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Ms. I. Gorska Teacher

A WATERWAYS PROJECT PUBLICATION Barbara Fisher & Richard Spiegel co-directors Thomas Perry Assistant

Bruce Schnur Principal Liberty High School

Stephen E. Phillips Superintendent Alternative HS & Programs

with funding support from

New York State Council on the Arts & Con Edison

@1995 Ten Penny Players Inc.


We are together in love, happy, We laugh, talk, dream

Our thoughts swirl in the world of dreams Not thinking about the future

Then we part feeling

Pain, sadness and bitterness We yearn for that one date Which may not return

Love walks in the world of dreams Looking for those beautiful experiences

All we have now are those distant conversations Which connect again

So we cry a thousand tears And forget those feelings That once were

And we believe that they won't return.




• It·- ,I I"\':'~(.



Why are we separated? I can't understand

It was so beautiful, joyful and unforgettable Without any reason, our days were finished And we depend only on ourselves Everyone in their own world,

Longing and dreaming,and waiting for love which may not come.


t~i<- -.-..:::~;__

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Together at Summer Night

Walking on the street at the summer night, We see shining stars on the grey skies, Our thoughts intertwine in one night

And our [ips whisper I love you,

Our gestures perish in warmth of our hands, And words are brought by summer wind, Memory stays in our dreams

And pain and sadness go far away These memories which flow with the rain, And these nights which cover our

World will bring us into an unknown world, Where great lightness will embrace us

In this world only we exist

Where nothing will ever separate us

We live where glades are, where gardens, forests grow, Where our love makes even life exist together, forever And when we come back from our dreaming world

and look around

We see emptiness which we brought before And we keep on going forward




rl ·}:._t,:.~r-\

.:::..... ,..- . ..:::t...l'1...o!.... ~~l...:;!._ ~:..~f~~c

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Garden with Roses

Walking together through the garden with roses Our hearts were closer to each other than ever I dreamed about times like this to last forever, So I wouldn't have to dream about it again 'ever You were telling me these three magic words And I thought you can't be wrong

Standing and thinking of great times

You told me about the hours

When I walked though a crowd of people listening to the sound of morning roses

I understood your love,

You always know my thoughts

I know now I love you and you love me too.



'S.\::>CJ~<" ~---'i-Lo,,-- => 1 .. ·:,"-""0""'

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Big Sadness

You are far, far away, where only echo comes

from my letter

Where only tears come from my memories. It is when I think about where you could be and my eyes seem to be fogging

And my lips pining

That is when my heart wants to beat harder And when my thoughts want to dream louder When I close my eyes J delude a lot

I feel that in my dreams I can stand next to you talk to you and be with you

I dream persistently to see your picture somewhere


I stand and think with terror it this is a day of horror But I know you will never stop loving me

And wouldn't ever betray me


\ " e-, v \ N.~ .........

~(,_~'r ~"--<>~<:... "-..d\~",-,-<:""

T'-'_~'--="':i.~o_ )

.--..--:.....:... +-\._ y~~ .. "

~') \

~L -\~'o'-.


Along the Riverside

The river was running and we were Standing on the side not knowing why Standing together and looking at each other I confessed my love

Your blue eyes were smiling While showing your tender love

Your blowing hair told me about our love again Feeling warm on your lips

Your gesture confessed your love completely And loving each other along the riverside

W~ faced this distant world together

• I

, 1




Song About Love

We were walking through the world, Looking for a place for love

The wind was humming a great melody,

We were trying to put the right words together, Words which would fill our love

But after a while this melody was

A reflection of sadness, grief and separation, And worlds which we put together

Were destroyed by unwanted rain

Now, we are looking for each other differently for our melody to come back

and we would put our worlds together: words world reflect our love again.


, - ~.-...::..c....:..\o._ )



It was a summer day, beautiful day,

for the last tim e I saw your shadow away You were walking full of sadness,

having eyes full of tears since that tim e came to us the bad time for us

On this unfair day of separation tears and lamentation you told me about your love

and then took a winding, long road to your home side I went to my side and thinking about you

I couldn't hold my tears because of you

It is because I love you too,

And this separation was hard for me to go through too But fate doesn't always pick a happiness

Sometimes it takes away the best and leaves nothing instead.


\d~":" J-'_<:.':" I P S"'-~_j

.. ';":"-"1.. .7-:.~q_~r"':'" -.J".::1 :....:.~u.._

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LJ2:J--'__-''=s''';'' ~\", 'c__ y= ):.'1""t -d.--o 'J""l oj.~ '--"-<:;J T e, ~



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I...J 2)"''''''''''''''';' f"'--·~c.. f""U7,_ C~<:.lo·.<:..

~.~~ c...:.s \~~




Youth's fullness is like unforgotten melody Which you would want to listen to every day

Its reflection is friendship, which later comes to make a love

This love we gave each other

We live with it. and die with it together

That is why let's love and let's be loved forever




-- \ \ ____.._\o~ c..