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VEHS RFP Glossary This Glossary lists some terms used in the RFP that do not appear in the

official Peace Corps Glossary, Attachment 14. This RFP Glossary is limited to entities related to the Volunteer Delivery process. Name Field Support Nurses Description Based in Washington, DC; maintain Volunteer health by supporting Post medical staff and managing cases of Volunteers who are medically evacuated to Washington, DC. Supports Office of Volunteer Support operations by maintaining current Health Information Systems Consults with medical professionals in the field to coordinate clinical and administrative determinations.

Health Information Services (HIS) In-Service Unit (International Health Coordinators) Medical Evacuation (Medevac) Medical Records Office of Program Analysis and Epidemiology Office of Volunteer Services (VS) On-Boarding

Emergency medical evacuation is used for acute, lifelimb- and organ-threatening emergencies that require emergency medical evacuation by a chartered aircraft to ensure timely delivery of care. Manages paper files, mail, movement of records, security of records, and other related responsibilities Develops, maintains, and analyzes reportable health events and surveillance systems Provides physical, mental, and dental health support for Peace Corps Applicants, Volunteers, and Returned Volunteers The procedure of recruiting, assessing and processing Applicants to enter on duty as Volunteers , including completing all documentation required by the process • • • • Stand-alone ambulatory medical practices Managed by one or more medical staff Coordinate healthcare services with In-Service staff in Washington, D.C. and with local providers Located, in most cases, with the Post Administrative Unit and are part of the Post infrastructure

Post Medical Units

Post-Service Unit (PSU)

Delivers healthcare benefits for returned Volunteers with medical claims for the Peace Corps or the Department of Labor

Pre-Service Unit Quality Improvement (QI)

Delivers administrative decisions during the applicant medical clearance process Develops health system policies, monitors the effectiveness of health care, and provides information and analyses on health conditions and programs.