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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Safety Committee
Summary of Meeting of March 17, 2016
Present: Ahmed Ebady, Georgina Stevenson, Jen Mankin, Steve Sterrett, Officer Steve Smith,
Lt. Smith Weir, Julia Orban, Aaron Fraker of Community Crime Patrol, and Isom Nivins.
Ahmed Ebady, chair of the committee, called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.
Mr. Ebady said he plans to step down as chair at the conclusion of his two years as committee
chair in April or May.
Mr. Ebady remains concerned about illegal drug sales. He believes drug sales are being
conducted in the area of Indianola Avenue and East Fifth Avenue. He also suggested a problem
with mobile drug dealers who may be working the alleys on bicycles with backpacks. He notes
that a team of a woman and two men are known for bicycle thefts, breaking into car and garages,
and similar crimes. Mr. Ebady said the next level of crime deterrence in Weinland Park is to deal
with these types of fluid crimes.
Steve Sterrett suggested residents use the Columbus Division of Polices non-emergency number
of (614) 645-4545 to report suspicious activities that may be linked to these types of crimes. If
residents suspect a pattern may be developing, they should inform Officer Steve Smith of the
situation. The suspicious activities later can be discussed at the monthly Safety Committee
Mr. Nivins asked if an individual has a photo or video of a crime situation, can that be admitted
in court? Lt. Smith Weir said if the chain of possession of the images can be confirmed, the
images usually can be admitted.
Julia Orban reminded the committee that her husband, Chris, has bicycle lights that can be given
to Weinland Park residents who need them.
Ms. Orban expressed concern about police-community relations. She said a woman, 19, who
lives in Weinland Park and is an African-American, attempted to assist another woman involved
in a traffic stop on High Street several days before. Police officers treated the young woman
roughly, and she was handcuffed for an hour. Ms. Orban said she plans to go with the woman to
file a complaint with the Columbus Division of Polices Internal Affairs Bureau.

Committee members discussed the incident, expressing concern about the womans treatment,
although acknowledging they may not have all of the facts. The consensus was that the woman
should file a complaint with Internal Affairs so the matter can be properly investigated and all
parties can better understand the situation.
Mr. Sterrett reported he is talking with staff members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbus
regarding their potential interest in developing a police-community dialogue involving the
teenagers with the R.I.S.E. Youth Club in Weinland Park. Mr. Sterrett also has sent a letter to
Police Chief Kim Jacobs to suggest Weinland Park could be a place for a pilot project of
dialogue between police and teenagers.
Ms. Orban suggested police officers in the Patrol Bureau should join Officer Smith at the
monthly meetings of the civic association as way to build police-community relations. Mr.
Sterrett suggested the new second-shift lieutenant for the Patrol Bureaus Zone 4 should be
invited to a civic association meeting.
Mr. Nivins reported the Community Crime Patrol has had its budget cut and is short-staffed, so
its patrollers are not currently working in Weinland Park.
Mr. Sterrett reported the Weinland Park Community Civic Associations monthly meeting on
March 23 will include a series of small group discussions of potential neighborhood priorities.
One of the discussions will focus on public safety. That might give some direction to the work of
the Safety Committee.
The business of the committee being concluded, Mr. Ebady adjourned the meeting at 7 p.m.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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