mark is also committed to introducing a 99p coin, and that truly is real change!

Printed, Published and Promoted by Mark Beech, 15 Kingsland, Pontypridd, CF37 1RX